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Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



""Rusev Day!"

We are sold out to a live crowd here in Chicago Illinois for Smackdown Live,And what a show we have for you tonight our "main event" is Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs Bobby roode and Shinsuke nakamoria. And shane McMahon is here live tonight to address the state of himself after being viciously assaulted by Brock lesnar two nights ago at "Over the Limit" but first we go live to the ring. 

"Rusev theme song is playing and the crowd are booing hard" as Rusev and aiden English enter the ring. 

"All you people need to shut up because I am here with Rusev your NEW United States Champion! Yes Your NEW United States Champion! Oh what a sweet and glorious "RRRUUUUSSSEEEVVV DDDAAAYYYY!" 

Aiden English sings. 

Thank you you are good friend. Now you American people have no choice but to bow down to me! I destroyed your puny American hero Aj styles last Sunday and now I am Champion show me the respect I deserve!"

Everyone in the arena boos "Rusev"

*AJ Styles theme hits, and the crowd goes crazy* 

Aj enters the ring and claps. " No he's right folks we should show him the respect he thinks he needs. 
You see it may be true he beat me at over the limit but it was by DQ the ref did not see your brass knuckles. You are a cheater and I am coming out here to declare my rematch for my United States Championship!" Aj gets in rusev face. 
As Aiden English says "No" rusev goes for a punch Aj ducks aiden charges at styles. Aj hits aiden with a paylay Kick to the side of the head. Aiden falls down inside he ring. As rusev is already half way up the arena. 
He looks at Styles from the ring and screams "No" as Aj was on top of the turnbuckle staring rusev down,  he jumps down on the mat and picks aiden up and decides to hit him with a styles clash. as aiden English is laying on the mat. 
 Aj styles theme begins to play with him pointing and staring at rusev.  We go to commercial and return to a heated segment involving Aj styles,Rusev and shane McMahon. 

*rusev* I already defeated him I am not facing him again shane." 

*Shane mcmahon* you know the rules he has his obligated rematch claws and you have to give him his rematch.*

*Aj styles* yeah and I want it Tonight!" 

The crowd cheers. 

*Shane* seeing as we have no main event yet I will declare tonight live on smackdown Rusev will be defending his United States Championship against Aj Styles in a No Disqualification match up!" 

"The crowd cheers"

*Aj styles* "Yes! Thank you shane thanks. AJ leaves. 

*Aiden stared at shane* This is no way to treat your Champion!" 

"Shane" your right in sorry I forgot to tell you tonight Aiden you will be in action against the viper Randy Orton!"

*the crowd cheers!* as shane leaves and we go back to the ring.

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