It’s not just about you

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It is about how a person describe their feelings. Losing hope or trust to a self is not a good way to solve a problem. All we need to do is to reflect to ourselves,

I was imagining why

My mind is like a balloon flying in the sky

Asking why should i

And answering in a piece of lie


It’s not just about you

But also me, confuse if what is true

In just a click of camera

I can’t still understand my aura


A whole illusion in me truly exist

But I’m not the one who controls it

There’s someone bothering me to be in peace

Maybe I’ll try it to check it to the psychiatrist


My heart beats or jumps

Poison all parts and destroy like an exploded bomb

It threats me in just one lane

That makes me in state of insane.

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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