Is The Room Dark?

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A short poetic text about what I think love is.

(A Questionnaire)

Is the room dark?
I can't see anything, so I suppose it makes sense...

Am I blind?
Or could it be, only I can't see, is darkness just a pretense?
Is this pain?
Must I feel, never see, think, and never know? Should I have written in past tense?
Am I alone?
I hear a breath, it could be mine. Grasping flames, I feel them burn. A presence, or merely my mind?

Can you hear me?
Nay, because you choose not to, or did you never learn? Were you born deaf, as I was blind?

Can you see?

Now, a choice I can't undo, perhaps with you I'll never stray.
It's dangerous to need you, but I'd rather die than waste away.
In this night I'll always fear, so bring the day.
I understand, you'll never hear, not a word I say.

But, take my hands, teach them to write, and we will form from this clay.
Perhaps, one day, we might leave our fears allay.

Submitted: January 14, 2018

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