Worst Dayz chapter 2!"

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We find out Sarah's sudden popularity in her high school isn't what it seems. And Patrick isn't quite the boyfriend she hoped he was?"

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



Worst Dayz part 2 

Previously on Worst Dayz. 
Sarah left her house,Got to school late got a detention. Got bullied by the most popular and rich girl at school. Got a lecture from a teacher about forgetting her homework And her boyfriend scored tickets to "Red hot chilli peppers" and ate lunch alone near a garbage can. But on the bright side Principle Sapfire felt bad for her and let her go Home after school.

I got home after one of the most humiliating days of my life. I ran up to my bedroom and jumped into my bed. Upset for several hours. When my mom knocked on my door asking how my day was? I told her everything that happened and how I never wanted to go back. Her response was "it couldn't have been that bad and that I should give it another shot. Like I had much of a choice in the matter anyway. I figured I would go outside for a walk. 
I got out of bed and made my way down to the kitchen. My mom said she was happy to see me up and getting some excersice. I took out my phone and inserted my headphones and "thunder by imagine dragons" came on and I walked down my neighborhood to that song. Along the way I saw my neighbor Mrs Walters she was walking her cat on a leash. It looked funny but she was the type of person to get offended if you laughed at her, so I waved as I passed her bye. 
The birds were chirping and the sun was out! I was out of that School for the day and it was a beautiful day. I saw Patrick he was headed my way. I took out my headphones and said "Hi" he panted a second and then said "Hey so I have good news I'm picking the tickets up first thing after school tomorrow." "Good." I said. "I can't wait it will be a great concert! Thanks for inviting me." I say. "Of course your my girlfriend. And I love you." Patrick says giving me a kiss on the cheek. 
Also don't worry about "Amanda she's just jealous." I know. I say. Patrick than says "I have to get going I have to tutor a kid in algreba but I'll see you tomorrow." He says and he runs in the opposite direction. I head home. The next morning I grab my paper off the counter and say goodbye to my mom and leave for school. 
I make it to the school this time before the bell. Principle Sapfire takes notice. "Good job being on time." "Thanks" I say as I walk to class. I enter the classroom with time before the bell and hand my teacher my paper. "I'm sorry I forgot it." I said. "It's ok" she takes the paper and reads it. "This paper is amazing" 100% she gives me. I smile and say "Thank you." I walk outside and tell Patrick the good news. He gives me a high five. Amanda walks up to me "watch where your walking bitch." I ignore her. "You are not bringing me down today. I think to myself. As I go to my next class. Two months left until graduation. Mr. Stevens our English class has an announcement. "Class I have chosen our valadictorioun for graduation and her name is "Sarah" congratulations. 
He says. I blush thank you. I say. Wow I'm finally getting noticed around her for the good. I wonder why. School ends that day and Amanda and Patrick were together. "What's up?" I ask as I approach them. "None of your business." Amanda says. "I was talking to my boyfriend." I say to her. Amanda sticks her tounge out at me. I did it right back at her. "I'm getting the tickets now." Patrick says. One secret no one ever knew about oteick was that his family were rich his dad was a judge and mom was a doctor. He always lied about it though to make everyone feel good. He was a sweet boyfriend.
 He got into his Honda and started it up right away Amanda called and said "Remember your part of the deal. I paid everyone to be nice to Sarah. I even paid Stevens extra for her to be class valedictorian." "Yes thank you. I know the deal. You'll get your money tomorrow...thank you" with that Patricks smile turned into a frown. "I'm sorry Sarah. I really am..but the only way people in this school will stop bullying you is by me paying them off."

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