She keeps on staring

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I got a cat. That's where my problem started.

I have a problem with my cat.

To start this off, you must understand one thing: I love cats. I adore them. As a child, I had tamed every single one in my little neighborhood, and I spent all of my pocket money on food for them and spent my weekend building little kennels for them so that they wouldn't get cold. I loved cats, and I always wanted one of my own. However, there was one problem: my brother is allergic to them. Being nearby is still okay, but once he touches one, his face goes red and no amount of tissues will rub away the stream of snot from his nose. That's exactly why despite my constant begging, my parents never got me a cat I so wanted. That's why, the moment that I moved in into my new apartment, I headed straight to the shelter to finally get a little furry friend of my own.

The shelter was small, the workers there friendly and chatty, happy to see someone willing to give one of their charges a new home. As strange as it is to admit, I was nervous. How could I pick between the few dozen cats and kittens I was about to see? The choice ended up being quite easy. I passed from cage to cage, cooing at the cats laying in all their strange poses and wiggling my fingers at all the excited kittens, but at the end, there was only one that stood out.

A cat, still almost a kitten with oversized paws and the playfulness of one, drew my attention. She was adorable. Fur on the verge of being called long, the fluff completely white besides the very few spots of black and orange. She looked like a teddy bear. And yet that wasn't what drew my attention. It was her eyes. Large and awash in the rare shade of rich copper. She was staring right at me when all other cats had looked away. She stared, blinking slowly, hypnotically, and I knew she had won over my heart already.

The adoption didn't take as long as I expected. Within a few days, I had bought everything my new little roommate might need, my apartment was cleaned and checked over by the staff at the shelter, and in no time I was opening the pet carrier to welcome Angel to her new home.

She took to it right away. Within hours I could find her somehow sitting on the tallest of dressers or chasing her toys around the livingroom. There was only one strange thing I noticed.

Whenever I walked into the room, she stopped playing or running around or licking her paws only to fix me with those wonderful eyes of hers, and she wouldn't stop until I left the room or she finally fell asleep.

It was a little unsettling, I admit, as cats aren't usually ones to stare at someone for hours on end, but I paid it no mind. I would be nervous too if I had an unknown giant walking around my new kingdom. I reasoned that she was just nervous and would stop doing this once she got used to me and her new surroundings. A few treats might just help too.

A week later, the following started. Angel never stopped staring, but now she would follow me around from room to room, sitting down somewhere where she could keep an eye on me. I sometimes amused myself by trying to sneak out a room while she was napping, but somehow at the last moment she would lift her head, stare right at me, and jump to her feet to follow me wherever I went. Now I reasoned that my cat loved me so much she wanted to make sure I was safe. Sure, it made bathing a little awkward, what with two copper eyes constantly drilling into me, but whatever. I really did appreciate the extra company, what with my health slowly declining since I moved in weeks ago. I just get these random bouts of nausea once a week, and my headaches are getting worse too. I blame stress. My stomach has always been weak, and I have lived through this before in school and college in times of too much homework and finals. My job should really come with free stressballs and some kind of rule that lets you slap one annoying or stupid coworker a week. Or one a day. One a day would be better. I'm getting off topic.

Anyway, to sum this up: my cat kept staring at me, constantly whenever she wasn't sleeping. She even made sure to only eat when I was next to her bowls, if only to keep a line of sight. At this point, it's starting to unnerve me. I find myself forcing myself to not look at my cat when I'm watching tv or working on my laptop, though I swear I can physically feel the stare directed at me, and I also started noticing the little amount of dread I feel coming home from work, because I know I will be greeted with to slowly blinking orbs of rich copper. Sometimes I wonder: was that why she was at the shelter? Was she given away because of this behaviour? I will not lie, I had considered giving her away once or twice, but I tend to stop those thoughts as fast as possible. I made my choice, and I will make sure that this cat has the best life it can, no matter how creepy it is. At least it's quite a conversation starter with my friends, though they don't come over often. They say the sat makes my whole apartment creepy.

A few days ago, that's when the meowing started. Angel will sit next to me, and meow. It's a sharp sound. I could almost call it angry, commanding. I had never heard a cat meow like that before. She will stop if I shush her but she would soon resume. It's so tiring. My health has only been declining. I'm rather sure I have the flu or something. Some people in my office had caught it too. The meowing only makes it worse, especially with my headaches.

I had brought Angel to the vet, to maybe see if she has also caught something and was trying to show it. If not sickness, then cat depression or something. I heard somewhere that cats might have that. All the vet did was congratulate me on having such a healthy and beautiful cat and reminded me to make sure to bring her back in a few months for the anti-worm and parasite medicine.

I wonder if I will even keep her so long. I just can't deal with it anymore. The staring. The noise. And I'm falling sick to boot. I might just ask a friend to take care of her for some time, at least until I get a little better. It will be hard to convince them, because I, of course, have told them all about Angel's staring, but I will try.

But before all that, I have to ask all of you: do you know why Angle might be doing this? The staring, the meowing, all of it? She's active, I sometimes see her playing with toys through the window as I come home (my apartment is on the ground floor), and she has all the attention a cat could want. Please help me. I don't want to be one of those people who have to give away their pets without trying.

(Damn my shoulder hurts from sitting at the laptop long enough to type all of this out. Maybe the tech-savvy few here can suggest some more comfortable pc mice or keyboards too.)


Angel sat in the corner of the room, on her favorite spot on a bookshelf. She could see the entire room from there, and she could quickly reach the door if her human decided to leave. Speaking of her human, she was looking at them right now. Not at them, not really. She was looking right over their shoulder, at the amalgam of shadow and shivering air mirages that sat there in the form of a parody of a gargoyle, deformed and twisted in all the ways that could ever mean the word 'wrong'. Tentacles spread from the body perched upon Angel's human's body, wrapping all around them, sucking, draining.

Angel had watched it since the moment she had come to her new territory, wondering why her human wasn't throwing the parasite off. It was wrong. It was deadly. Why would they keep it? Only recently had she understood that they couldn't see it, couldn't feel it.

The monster turned towards the cat, the black hole of its maw opening up to let out a mocking sound. It new the cat wouldn't dare come attack it. Angel bristled and called out another warning to her human as yet another tentacle of shadow and nothing wrapped around their head and squeezed.

Submitted: January 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 LidijaSm. All rights reserved.

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If only Angel could have made herself understood. A nicely written flash story!

Sun, January 14th, 2018 9:02pm


Great story! I loved the ending. You left no hints at why the cat was staring and I was pleasantly surprised by the reason.

Wed, September 4th, 2019 4:02pm

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