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We loose the humanity under the black mask of monster character which was staying inside us and then we some good people began to choose another planet, too far than the galaxy and remaining stars.
Yet the devil things from the earth doesn't wish to quit us. Can we win this time? Can we save the new planet Aritos?

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018




Story shouldn’t be too long but it has mysteries as hidden. I have been watching them many times. Dad says they are aliens. They don’t live on the planet Aritos. They like mutants so much. They can make themselves invisible. They try to do research about us. We shouldn’t let them do this. They do it against rules (Fifty six Aritosian royal laws that the citizens needed to obey regularly).

And today we gathered here, on the new stage of Aritos which is for everyone.

“Our history is not old yet. We are on the planet since a year,” Mr. Jeosi said.

He is the major leader of the small island kingdom Netolia.

“Can we know the reason behind their first attack?” a citizen stood and questioned him as anger.

“We are not humans any longer. We brought changes in the body. We didn’t destroy earth. We just leaved it before they destroy!”

Hundreds years ago we could know that earth is on the way of destruction. Man can’t survive more than the limited time and hence we some good people began to choose our own galaxy, another planet, too far than the moon and remaining stars.

“Maybe they wan to capture Aritos,” Mr. Jeosi said.

“Who are they?” an Aritosian (citizen of Aritos) asked.

“We don’t know,” Mr. Jeosi said.

“Do they look like humans?”

Mr. Jeosi looked the citizens. We all were worried for that incident.

“I don’t think so. I couldn’t see humanity in them. They were like evils!”

Thought, process of war was going to begin. We new guys were unable to stop this.

“Earth doesn’t seem good now. It has been containing chemical gases, viruses and so many devil things,” another Aritosian said.

“All of these things reaction might bring a complete change in human body but they didn’t become just like us. They are hungry. They have been waiting for us, outside of the planet’s gravity. We should stop them to enter the air.”

“Did you face them closely?” leader Manitos asked him.

“Yeah,” he replied. “They came to my home.”

“Why did they come to you?” Mr. Jeosi asked.

“They wanted to take me to earth. They need our blood to purify their own body, further,” the citizen said. “I needed to kill them because they wanted to eat my children.”

“Can you show me their body?” leader Manitos asked.

“Their bodies became invisible after I shoot them. Their number is millions actually. We should think of a solution,” citizen said.

We wanted to do something. Science gave us everything. We couldn’t forget to the past. We invented machines and they became able to fly. We show a way to small things also.

And the attachment with them didn’t leave us.

“War is the solution!” leader Manitos said.

“No, we can’t choose this. They will reborn. They will unite more harms for us,” Mr. Jeosi said. “We don’t want this!”

“Can we take help of scientists of Lumos city?” leader Manitos asked.

“What do you think? Will they allow us to visit there?” Mr. Jeosi said.

“No doubt” leader Manitos said. “They are our brothers from our own blood.”

“Humans are also our brothers but they are trying to destroy us for their own needs. We can’t trust them,” Mr. Jeosi said.

“They are some kind of evils now, not humans. We shouldn’t compare Lumos’ scientists to these destroyed earthers,” another leader said as he was sitting among them.

“Who will dare to go Lumos?” Mr. Jeosi said.

It is not just a simple thing to do. Giant monsters from the space protect the city. They don’t want common citizens enter the pure zone. This is strictly restricted and if you do you will have to think repeatedly.

They don’t like crowds. You will have to cheat them if you want to talk to Lumos’ scientists.

“I am ready to go there?” I stood and said as fearless, in respect.

“He is just a kid!” someone said.

“Yes, he is!”

They all were looking me in surprise. It seemed for the first time a brave guy was going to convince them.

"Can it be possible?" leader Manitos said. "How old are you?"

"21 years old," I said.

I was still there without being afraid.

"Do you know rules and regulation of Lumos city?" Mr. Jeosi asked.

"Yes," I said. "Yet I am ready for the mission."

"Prepare a mechanical horse for the guy. He will go there. It's final!" Mr. Jeosi ordered the workers.

From the darkness of the odd time I needed to select the horrible job for my citizens. I needed to do it myself with no guards and royal soldiers.

And I was going to show my sin to these terrible monsters of the space.


© Copyright 2018 NL RINKU. All rights reserved.

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