Hinge of the Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Five-year-old William O'Malley senses the evil in people's souls. He knows that lies and malice are poisonous worms that will eat you from the inside out. William's parents - Michael and Judy
O'Malley - grew up as childhood sweethearts in the country village of Verdant Springs, but the family now lives a hectic life in the city. One day, due to work commitments, Mike runs late picking
up his son after school; while William waits alone outside the school gate, he is abducted. Though Will escapes unharmed, Mike and Judy's marriage seems doomed because Judy struggles to forgive
Mike for his negligence. William enjoys a close relationship with his paternal grandparents - Howard and Margaret. Howard and Will share a special bond, while Margaret blames Howard's Irish blarney
and tales of the 'Little People' for Will's over-active imagination. When vacationing at his grandparents' place in Verdant Springs, William experiences flashes of 'memory', and strange episodes in
which he seems to enter the conscience of another little boy. When dingoes attack local farmers' cattle, Howard O'Malley and his old cronies undertake a hunting excursion into a nearby, yet wild,
un-inhabited forested area. While there, Howard literally stumbles upon a collection of bones the dingoes have dug out of the ground. To what, or whom, do the bones belong? What is the connection
between the bones and the O’Malleys – past and present? The O'Malleys have also suffered a tragedy in their past. When they were boys, Mike's younger brother, Sean, disappeared from their back
yard, never to be seen again. And dominating the story is Will's abductor - an un-identified man obsessed with Judy, who continues to plot against the family. In the end, all is resolved, and –
with a dash of Irish magic – family prevails.

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The Man strikes

Submitted: January 12, 2018

Five-year-old William O'Malley stood in the afternoon pick-up area outside the school side gate. While a crowd of shouting, jostling chil... Read Chapter

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