the harp

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The Harp

One mid day in July, Lucy, a small girl with blonde hair and Jax, a scrawny boy with brown hair went out to the river on the boat, they noticed something on the shore but couldn’t tell what it was. As they got closer they saw it. A harp on the shore. They got out of their boat and went toward it, feeling more and more uneasy as they got closer. They picked up the harp and took it back to the boat. Jax said, “What are we gonna do with it?”  “I think i’ll learn to play it.” said Lucy. Finishing up their day with a picnic, they went home.

When they got home they took the harp in the house. They took it in and put it in the tub to clean, after this Jax told Lucy to wait until morning to play so the harp could dry. Later that night when Jax was asleep Lucy was too excited to wait and went to the harp to play it. Jax woke up in the middle of the night, and seen Lucy wasn't there, he went to look for her. Going down the stairs, he notices the only light on is in the bathroom. He goes in and sees Lucy with a little girl in a white dress with long, black hair, Jax tries talking to her but it was like she couldn’t hear a word he said. Jaxs was wondering if he was in a dream, hoping to wake up. Lucy went running out the door with the little girl saying “ She wants me to jump,” Jax ran out the door behind her. He noticed they were heading towards the river. Jax was trying to catch up but it was too late. Lucy had jumped off the dock into the river and got pulled into the current and was never seen again. After this Jax went home to call 911. When he got home he heard beautiful music coming from the bathroom. When he got to the bathroom door he saw the same little girl playing the harp, the music was somehow drawing him toward the girl. He fought as hard as he could to stop himself from going in the bathroom but failed, he sat down next to the little girl and started to feel dizzy. Jax, Lucy, and the harp were never seen again.


Submitted: January 13, 2018

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