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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a story.

Each bold is a chapter title. Each paragraph is a new page.

Again, just a story.


18 : 2017 Beginnings


He loved me and I loved him back. 
Now that it’s over, he loves to hate me.
Now that it's over, I still loved him.
Now that it’s over, we’re just friends.
Just as it always been.

This is the game of life. 
It’s a game for you and you.
To find love, to find hope, 
to make a dream, and be a thing. 
Don’t cheat the game of life cause 
you’ll never be able to play it twice. 
This is the game of life. 
It’s a game for you and you.
Play it right. 

18 : Summer

‘I’m an eggcellent choice, choose me omelet.’ 
5’2. 18. Single. Sacramento. Happy. 
All it took was ‘hello’ and an introduction.
‘If it happens it happens, it if doesn’t, it doesn’t.’
All that, that happened, had happened.
5’2. 18. Taken. Sacramento. Happier.

Happy Birthday.
How does it feel to be another year older?
To see another year gone by and another year to go.
Happy Birthday.
I wish you nothing but the best.
So here, here, to you and more years to come.
Happy Birthday.

Write a story.
Tell a story.
About “Us”, a love story.
-There is no us.

There are many fishes in the sea, but you’ll catch your mermaid.
He reeled me in. He finned me. He gutted me. He killed me.

To be the one who broke things it was easy,
To be the broken thing, it was hard.
I’ve been both. 

Drowned my sorrow 
when I dove into the pool 
Was it I who drown 
into my sorrows.

After you left, I tried a cigarette. I pierced my nose. 
I drank more. I partied more. I fought more.
It was all to forget you.
But I ended up forgetting myself.
The world is mine now,
A world that used to be ours.

19 : 2017

A friend in need was a friend indeed. 
But I lost a friend, who no longer needed me.

Happy Birthday to me.
I’m on Chapter 19.
Here’s to another year and much more to come.
19, and still young. 

I’ve been drinking. 
I’ve been smoking.
I’ve been writing.
I got drunk for the first time and blacked out.
I got high for the first time and crashed in bed. 
I stopped drinking.
I stopped smoking.
But I didn’t stop writing.

This guy was something else and I liked it.
It was healthy, it was new, and I liked it. 

19 : 2018

It’s just sex.
Meaningless sex.
Just have sex.
But I don’t want just sex.

He wasn’t like him.
He was like him.
He is him.
They’re both the same.
They’re all the same.
Wait, he isn’t him.
He’s not him.

Game recognizes game and I was looking unfamiliar.

They told me I can replace him.
But you can never replace anyone.
You can’t replace someone you never had.

The analogy of us is nothing but a joke.
But who was the funny one, you or me.
And who was the joke, me or you.

It’s time for another adventure.
To find love within me, within someone.
To find love for a world, a world I hope one day to share with someone.

In the end, 
I’ve lived.
I learned.
I wrote.
I’m happy.
I’m done.

Sacramento is no longer a place for me.
Thank you all for accompanying me. 
Its now my time to leave, I’ll always be the girl from the City Of Trees.

At the very least, it’s the end of the day not the end of the world.


Submitted: January 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Maeve Haase. All rights reserved.

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