egoistic love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



“Egoistic Love”

I see your ego too, when you say that,

That falcon ego is injured in stormy weather,

Weather can beat the unbeaten stone,

Stone would walk and silent the pain,

The pain would someday dole the heart,

The heart will shower like rain,

Rain eyes have their home in clouds,

Clouds!  On egoistic love never comes at all,

At all but once they come they cry,

They cry, they cry alone all and all,


Dark is evil to you, Evils got no friends,

No! Friends are like snake in cold night,

In the cold night they won’t stuck,

Won’t stuck but they bite silently,

Silently stormy memories shared their bed,

Their bed with ego but delusion it sounds,

It sounds when the piano remained,

Remained those long unsung song,

Song which music is none but love,

Love without ego without luck,


Stormy Memories says, “Hello welcome in”

I puff the smoke up smoky ghost with me,

Me but closed eyes straight lain like lion,

Like lion ready for prey get caught,

Caught her sober arms soft body slow,

Slow slow makes moves like ostrich for dine,

Dine blue grapes red lips chill red mine,

Mine pour a drink intoxicated as lay,

Laying in heaven’s ecstasy near bay,

Bay surrounded by green grass and flowers,


Flowers of jasmine would tease my nose,

My nose nostrils smell the garden far,

Far for the thirst tongue for tongue in war,

In war the delicious taste of red wine,

Wine crack the glass boast on sweat,

Sweat and sweat two bull in summer field,

Summer field in winter hills smoke faded,

Faded music the bones crack the sound,

The sound of an Old man like a young thought,

Young thought betrayed me by egoistic love,

Egoistic Love your memories are delusion,

 Delusion it sounds the pride tree breathe last,

Last to terminate the ego for love,

For love anything that would be loved by love.



© Copyright 2018 Wisal Ahmad (Dwaa Mady). All rights reserved.