4th Reich AKA State of Vermont,St Johnsbury vt

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to let you know the tactic of the 4th Reich,a group of Vermonters who hate flatlanders oh so much like Nazi's did Jews. Their agenda is to take away flatlanders access to courts,or as stated "you
have no forum". This statement "you have no forum" when talking to a district attorney about your case and why it went so badly can be interpreted as "I have taken away your civil rights through
exclusion or excluding you from the process by my influence on people and the courts" explains bob butterflied.The assumption was he had taken a bribe.

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



So in writing for the friends of justice in vermont on the case of

filed June 16th 2004 state of vermont,ss caledonia family court Dkt.# 101-5-03Cadm

the defendent was notified by certified letter 2 days prior to the final hearing that lawyer Nylon removed himself from the case.

A written appeal was filed beforew judge walter morris for a motion to delay final hearing state allowed 10 days  to find anither lawyer. motion denied? state law was ignored

The defendant was placed into pro-se against and without notice. As the final hearing a final verbal appeal was made by the defendant to the judge in audible voice during the beginnng of the hearing on the taped, the judge ignored the defendants plea "I dont want to be pro-se!

 The defendant  and his 8 children from 1st marriage ,no children with 2nd wife, were stripped of properties at 8601 rt 122 shefiield vt worth 500,000 without a lawyer being present.one was sold in 2006 for 225k,all bank account and since the 2nd wife had recieved in upwards of 2 million dollars inheritence,allimony was denied unjustly.


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