Light and Darkness

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Two brothers rule two kingdoms, once they were the best of friends, but when the eldest brother becomes to egotistical he drives his little brother to jealousy and rage. Will they make up, or will
they let their problems destroy them?

Once there lived two brothers, the eldest who’s name was Blaze, ruled over the light kingdom. Whilst the youngest, Shadow, ruled the dark kingdom. When the two were much younger they loved each other very dearly, they even ruled the lands together at one point, but as they grew older they began to hate each other. Shadow had become envious of his older brother, every one of their subjects preferred Blaze over him. They were taught that darkness was an evil and corrupt thing, but that wasn’t true at all. Shadow was not evil, he was the kindest person in all the lands, while his brother was not. As the younger brother’s envy grew, the elder brother’s pride and vanity had quietly grown. Blaze had not expressed himself as much as Shadow had, the elder brother would keep his flaws to himself, hiding them from his people. Until one fateful night when the moon was up high in the sky, shining brighter than the stars.

The two brother’s stood on the balcony of their home, staring at the glorious moon that Shadow had raised. “Dear brother, what do you say about my moon? Is it not brighter than you?” Shadow asked as he flicked his ice blue eyes over to the light bearer, Blaze narrows his ember eyes in disgust. “That will never be as bright as me! No matter how hard you try, I shall always triumph over your pathetic moon. As will my glorious sun, dear little brother.” His pride dripped from his hurtful words. The venomous words cut through Shadow’s heart light a dual sided blade, “Your words have wounded me, brother.” He whispers as he clutches his chest lightly. Blaze scoffs and turns to face his younger and more naive brother, “It is the truth Shadow. Your moon will always be dulled by my brilliant light,’re already dulled by it no?” He replies smugly. Shadow glares at his older brother, the silence between them brought in a cool wind. “If it weren’t for me Blaze you would not exist! For light cannot exist without darkness!” He yells as he summons his dark magic. Blaze smirks at his little brother’s bravery, he summons his own magic, causing the light to be nonexistent in the brilliant light. “Light may not survive without darkness dear brother, but it will and can triumph over it.”

The battle between the once close brother’s begin, it was darkness against light, good versus evil, brother against brother. The two was unable to one-up each other, for they had known each other’s tricks. Darkness and light magic raged against each other, neither gaining the upper hand in the tense battle. Blaze slides across the balcony floor, a low growl leaves him as he glares up at his younger brother. “Give up! Your light is no match for my darkness Blaze!” Shadow roars as he sends another wave of dark magic at his fallen brother. Blaze throws up a light barrier blocking his brother’s attack, he forces himself to stand. “I will never give up! My light will triumph just you watch!” He yells as he sends a bolt of light magic towards his brother. Before Shadow was hit before he could throw his barrier up, a scream of agony had left his mouth. The light was too much for him, he was never one to handle the brightness of the sun. Shadow falls to the ground and clings to his burning arm, tears of pain and anger streamed down his pale cheeks. Blaze stood in front of him, a smug smirk plastered on his tanned face. His blue eyes locked onto his brother’s magenta eyes, “My light was no match for your darkness? I do believe it was, dear brother.” The pride that shone in the light king’s eyes was evident.

Shadow glared at his brother through his tears, he stood from the floor and held his burning arm close to his chest. “F-Fine, you win, b-but just so you know I will return. I will return Blaze and exact my revenge on you and those pathetic subjects of yours.” He seethes angrily as he turns away from his brother. Shadow ignores his brother’s calls as he walks back into the castle, he allows his black hair to fall over his eyes. “You’ll pay for your insolence Blaze...just you wait.” He mumbles as he leaves the castle altogether.

 That was the last that the light king had seen of his brother since that night he had been searching endlessly for him. He could not stand him, no, but he needed him. It took him several years to understand what his brother had meant when he said that light could not last without darkness. “Darkness is a necessity, light as glorious as it is, is not always needed. There must be a balance, without the balance the world is nothing but a boring blur.” Blaze repeats his father’s words to him as he paces the floor of his throne room. If only had recognized it sooner, if only he had listened to his little brother, then this constant repetition of life would have never happened. After his brother left, darkness never returned to the lands of Tanovia. It was forever light, the citizens had complained about there never being a night to allow them proper sleep. Blaze could not help his subjects, for he did not know how to bring the darkness back. No, he knew how to bring the darkness back, he was too prideful to do it. Blaze closes his eyes tight, “I am sorry little brother…” He whispers, in hopes of Shadow hearing him.

The light in the lands has washed away, the sudden blackout startles Blaze causing his eyes to open. He hurries to the balcony and stares at the sky baffled, the moon has covered his glorious sun. Crazed laughter echoes all around the lands, Blaze looks to the sky and gasps. Hovering in the sky was his dear little brother, robes made from darkness clung to his body. Shadow lets out another howl of crazed laughter, “Hello dear brother! Do you remember me? Your precious little brother? The outcast!” Shadow yells angrily as he glares at his brother. Blaze’s heart drops, this man wasn’t his little brother, no, this man was a monster pretending to be his sweet little brother. “You are not Shadow! Who are you!” He calls back as he balls his trembling hands into fists. Shadow smirked evilly at his brother, he spreads his arms out and allows his dark magic to engulf his older brother. “Oh, my poor older brother! Have you got amnesia? I am the same Shadow that was here all those years ago, I’m up to the darkness within.” Shadow replies ominously as he flashes his brother a devious grin. Blaze growls and squirms around in the darkness surrounding him, the dark magic is weakening him.

“T-The Shadow I know would never do this!” He argues. Shadow throws his head back in mirth, “The Shadow you know is gone. All that I am is darkness...and I will reign supreme dear brother.” 

Submitted: January 14, 2018

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