A Weekend In The City

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Decided to do a mystery about four friends who plan a weekend getaway in the city

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018




Michelle, Brandon, Carlee, and Jerry were four friends that decided to go away for the weekend. They had this planned for quite some time now. They live in a small town called Newbie. The population in Newbie is around one hundred and ten, so there are not many people there.

Now, they couldn’t decide on where they wanted to go. They were caught between a camp getaway or a big weekend in the city. Michelle and Brandon wanted to go camping but Carlee and Jerry wanted a weekend in the city. So, after a quick talk, they decided to go to the city.

They called and booked two rooms at the Holiday Inn. The city they were going to was Pittsburgh. They finished packing and then left Friday morning at ten. It’s a two hour drive and they took Michelle’s van. They got to their hotel a little after twelve. Now, their rooms were on the second floor. They dropped all their luggage off and went to eat.

As soon as they walked outside Michelle noticed an older man standing on the street corner. He was dirty and his clothes were ragged. He was in his forties and he just seemed creepy. He was staring at her and his mouth formed a little smile. Michelle got creeped out, but she knew the city has all kinds of people. She told the others and they said to forget it.

They ate at a nearby steakhouse called The Filling Steakhouse. During the entire meal, all Michelle thought about was that man. She just couldn’t understand why he had smiled at her the way he did. So, once they finished eating, they decided to go to the nearby mall. The mall was huge and had all kinds of stores. They split up to go do some shopping. The girls went to Macys and Boscov’s.

The boys went to Dicks Sporting Goods. Now, as the girls were walking through the mall, Carlee noticed something odd. She noticed a man following them. She asked Michelle if that was the same man from earlier, Michelle said it was and now they were on edge. Of course, he could have been just hanging at the mall.

Carlee texted Brandon and told him about the man. Brandon said they would be right there as soon as they were done checking out. They bought some ammo. So, when they all meant back up, the man was gone. They didn’t let it ruin their evening and decided to go bowling. When they arrived at the bowling alley it was seven.

During the middle of the second game, Michelle went to the restroom. She was gone for a long time. So, Carlee went to see if she was alright. Carlee couldn’t find her anywhere. Everyone figured she was at the snack area getting a drink or something so they just waited. After waiting for several minutes, they went looking around the building. They got no results, so they went and checked outside. Now, they were concerned. Michelle wasn’t the type to just leave and not say anything and she had no reason to. The evening was going great.

Jerry tried calling her cell phone and it went straight to voicemail. They had no idea what to do because this was the first time they ever experienced a situation like this. They thought about calling the police but nothing bad really happened. They all thought about what to do. They went and asked the owner of the bowling alley if he saw Michelle.

He said only when they first came in. They were just about ready to call the police, when Jerry’s phone rang. It was Michelle, he answered immediately. The call didn’t go at all like he thought it would. Jerry asked her where she was and if she was alright. There was no answer, but he could hear low breathing. He asked again and he could hear Michelle whisper something.

The only thing that Jerry heard was help, please. Then, the call ended. Jerry tried calling back and got no response. They called the police and a policeman came a few minutes later. He asked questions and he had Michelle’s phone traced. The location was an alley near the Holiday Inn, the hotel they were staying at. The police meant Carlee, Jerry, and Brandon there.

They found Michelle’s phone in the alley with a note; the note had Michelle’s room number written on it. The police went and did a thorough search of the room and found nothing. Just then, the hotel phone rang. The two policemen looked at each other and the one answered the phone. An older man with a deep voice said that Michelle will never be found. Then, the man hung up.

The police knew the man could see them, since he knew when to call. They looked out the window and just thought for a minute. Michelle’s room was on the second floor. The police suspected the man was in a building nearby watching through a window or balcony. They contacted a few more policemen and they started searching the buildings nearby.

The one building near the hotel has been abandoned for years; it used to be a water building. So, the police cautiously went in. Inside the building it was dark, so they got their flashlights out. They all had a bad feeling and started searching the building, floor by floor. When they reached the third floor, shots started being fired at them. They took cover behind a wall.

The police shot the man in the side and took his gun.  It was the same man that Michelle first saw when they arrived at the hotel. The one officer happened to notice a door near them. He opened the door and found Michelle. She was sitting in the corner crying. He assured her that everything is ok. Michelle wasn’t harmed and she explained what happened.

At the bowling alley when Michelle went to the restroom, the man came up and held her at gunpoint. He took her phone and took her to the water building. His plan was to wait until early morning and then take her away, so he wouldn’t get caught. The man was sent to prison and Michelle was taken to the police station.

Jerry, Carlee, and Brandon meant her there. They went back home to Newbie and comforted Michelle. Everybody was in shock, what was supposed to be a weekend getaway turned into something terrible. Michelle will never forget what happened to her but the main thing is that she's ok

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