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An interview with the writer: creeperarmy100

He picked up the stone carved statuette, placed it inside his space hazmat suit pocket, then proceeded back to the station. Upon decompression and oxygen levels had regained, he removed the suit and placed it into the incinerator. After a brief burst of heat, all that remained in the box was the object; decontaminated, cooled down and still in tact. He removed the sculpture and brought it into the summoning room.


Question 1 : Who, or better yet, what type of characters do you enjoy writing about ?  


That's a hard question as there are many combinations of ways a character can be made. I would say my favorite characters to write about would to be Minotaurus and David from "The Adventures of Melina The Mage".
Minotaurus is one of my favorites because he was betrayed by the Roman army and was going to be killed, but escaped. This, in turn, allowed him to be weary of anyone who is around him and he is also a character, that is the reason for certain characters meeting Melina.
David is one of my favorite characters because he was born into a cult family, but is still able to have morality unlike his sister and his mother, which are the only 2 people in his family that has been mentioned.


Whispering softly into the rocky crevices of the stone figure, with ancient words of a forgotten race, the shards of reflective pyrite and miccah began to soften the stone, into a pliable figurine.

He spoke the last final words, as he twisted the appendages of the torso, giving them strength, elongating the limbs and enlarging the statuette, then placed the now doubled in sized object into an ornate hand carved box, transported here to this world, for this specific task. Then he went to his cryostasis pod, and slept for what felt like an eternity.



Question 2: Whats the best way to describe your writing style?




I write whatever comes to mind. anything I have wrote on booksie has been written as soon as I thought about it.
I would also say my writing style tries to stay in the realm of intelligence, as in I try make most of my characters sound smart.


 Only a day had passed, but time lost all purpose and consequence here on this planet. As the pod opened, he was greeted by the new guest, standing taller than its frame seemed to support, hunched over and menacing.

"Take my hand," it spoke, lifting the naut out of his sleep chamber. 



 Question 3: When you write, what sort of people inspire your writing?


I started writing like the first chapter of "The adventures of Melina The Mage" in 5th grade for a spin thing and when I got into 6th grade, my ELA teacher inspired me to write it into a book, which I then recently started writing "Universe of Simulations".



"I outgrew my home within that box, and your words got to me so much, that in my consideration of them, I seemed to have grown," it spoke.

"Indeed," the naut spoke. He now sat with this soft grey being, staring into its almond shaped eyes and listening to its thoughts. " I was sent here to find you, and more like you. Now you will help me search; I know they are out there, waiting, together we will raise an army out them."

"But, what if we choose not fight?" it asked with its eyes.

"Then, well then you shall be the ones whome seek peace."




Question 4:  Where do your stories take place?


TAMTM sets place in a universe where may things in our universe is the same there, but there universe is controlled by the author (the villain) and people in it have magic that can be used by any means.
Universe of Simulations so far sets place in space as Austin (protagonist) is being sent to Venus to fight for the army.


The being blinked with approval. Suiting back up, the naut and the grey soft skinned tall creature exited the station and ventured back out into the barren wasteland of a planet, searching for more stone carved statuettes to speak into existence, for better or for worse. 



Question 5: Why do you write ?


I write because it was and still is my best school subject, and so it became a hobby of mine to start writing books.

As the days passed, eons flew by in the blink of an eyes. The naut assembled his army, one by one, finding the tiny stone dieties hidden throughout the surface of the once inhabited world. With the help of each one, the other raising the next, soon enough the ship was filled by the thousands.
 Now, the ship heads back to the nauts home planet; where there always seemed to be war outbreaking around every turn.
With his fleet of beings, it would either be the beginning of that end, or the end of this new beginning.
Thank you creeperarmy100 !
 change the world for better,
before the world changes us,
for worse.

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