What if you had every thing in the world, fame, money, and prestige? You live larger than life and suddenly found yourself face to face with Death himself. But you weren’t ready to go. You had a
loving wife and two young kids back at home. Would you do anything to get back to them? Anything? Would you, no matter what? Even barter up your very soul and risk it all for one more shot at love?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

  “How did I get here?” the middle aged looking man was asking himself as he drove his motorcycle to his next kill. As... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

  After Eddie got to his motel room he locked his door and flopped back on the bed. It wasn’t the worst motel he had ever stayed o... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

  It didn’t take Eddie any time before he was at the dollar store. As he pulled up he scanned the area. Still nothing of a signal,... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

  Eddie had been driving for some time and he was ready for some lunch. Strange how dispatching a couple of low life demons worked u... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

  Eddie was in a conflict now. The new assignment was in one direction and his former band mate, his buddy Jason was in the other di... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

  Eddie had had another restless night that night in his little motel room. More unsettling dreams and glimpses of futures that coul... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

  The next few miles were a blur to Eddie. Even though he was always “on” and his eyes were constantly scanning his surroundings... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

  That night, after Eddie had found a motel to crash in, and after dinner he lay in bed and thought about the things that had been h... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

  After the incident at the park things had settled down a bit for Sarah Raven and her two kids. Eddie Jr. soon forgot about the nea... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

  It became a tug of war of Eddie’s nerves but he finally decided to give Sarah a call. Eddie had gotten back on his bike and drov... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

  Up in the office tower of Mr. Mesopolese, Mr. Duncan was walking down the middle of rolls of desks on either side of him. At all t... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

  Eddie was driving as fast as he could back to his house, his old house, the one he and his wife shared. His thoughts were already ... Read Chapter

Epilogue ( The End)

One year later…   Eddie and Sarah had taken the kids out to the park and were sitting on a big blanket and were looking over a... Read Chapter

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This was really well written and very gripping, i cant wait to read more

Fri, February 16th, 2018 3:58am


Thank you very much for reading this. I do appreciate that and the comment. I hope you like the rest of this book.

Thu, February 15th, 2018 11:54pm

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