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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Boring Start

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018




I’ll just be the first one to warn you all that this is going to get weird. Like really weird. I mean I still have to remind myself that I’m not dreaming cause I mean this is some major nutso stuff I’m about to tell you but before I scare all you off let me introduce myself.

My name is Zack Marton the greatest hero who ever lived! Ok maybe I’m selling myself a bit high but just tell all your friends to call me that and I’ll give you a cookie.


Now our story started out in perhaps the most boring way possible cause we had no idea we were even going to have a story to tell and did not think “hey let’s all do something epic like jump off the tallest building we can find, I bet it would make a great opening to a book.” To kick back and celebrate the new year me and my closest friends ,also know as my only friends, decided to have a little camp out in the park.


“All right whoever was the one who came up with the idea to set up camp within the line of fire of that golf course sound not be in charge of planning things.” I said looking at the three stray golf balls that divided our tents were the best place to land.


“Zack I believe it was your idea because you wanted to be close to the speakers.” Said my little brother Cody.


Well I say little in terms of age, he’s a year younger than me with myself being the respectical 26. In terms of appearance however he stands a full head taller than me, as if I didn't need anything else to make me feel short and while were on the subject of aperace I wonder if we're really related I mean we could not look any more different. My messy black hair could not contrast more against his neatly flat blonde head.


“Oh yeah...Well I’d say nearby tunes are worth being pelted by stray balls you know.” I said now remembering. “But let’s not dwell on the past now shall we. Hey Tom when dinner dude? I said turing ing my attention to the tall guy with the spiky brown hair that seems to defy the laws of physics and a body built like a twig.


“Be patient dude it takes time to get perfectly roasted dogs like this.” he said not taking his focus of the fire.

“Oh hot dogs and here I was worrying we were going to actually eat something healthy for once.” Said mr sarcastic pants aka Rex Asoramen.

“Don’t worry Rex I also bought marshmallows so you'll never have to worry about being healthy again.” I said as I got my phone from my tent.

“Say does anyone know what’s keeping Maddy and Ryan?”Tom asked as he started taking the oh so healthy dogs off the fire.


“Don’t know that’s why I’m going to call them and see what's up.” I started typing

“Hey where are you two”


“Zack I think you forgot the question mark.” Cody’s voice said from behind me.


“Ahh gess Cody can you just not stare at others phones like that.” I said after getting over my small heart attack. Serious he can be like a ninja when he wants to.

“Well I’m sorry for trying to teach you proper grammar.” He said in a huff as I looked at the reply. “Sorry for the delay we got caught up with something. Tell you what when we get there.” It read.

“Well I guess it’ll just be the 4 of us for a bit.” I said trying to break the silence. “So… who wants to play a game?” I asked.


“Sorry but can’t take my eyes off these dogs until they are perfectly dressed.” Tom said waiving a bottle of ketchup in the air.


“I have a book to read.” Cody said while taking out said book.


“Well I guess it’s just you and me Rex.” I said facing him now. “So?”


“Ohh fine how bout I spy?” He said in obvious annoying. “I spy something red.”


“Uh...Oh it’s that cardinal up there.” I answered pointing at the bird. “Now I spy something brown what is it.”


“It’s a tree.” He said in possibly the most dry way you could say that.


“Yes but which tree?” I added.


“I don’t know that one.” He exclaimed pointing to the tree behind me.


“ No it’s not that tree it’s um.” I stammered as I forgot what tree I was looking at. “Uh sure it’s that tree now your turn.


“Ok I spy something with light brown hair and blue eyes and has a chipper personality.” He said looking at Maddy who finally showed up


“Hey sorry were late but we found the coolest thing on our way here.” She said getting something out of her pockit.


“And I’m here two I guess” Ryan said who was struggling to hold the 4 bags he was carrying.


“Uh do you need some help bro?” I ask feeling concerned how he was still standing with those.


“I tried to get him to let me carry my own stuff but he said he could handle it all.” Maddy said.


“And I can handle it all I just need to catch my breath and I’ll be fine.” He exclaimed as he looked like he was about to pass out.


“Uh here let me take those for you.” Rex offered.


“Well only if you really want to, I mean there heavy.” Ryan said as Rex lifted them up with ease. “Who Either your really strong or I’m really weak.”


“Not to be mean but I think it’s both.” Maddy said pating Ryan on the shoulder. “Now We found this really cool stone when we were walking here.” She said as she held  a small blue gem cut into the shape of a diamond in her hand.


“Whoa you just found that lying around.” I asked.

“Yep well not exactly lying around. I found it in the nest of the bird who stole my churros.” Maddy explained examining the stone.


“Well on the subject of stolen food. Lei hot dogs are lei ready.” Tom said as he served us our dinner.


“Ok just because you use the word lei does not make the hot dogs fancyer.” Rex said.


“Maddy do you mind if I see that gem?” Cody said appearing behind her who appropriately jumped in shock.


“Bejesus Cody you gotta stop doing that to people.” She said as she handed him the rock before he started examining it.


“Hm I don’t recognise this shape.” He said looking it over. Then tasting it. “It taste like lithium.”


“How do you know what lithium taste like.” Ryan asked with a freaked out look on his face.


“I may have tried eating a few batteries when I was young.” Cody answered like that that was a normal thing to do.


“Oy Cody this is why people think your strange because you are.” Rex said


“Well uh with that said Tom these are some good hot dogs you made.” Maddy said trying to change the subject.


“Why thank you Madd.” He said before turning his attention to me. “See Zack someone appreciates slowly roasted dogs.”


“Hey I’m not saying these aren't good but I was just really hungry.” I defended myself.


“Well on that note you two took so long getting here it’s already dark and I’m tired so I’m heading to bed.” Rex said as he went to his tent.


“Yeah it’s pretty late so I’ll be heading off two.” I said. “See ya guys in the morning or most likely midday.” and normally that would just be the end of that day but that’s not what happened to us. Little did we know that may have been the last hod dogs we would ever have.


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