The Secret Admirer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sarah is not popular at Riverside high school, and lately she has been receiving a white rose with a note attached to it in her locker but she does not know who its from. just when Sarah and her
friend Alison where going to figure this out Sarah broke the news about going on vacation. on vacation she meets this guy who she starts to fall for to than find out he goes to her school and is
the captain of the hockey team, but since Sarah is not popular she is having trouble with the popular girls and she has some major competition a head of her. will Sarah get the guy of her dreams
and figure out who is sending her the notes and roses or will she never figure it out and watch the guy of her dreams walk around with a popular girl???????

It was just an ordinary day at Riverside High School.  The Halls echoed with the laughter of the students and the sound of quacking ducks from there wet shoes.  The Hallways where half packed with students entering the school and the smell of wet dog and sweaty hockey equipment made me scrunch up my nose as I walked in.


I walked into the school and went up to my locker to get my stuff for my first period English class. I arrived at my locker to see that someone had been in my locker because my lock was open. I started to think maybe the office did it or one of my friends forgot to lock it after I let them use my running shoes for their last period gym class. I let it go and opened my locker to find a white rose with a note attached to it, This is not the first note I gave received this semester. I have received a 10 of them, They have all been hints as to who this person is, but this one was different by far. It was not describing anything it was more like a poem which surprised me.



Dear; Sarah


" I know you don’t know who I am and that’s ok for now. But here is a little poem for this beautiful girl I know .


 I wish you knew the way I felt every time I looked at you, I wish you knew my heart would melt when I thought of me and you I wish you knew the pain you causes when you chose to love someone new I was about to tell you but I paused when I tried to day  I LOVE YOU


Sincerely, Your secret admirer.


I read the note 3 times to myself wondering who it might be. I ran to my friend Alison because she was the only one who knew about the notes and the white rose.


" Alison!!!"  I yelled as I speed walk towards her.


"What could be that important that you have to yell from down the hall?"


" I got another note and a rose in my locker again look!!!"


" AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Alison screamed after reading the note.


" Keep it down Alison the whole world does not need to know about the rose and the note".


" Ok sorry but we need to put all the clues together"


" What do u mean by all the clues?" I asked questioning her a little.


" All the notes you have been getting are all clues to who this person might be"


I kind of started to figure out what she was saying and how she could gather all this information from just one letter and then it occurred to me, all the other notes where some type of clue like, what school he went to,  what colour his hair was or his eye colour. Even with all those clues it does not make it any easier To figure out who this guy is. There are millions of  guys at my school with blond hair and blue eyes. Whoever this person is, they are leaving notes in my locker every day  and I'm going on vacation soon. What if he thinks I don’t want to know who he is than it occurred to me……….. I have not told Alison yet!!


" So Sarah we will start figuring this out this Monday coming up sounds good??"




" What is it Sarah???"


" I'm leaving for Florida on Saturday"


" What why would you not tell me this??"


Alison was very angry now. I don’t understand why though because it's not like she needs to know everything that’s going on in my life.

 It's my life and I will live it how I want and plus I don’t nose into her. Any way's I let her be and walked away and would text her later.


All day well I was in class that’s all I was thinking about. I asked myself over and over again who is this person and why would they like me?? This question ran through my head all day I could not focus on anything and got no work done so I had loads of homework that night. After finishing all my algebra and science homework I finally realized that that I had to pack because I was leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. I throw all my finished homework in my backpack and throw my backpack in the back of my closet and grab my suit case. I lay my suit case on the floor and throw all my blankets on the floor. I grab a piece of paper and a pen and started to write down everything and how many of everything I need. I started laying things out on my bed and checking boxes off as I go. By 10pm I was finally packed and ready to go. I started getting ready for bed when my parents yelled u

" Sarah we are leaving at 12:30am so u have 2 hours till you have to get up"


" WHAT!!!! If I knew that I would have went to bed earlier and woke up earlier and packed"


I was not happy. I'm a teenager I need my sleep do my parents not get that?? Go I quickly get ready for bed and set an alarm for 12:15am.


(2 hours and 15 minutes later)


My alarm goes off and I roll over and hit the snooze button, but I don’t get much chance to fall back asleep before my parents walk in and yell at me to walk up because we are leaving soon.


we arrive at the airport and our flight does not leave for another 3 hours. I sit around still thinking about who this person might be. I am obviously thinking very hard because my parents as me what I am thinking about  and I respond with nothing its ok.


I airport is very quiet right now getting through customs was way easier than any other time. Which surprised me but then realized that its 1:30 in the morning, and everyone was warm in their beds sleeping well I'm in an airport sitting on an uncomfortable chair freezing. It was so unfair but in 4 and a half hours I will be in the nice hot warm sun so I can't complain all that much.


Its finally time and they started boarding people onto the plane. We get on the plane and find our seats. The doors are locked and everyone is ready to go. The plane is quiet everyone ready to take off an than what sounds like a young female comes on the speakers.


" Attention all passengers. We have ran in to some difficulty with seating and we have a full plane"

The lady on the speakers stops talking and you hear a lot of angry people yelling and baby crying and kids complaining than the lady starts talking again.


"we need all passengers to board off the plane with all their stuff and wait until they can be boarded again"


Everyone on the plane was yelling and screaming with anger but at the same time doing what they are supposed to do. I get up quietly and grab my stuff and walk off the plane. Back to sitting in the uncomfortable seats again waiting for them to start boarding again I say to myself. 2 hours goes by and then they final begin boarding, I go back to my original seat and within 10 minutes the flight attendant comes on the speaker asking everyone to put on their seatbelts, chairs in upright position, and there trays up. We all do as we are told and within 5 minutes we are on the runway getting ready to take flight off the run way.


The plane's engines start to rumble  as the fight attended starts to give the safety information before they take flight. I've been on planes so many times I've gone through it all at least a hundred time's. when the flight attendant is done a recording goes over it in French well the flight attendant walked up and down the aisle making sure everyone's seats were up, trays up, and seatbelts on. The flight attendants walk to their seats and buckle up and in the next 2 minutes we were in the air.


(2 hours and 45 minutes later)


We arrived at the hotel when I received a message it read




Hey Sarah I looked in your locker at the end of the day today like you told me to and there was nothing there so who ever this guy is he has stopped.



Ok thanks  Alison 

let me know is

 you find anything



This is still running through my head idk who this could be and it's kind of frustrating me. I decide to not unpack just yet and grab my swim suit and go down to the ocean. I put on my swim suit and got to walk out the door.


" Mom Dad I'm going to the ocean"


" don't you have to unpack?"


" Ya I will when I get back" I reply as I ran out the door.


When I get to the beach there is no one there because they are all at the pool's. I find a nice sunny spot and spread out my towel. I find two big rocks and place them on either corner of my towel so it does not blow away. Then I head down to the ocean and get in im just chilling and floating in the waves when all of a sudden.


" Hey watch out Frisbee coming" yells a young looking guy.


The guy swims over to get the Frisbee and it hit me. He has blond hair and blue eyes he is muscular and has a nice jawline. Could that be him I think to myself.


" hey sorry about that it's like this thing has a mind of its own" he said with a bright red face


" oh no problem it's alright…. Hey can I ask you something?"

" ya sure"


I found that odd considering I just meet him but whatever people are weird these days.


" what school do you go to?" I ask him with a questioning look




" what are you going to tell me or no???"


" ya sorry I go to Riverside high school"


" no way your joking"
" nope i'm not what about you"

"riverside high school"

"nice I've seen you around"


Now I am really confused who is this guy is he the one who has been sending me the roses and the flowers??


" sorry I guess I should introduce myself…. Hi I'm Alex"


" Hi I'm Sarah"


After talking for 3 hours I was getting hungry and wanted to go and lay on the beach when all of a sudden out of no were something happened….


" So Sarah have u been receiving the rose and letter I keep leaving in you locker??"


(To be continued)







Submitted: January 13, 2018

© Copyright 2021 breezy1425. All rights reserved.

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