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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A different world where things meet to gods and we call them soulmakers. We belong to their inner power. We never want to miss a chance to meet them as they are visible sometime.

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018




This is my 14th day in Huganoic galaxy. They say this is really a strange world. We can meet them here. They are different. They are great. They made us. They are soul-makers. They belong to past. Then we belong to them. First they built the galaxies, planets, stars and the nature. They control solar systems. Lucky persons can meet them easily. They stay as visible sometime.

And we did love changes.  which bring prosperity around the universe. I will say rulers must see this just well. They should understand what we common citizens want. Some years they made war. They wanted to fight to aliens from Roro galaxy. We didn’t want this. We want peace. This is my job that I create a media among citizens of Nagrotic world. I want to aware them about the future.

Most of them are innocents. I can’t see their tear anymore.

I just want to stop the torture.

I am a TV reporter on Rexa planet. Happy that today I am going to be a father. My wife Hena messaged me about this. Thought to dance for while but this is not good actually when you are in a public space-ship. They don’t like this. So the excitement just needed to stay in my heart only. It will hurt no one now, without disturbance. I watched them. They were my co-passengers. I didn’t late. I dared to follow the time.I concentrated on my practice. I didn’t want to be nervous. It was a chance for me and I didn’t want to lose the interview with famous soul-maker Mr. Erigostin. Dad was saying he built first planet Oastuk. It is 23 million light years far from our home star Fexika. It does provide energy to all of us. Mumm  wanted to visit there someday before her death. It was her last wish. Sorry that we couldn’t make it happen for her. I always remember her. She was a good house-wife for my dad. She loved me so much because I was young among my three brothers and a sister.I feel that her spirit lives inside me. She is an inspiration for me.

I became fast. It helped me to reach on the third planet Mugos in an hour. A week ago Hena was telling me about this. She gave me the idea. She wanted I do something different. I make proud to my seniors and family. Thought a lot and finally decided to make a trip to the place. Yeah, my boss approved the project in late. I don’t want to complain about him. I was sure that he will take time. He is very serious. That’s why my company obeys some strict rules.

I supposed to move on. Once again I used a private mechanical ship in the alien city.The flying homes on the both side of road was wondering me that how did they handle the gravity? Does it make an impact over their body? Its atmosphere is cold and the things are quite new for me. I don’t get to see them on my planet Yakosi. It is not less than any fairy land. They did like natural things from gods. They were discovering history. They could easily recognize science and its related products. Another old civilization was evolving there with intensity and sense. I hoped to meet them after my duty.

Suddenly my phone rang, got a calling notification from my wife Hena. I didn’t want she knows I am busy now. I didn’t want to break her mind. I just tried to feel myself relax. I breathed normally and replied to her question.

“Did you reach at your target?” she asked.

“Going to land there honey, you will appreciate my work. I am curious for Mr. Erigostin.”

“Good luck baby, I love you!”

“Love you, too, honey,” I said as I was driving the ship towards my studio.

Glass door of the entrance and out way opened automatically on my landing. I looked around, saw he is my very old friend, coming to me for welcoming. He was smiling. I did too, after watching him.

“Hi dude, how was your journey?” David asked and shook my hand. He seemed excited.

“It was nice man,” I said. “I met you after 20 years. It is so long, no?”

I still remember he was a best student during my school times. He was fighting to no one. He was keeping himself so silent. It feels great just when I think of him. I can’t say he does act like a naughty guy. By the way girls were in love with him. Obviously he is handsome. Personally as I know he was avoiding them. It doesn’t mean that he has allergy for addiction. He didn’t just want this.

“I didn’t forget you. I was watching your videos. You are very funny indeed,” David said. “I work here as a cameraman.”

He introduced himself about his job in the galaxy. It is his passion to capture movable pictures of others.

“Are you ready now to shoot? What is about arrangement?” I asked.

My each and every query was in nervousness. I didn’t want reality becomes hard for me to face. From my experience I could know that someday we all do things better than earlier. They are like tests for us. We can’t ignore them if we want success.

“Mr. Erigostin is in studio already. I talked to him for the first time. He was explaining about my soul. Glad that I enjoyed some moments there. He took me to soul-testing room!” David said.

“Did you become invisible for a while?” I said and surprised.

“Yes,” David said.

They understand why we are shining. They want good things for us. In the universe we all are precious. Gods created us carefully. They gave us powers to think. They gave us inner eyes to imagine and our brain cells became a part of this mission. We learnt to utilize the god made things.

I took my chair in the conference hall. My first question to Mr. Erigostin was just simple. He was sitting next to me, in front of a camera. I didn’t forget to ask about the creation of the world as I could see the soul-maker is so normal and silent. He told me that a life needs a home and for the reason we must needed to create planets, galaxies and different worlds also. They are fascinated to each other. We can’t divide them. They are unique but their trades are quite unmatchable. We don’t sit unless. We do our duties to feed our family and the same way they too do some works. They move around. They control systems and procedures to make us fit and healthy.

I proceeded to my second question for him. “Are you making souls for others, I mean new planets?”

Without thinking deeply he simply answered me that they are comparable to you. “After living your last age you will die. Your soul will remake. Only it will take few seconds to enter another new born. In case of planets they have long lasting. So we clearly notice to tomorrows and build a mature planet. We put evolution there. Slowly we grow lives on its soil. You call them aliens as they are not from your civilization.”

My third and final question for him, “Do you have any plan for leaders who choose injustice against innocents?”

“Society mostly needs superior ministers. If they go with bad then gods are already preparing punishments for them. I hope next time they won’t repeat these faults. They will realize that keeping peace in the universe is essential and terrorism can’t have role. We are with poor; we support their right and what they want from their politicians.”

“They are rude, can we take any action?”

He replied, “I think it won’t continue forever. We are clever. Thus we can make a solution for the trouble. Unite and choose a very good leader. Don’t be corrupt. The disease causes death of democratic. Raise your voice against injustice. Never give up until you don’t success. Don’t worry about failing, they are common.”

I smiled once and thought that we should accept the lessons if they provide us price of living. We will have to apply these things for our current and future generation. We get motivation from this. We show an important way to them. The real happiness is in understanding.

“Thank you Mr. Erigostin for giving us some times,” I said.

“You are welcome!” he said. 

After the live telecast my wife called me. She told me that dad wants to meet you next week. He is now onAkmudy planet, galaxy no-3426, enjoying space-travel with my sister Lisa.


© Copyright 2020 NL RINKU. All rights reserved.

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