Damn it, I'm on the wrong planet!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Satire of the world as it is, sad, funny and pathetic, mixed with my homage to various Twilight Zone Episodes......I know.....not poetry that is sweet, flowery and sensitive to stir the emotions of
women , and certain men (I am NOT A MEMBER)...et al

Damn it! I’m on the wrong planet!

I was born many years ago

On a beautiful world of ocean blue

It had it problems then that I know

But is the planet upon which I grew?

NO Damn it! I’m on the wrong planet, Janet!


Everything here is out of whack

Orange-headed politicians here have no sense of tact

And dictators of an Asian flair

With equally weird styles of jet black hair

Are always threatening to launch a nuclear attack

Damn it! I’m on the wrong planet!


Guns! Guns! Guns!

Now that’s the way to have your fun

For these aliens, these planetary denizens

It’s their unalienable right to shoot someone!

Release your anger! Empty that magazine clip!

Single shot, semi or fully automatic?

It’s your choice, so take your rate-of-bullet-firing pick


It’s time for a blood bath of weaponry disorder

On this orb it’s a sport to commit senseless mass murder

Shooters; start your triggers and do your magic

The people here are now so laissez faire towards such calamity

These horrific scenes are no longer tragic

Their frequency seemingly causing immunity


Damn it! I’m on the wrong planet!

So when did the Cosmos shift?

Have I entered into the twilight zone or have I stepped into cosmic shit?

Yes! I believe I am on a “Twilight Zone” episode

Everything is so gray, black and white like in the TV shows of days of old

And I am the main character feeling panic-ridden trapped

Desperate to find a way back, but as for escape

There is no way to plan it!

Damn it! I’m on the wrong planet!


The quixotic aliens of this world think I’m the one who’s flipped

Everything is rearranged – these quacks think I’m the one who’s STRANGE?

Man, this is one bad nightmare episode I’d like to forget

Please Mr. Serling, my head is spinning, the set is whirling

Come on! Put down that cigarette and write me into a comedic script!

What’s that again, Rod? I’m supposed to expect the twisting end

Just as in your screenplay for the “Planet of the Apes”?

Yes, he answers, the original flick starring the great Charleston Heston!


After the commercial break, I’m still stuck in a massive sea of doubt

Somewhere in the glare of Klieg lights someone is yelling out:

“Zoom in first and then zoom the camera out to slowly pan it”

Now the director is telling me to fall to the ground and shout out in rage and despair:

“I never left Earth – I’m still here! Damn it! I’m on the RIGHT PLANET!


Submitted: January 14, 2018

© Copyright 2021 golemboy. All rights reserved.

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