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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Only part of this is fiction, and that part seems to be shrinking.



November 28, 2029

I am Morrigan. Ms_Morrigan on Twitter and on the Washington Post comments. That is, before the Washington Post was shut down. I'm Icelandic and where my father grew up the Morrigan was a Valkyrie who flew over the battlefield, in the form of a crow, and protected her warriors. He thought it was a strong name. Recently, I've read Irish lore where the Morrigan is somewhat more sinister. A goddess of fate who flies over the battlefield and decides who will live and die. A goddess who will use trickery to start battles because she enjoys them. But to me it's just a name.

I say I'm Icelandic, but I have few memories of Iceland. My father took me to France when I was very young and I grew up there. He moved on to a medical facility in Santa Barbara California, but I stayed in France until I finished Lycee. I worked for a year and then joined him in the US. I became an American. Language was only a small problem as I cannot remember a time when I could not speak and understand basic English. I grew to love Santa Barbara and the free and open American life I found there.

I did a graduate program at Colorado University and remained in the mountains, working for both Vail Resorts and the University. My father retired and joined me here. And here we stay. In theory, Santa Barbara would be easier for us, but it is now overrun. There is no available cropland and the waters are being fished out. It was too close to LA.

I'm putting my story down on paper. Also the hard drive and several memory sticks. I have places in the rocks where I can put them and they can remain undisturbed for a long time. In the future, people will abstractly know what happened, but they might be interested in seeing it from the perspective of someone who lived through it. But maybe I flatter myself that there will be interest. Who knows.

In November of 2016, my work required me to rise at 4:00 AM, so I went to bed early before the election results came in. I was frightened and I only slept after a stiff tea cup of vodka. I was assured by everyone that Clinton would win, although I had some doubts. My cabin was primitive and remote and I had no internet or TV. After I started the car the next morning, and flipped on the radio, I was shocked to hear NPR speak of President Trump. I had recently read “Postcards from Trump's Second Inauguration” in USAToday and the article had terrified me. The fear came back when I realized what had happened the night before.

I've been eating well and feel ambitious. We have elk meat, several cartons of goat milk, bags of nuts, cottage cheese and yogurt in little squeeze bags. The elk we got ourselves and the rest is from the food relief, who always seem to have something slightly exotic. Never a can of chili, butter or a potato, but tofu, caramel coated sorgham and nuts, organic hummus and weird cookies. Stuff left over in the storerooms of City Market and Whole Foods. But it seems to be a balanced diet as I feel much stronger.

But this is late November, and soon the roads will close and we will get no more relief shipments until April, and perhaps late May. We may be again surviving on rationed elk meat by then. But perhaps we can catch fish in the river.

But at least we're safe with the snow. Hungry but safe. The raiders won't cross the snow fields. And if they're hungry enough to be driven across, they will be too weak to cross. And certainly too weak to fight.

The first year after the election seemed bad at the time. Trump acted like a fool and alienated our allies, but knowing what I know now, the situation wasn't what I would now call bad. The American Republic still functioned. The Republicans tried to end our inadequate healthcare system, but failed under the public outcry. They did pass a grossly unfair tax bill, that shamelessly favored the super rich over the middle class. A bill so bad, and so blatant, that people speculated if the Republicans now regarded themselves as politically dead and were just trying to satisfy their wealthy donors before going under. Hoping to rise another day.

One thing that went unnoticed, or if noticed, went unmentioned, was the fact that Trump's dementia had grown much worse. By December of 2017, he was no longer operating in reality. We had something the founders had not anticipated, an insane and incompetent President backed by a crooked and complicit Congress. This was coupled with an illegitimate Supreme Court, so partisan that it did little beyond rubber stamping the policies of the Republican Congress and President.


November 29, 2029

Don't know how much I can get down today. It's getting very cold and we need wood. We have been elk hunting instead of cutting wood and we don't have enough wood for the winter. It will be much harder to gather after the snows come.

Trump became visibly worse under the strain of the office, but perhaps he just became worse as time passed. By the spring of 2018 he would regularly issue statements on Twitter that were transparently false, paranoid and almost comical. Some made no sense at all. These would alternate with cogent, well reasoned posts that were obviously coming from his caretakers. Congress would point to these other posts as evidence against invoking the 25thAmendment. Trump no longer appeared in public and his press secretaries handled all questions.


December 2, 2029

I have time for this project now. We got our first real snow last night and we will be down until it melts off over the next couple of days. It's not wise to leave a lot of footprints all over the hills when people will still have access. The roads may be open in a few days and the footprints still there.

Trump was under investigation by the FBI for a number of criminal matters. Conspiring with Russia to throw the election, obstruction of justice and RICO violations just to name a few. The investigator, a Bob Mueller, was competent, but he seemed to have a touch of the old Civil War General George McClellan in him. Early in the war, McClellan had the Confederate Army trapped outside DC, but he refused to move until everything was absolutely perfect. The Confederates got away and the war drug on for four more years. Half a million people died.

The nation rallied to protect Mueller from removal. Mass demonstrations were threatened. But I find it hard to believe that the Republicans were cowed by these outbursts. A political party that would pass a tax bill that 70% of Americans opposed, and which actually harmed most Americans, or who would take away our healthcare, is not afraid of a bunch of people peacefully marching around waving signs.

But the Trump administration didn't fire Bob Mueller. Perhaps they feared that such an overt action so early in their takeover might light a fuse somewhere. Instead, the administration swapped out Mueller's supervisors. A move that most Americans failed to notice, though a few tried to raise the alarm. But by and large, Bob Mueller had not been fired and Americans were happy. Mueller's new supervisors then put hard rules on what he could and could not look into. Evidence that might embarrass the President vanished. The investigation effectively ended while Americans continued to cheer Bob Mueller on as their savior. Mueller had waited too long to act.

But neutering the FBI had no immediate effect on day to day life. What really hurt was the loss of the free press. With the complicit Congress and Supreme Court, Trump was able to fulfill his promise to open up the libel laws. Sullivan fell and criticizing the President, or any high ranking Republican, in an effective manner, was sure to get one involved in a dirty and very expensive libel suit. A suit normally conducted in a kangaroo court that saw it's main duty as protecting the party in power.

At this point, the system of checks and balances had broken down and there was nothing to restrain the President and his party.


December 3, 2029

The snow is still on the ground, but it is going. The roads are clear. We will go back to work tomorrow if there is not more snow. It's funny, we had weather reports when we didn't really need them, and now that they could be a matter of life or death, they are gone. Patty, the wife of our neighbor, cut herself last week making dinner. She washed the cut but now has an infection and it doesn't look like she is going to make it. There was talk about amputating the arm, but it was decided that she was too far gone and this would just cause her further agony.

Trump became uncharacteristically quiet during the summer of 2018. An occasional wild tweet was issued, but by and large, only his mouth pieces were heard from.

Starting that summer, prior to the November 2018 elections, a series of scandals began to plague Democratic House and Senate Candidates. Both on social media and on the right wing media outlets. Most seemed to be based in some fact, but the timelines and other minor details were modified to make innocuous acts into criminal ones. A Senate candidate's legitimate consulting fee was presented as a bribe. Both women and men came forward to accuse the Democratic candidates of sexual misconduct. And without an investigative press, it was hard to judge if these charges had merit. As the election drew close, actual indictments were issued by the new justice department.

But the American people were fed up, and in spite of the noise, the Democrats won a two seat majority in the Senate and flipped the House by four votes. But these victories were immediately challenged in court. “Lost” votes were discovered and suspicious instances of voter fraud surfaced. Tampering with voting machines was alleged. And again, without a working press, and with the justice department on a short leash, it was almost impossible to check the validity of these claims.

Most of the challenges went on to the Supreme Court where they were universally decided in favor of the Republicans. And by April of 2019, the Republicans again controlled the House by five votes and the Senate by two.


December 5, 2029

The snow is pretty much gone. We've had sunny weather in the mid 40's since the last snow. We got another elk which is a godsend. No hunger this winter. We are making traps for rabbits. With snow on the ground we can tell when they are around and set the traps. My dad and I have cans of green beans and spinach. We'll try to ration them to a couple of cans per month. But we need to see how the others are doing. Not good to have the raiders come with half the people sick.

The first #Resistance marches began in while the election challenges were still going on. Back in January of 2019. The first marches were advertised under the #Resistance hash tag. But soon this tag, and the sites associated with it, ceased working. Discussion of the protests could get you banned from social media, and given that ID was now required for access, it was very difficult to get back on. People banded together with shared accounts as their accounts were deleted one by one.

But again, people were angry, and it was possible to successfully advertise the Resistance Marches by word of mouth. They didn't really end until the summer of 2019 when on-line workbooks began to be required for further employment. Participating in a march was considered rioting, and the marchers were identified by the thousands with videos and facial recognition software. And once identified, your workbook identified you as either a fugitive or a convicted felon. And unemployable by law.

With the House and Senate secured in April of 2019, Trump erupted. He fired his generals and press secretaries. There was talk on social media of an assassination attempt, but accessing one of these stories would get you banned from the media. So the story quickly died.

Trump became increasingly unstable through the summer and fall of 2019. The dementia and mental illness was no longer whispered about. By this time, it was a fact acknowledged by almost everyone. With the domestic press silent, Trump became increasingly obsessed with the foreign press. Especially the European, Australian, Canadian and South American press. His handlers were no longer filtering the news stories he saw and he took an obsessive interest in the stories about himself.


December 6, 2029

The relief truck made it through this morning. We got some weird French pastries, some dinner rolls, a lot of ranch dressing in little plastic tubes, some sorry looking zucchini which we will eat anyway, and several cans of green beans. Vegetables that we really need. Patty died last night and apparently it wasn't pretty. I wasn't there and I'm glad. I'm tired of watching people die. Nobody died when I was young and I'm not used to it.

The inflation first became noticeable in the summer of 2019. At first, only the oldest citizens noticed it for what it was. It wasn't mentioned in the media. It began with imports. Clothing, car parts, and almost anything in a big box store. People figured that prices were up 30% by fall. Then food and fuel costs began to rise. Produce, meat, milk and eggs quickly become so expensive that the stores ceased stocking them in large quantities. You had to request fresh hamburger and it would be brought to you, hard frozen, from the back of the store. If you could afford it.

Rents increased, but at a much lower rate. After the first jump, people simply abandoned rental properties and lived in their vehicles. Houses and apartments sat empty until the rents again became affordable. Wages and pensions did not rise to keep pace with the inflation. People simply made due with less. Interest rates remained low and people saw their life savings eroded.

By Spring of 2020, Trump was making veiled threats against nations that “failed to control their press”, i.e., nations that allowed their press to publish stories on Trump's failures, the deterioration in America, the questionable practices in the elections or Trump's general insanity. French, Spanish and Scandinavian press fared the best as Trump took most of his news on TV and apparently used no translators. Germany suffered because of the English language Der Spiegal, which Trump somehow accessed. And Trump came down hard on the English language countries. Here, specific threats were made regarding trade and defense pacts.

Taiwan willingly rejoined China and the Europeans formed a defense pack without the United States. NATO was technically still in place, but forgotten. North Korea was surprisingly cordial with the rest of the world, especially South Korea, and had begun working with the Russian and European space programs.

Amazingly, by the summer of 2020, there was still support for Trump among the uneducated and the followers of right wing media. And though polls were no longer accurate, it was estimated that this support still ranged from 25% to 30% of the country. And this support was ardent. They blamed the country's troubles on attacks on Trump and they patrolled the streets looking for disloyalty. They wore their uniforms of polo shirts and khaki pants.

To no ones surprise, Trump won the 2020 November election by a narrow margin. It's not known if this is attributed to vote tampering, Russian interference, voter suppression, crooked vote counting or a combination of all. Instances of each had been observed.


December 8 2017

We got snow again last night. Maybe a foot. Plus, it's cold now so it's sticking around. We may soon be closed in for the winter. I feel very sorry for my father. He is 66 now and he's having severe problems with his right hip and shoulder. It started around October 15thand has gotten worse every day. It's so bad now that he has trouble laying in bed. I hear him gasp in pain as he turns over and he's now getting up at 3:00 AM to sit in his chair. He can't walk without leaning on something.

He thinks it's gout and that Allopurinol would help. The other day I asked the relief truck if they could bring us some, but I don't have high expectations. If they could get drugs for us these days, we could have given Patty Cyprol and probably saved her. I don't think they will make it back until spring anyway.

My father's medical training still makes him valuable, even if he can no longer really walk. So there should be no tension in the community about his new disability.

as a carte blanche to do what they wanted and they immediately begin laying plans to gut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the rest of the social safety net. Civil rights laws were up for repeal and the universities are attacked and shuttered. The protests were very feeble. A few masked and hooded demonstrators. The elderly did not turn out. I suspect because their benefits had already been eaten up by the inflation. The cost of living appeared to have tripled by this time and there had been no increases in Social Security payments or the Medicare vouchers.

Congress stridently defended Trump and impeachment or invocation of the 25Amendment seemed out of the question.


December 9, 2029

A second snow day. It was decided not to go out today. The snow isn't that deep on the roads and big trucks could get through. It might be unwise to leave footprints everywhere. There is a ridge of high ground between us and the road and you can't see our cabins from the road. I think this has saved us several times and leaving footprints everywhere makes us visible.

Reminds me of the Plain d'Ups above Marseilles. Up near the chapel of Mary Magdalene. It was a big flat area halfway up the mountain. People could farm up there and not be seen by the marauding armies going back and forth on the valley floor. They lived there in relative peace for thousands of years. Everything else in the area is fortified. The fortified farms on the flat areas called Domaines and the hilltop walled towns. The chapel of Mary Magdalene was first a temple to Ishtar, then to Diana and finally to Mary Magdalene.

There was a big flat stone area on the very top of the mountains where one can imagine ceremonies were performed. From there one can see the Tordre across the valley. A freaky stone formation, resembling a shaving from a plane, created by one plate at the base of the Alps sliding past another. There was a neolithic alter on top.

It's funny, when I would go walking in this peaceful place, I would spend most of my effort stewing on my studies or my job. I could not have then imagined then how little these things mattered.

Our deterioration was accelerated when Der Spiegal published a long expose of Trump. Apparently, copies of the documents from the Mueller investigation had been leaked and forwarded to a third party before the investigation was sabotaged. Leaked to the New York Times? The Washington Post? My theory is that although these documents could not be published by the American press, they were somehow transferred to agents of the European press. The Der Spiegal article was the most detailed, but The Guardian, La Monde and the Independent also came out with articles near the same time.

Apparently, Trump was more guilty than even the average American suspected. Not only had he colluded with the Russians to tip the 2016 election, but he had obtained Russian Kompromat on members of Congress which he used to silence them and force them into doing his bidding. It became very obvious why the Republican leaders had not opposed Trump in his early days.

Even worse, as far back as a year prior to the 2016 elections, top Republican leadership had known about documents in Russian hands that smeared Hillary Clinton. And for this reason, sensing an election victory the next year, they had refused to Confirm Obama's Supreme Court nominee Judge Garland. (The person Obama had selected to replace the recently deceased Judge Scalia.) They anticipated a Republican victory and saw an opportunity to steal the seat.


December 11, 2029

Winter days are so slow. It was sunny yesterday and I had a turn on our solar charger and the laptop now has full batteries again. I also charged our little radio. It pulled in some AM stations from the mid-west last night. Mostly Chinese propaganda, but we could read through some of it. Unemployed people, i.e. almost everyone, were being ordered to go to pick up points where they would be taken to work as farm labor.

My dad thinks this means two things. First there are serious fuel shortages in the Chines states. One big commercial tractor is much more effective than an army of clueless, out of shape office workers with hoes in their hands. Secondly, if things are this bad, they have probably been this way for a while and this means there are also food shortages. And the fact that they are doing this in December means that they are configuring the farm operations from mechanized to hand labor, i.e., they're taking things back a hundred years and they need to dig the necessary ditches, dykes and such.

We're both so very grateful that we're in the European-Canadian states. They try to feed us and help us as much as they can, which isn't much. But it's better than nothing. Better than the Chines or Russian states. They brought us our parkas and boots last year and this summer they had a truck load of donated clothing. I got a “new” pair of jeans. Well worn, but my old pair would soon be obscenely revealing.

The entire planet read the Mueller papers and laughed at the hated Donald Trump. And Trump was furious. Citing his warnings to England, France and Germany to control their press, And citing their apparent failure to control their press, Trump announced that the editors, reporters and executives of the offending papers must be turned over to the Americans for trial. Trump explained that if this was not done within 72 hours, he would begin wiping European cities off the map. Trump further stated that to drive home his point, a nuclear device would be detonated in the English Channel at 6:00 PM that evening. True to his word, the missile came in and the bomb went off. Both Normandy and the South of England suffered significant fallout from the ocean blast.

Rather that seeing the planet possibly destroyed, most of the newspaper people volunteered to go to the Americans. A brave act that was recognized all over a world. A world coming together against a common foe. Trump was told that the no shows had fled and that searches were underway. Addled Trump soon forgot about this and these people remained free. But the press of the world was muzzled.


December 12, 2029

I've been thinking about how to include this. There may be parts of what I say that are inaccurate, but I've decided to put it all down to get as much information on the record as possible. What I write here is what I heard from people who were in a position to know.

In particular, I learned a lot from Amy Patterson, a reported at what was once the Washington Post. I wasn't a Washington insider and I first got to know her while participating in a weekly Q&A session she ran. People would log onto her web page and ask political questions which she would try to answer. After participating for months, she began to recognize my Washington Post screen name, which was the same as my Twitter screen name.

Some months later, I began to contact her on Twitter with specific questions on world events, or to suggest a subject that the Post should be covering. If she was not busy, she would answer me.

When the first bomb went off in Florida, I heard about it within minutes on Twitter. There was massive confusion, but it came through that there had been a huge explosion at or near Mar-a-Lago. And that the brightness of the flash and the burns on the survivors indicated a nuclear event. The government soon got on top of these reports and they were throttled back. During the first hours, the censorship appeared to be done with crude keyword searches. So you could pretty much still get through if you were clever, saying such things as “big light” instead of “bomb”.

I typed the following to Amy Patterson: What the Hell happened in Florida?

To my surprise, she began a series of linked tweets. She apparently wanted to get what she knew out to all who followed her. I of course don't have the tweets anymore. They're gone along with the rest of the internet. But I do remember what I read.

A British immigrant living in the US bought one of the homes in the blocks just north or Mar-a-Lago. When Trump was away, and security was light, a small, Hiroshima sized nuclear device is installed in the living room. It was a plutonium bomb which is difficult, but not impossible, to detect. How it was brought in is not known. But it is assumed that the dispirited DHS just wasn't doing the job it had been doing. And this is also probably why the tell tale signatures of the bomb were overlooked.

The blast radius for the Hiroshima air burst was 1.6 Km, or about one mile. The radius for this ground burst was much less, and did not reach the mainland across the bay with any real force. Homes were damaged and people died, but the collateral damage could have been much worse. Most of the radiation was taken out to sea and the loss of life, for this type of event, was minimal. Trump, and a great many of his staff, were vaporized.

December 13, 2029

I've related what I was told on the day of the Florida blast. Now, here is what I saw and heard.

In a press conference later that day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that a truck bomb, a delivery truck with a fertilizer bomb in it, had been detonated at Mar-a-Lago earlier that day. She said that Trump had been on the golf course at the time of the explosion and had been hit by flying debris. He was in the hospital with minor cuts and bruises but was expected to recover soon.

The next morning tweets allegedly from Trump began to come in. He said he was fine and expected to get back to work soon. He blamed the truck bomb on Muslim terrorists and vowed to deal with the guilty parties. His followers bought it, but other people familiar with his tweets smelled the rat. Something was just not right. Something in the grammar or rhythm of the speech. But things remained quiet for the rest of the day.

Around mid-day on the second day after the blast, it was announced that the Europeans were responsible for the “truck bomb” and that a British immigrant was being sought as a person of interest in the terrorist attack.

In morning on the third day, Mitch McConnell announced that a major city in England, France and Germany would be leveled at 6:00 PM that day in retaliation for the attack. He urged these countries to evacuate all major cities in the hours left. About an hour later, on a Chines container ship just outside Baltimore harbor, three of the top level containers weirdly raised themselves into an upright position. The skyward ends of the containers opened and three missiles were fired at Washington DC. Simultaneous with the launch, another Hiroshima sized bomb, believed to be on a yacht in DC Harbor, went off. The three Chinese missiles arrived two minutes later with 1.5 kilo ton hydrogen warheads, and Washington DC and Jeff Sessions ceased to exist.

French, British and German commandos had commandeered the NY headquarters of CNN and Fox News. Immediately after the bombing, spokesmen told the US to stand down. It was explained that bombs had been placed in most major cities and would be immediately detonated if any launch was detected. Objects were re-entering from space and plowing into the decks of American carriers, with devastating results.

Without direct orders from the President, who they believed to be alive, and without any incoming fire detected, most of the missile crews waited. One launch from Warren AFB resulted in the destruction of Cheyenne Wyoming while the missile was still in it's early boost phase, an event felt by the Warren crews with sobering effect. No more launches took place. Calls were made to recall or destroy the missile, but it's not know if these were unheeded or if this was simply not possible. Twenty minutes later, three French cities and two German were hit. Within seconds Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, West LA and Tampa were destroyed. CNN and Fox News pleaded for sanity and no more launches took place. Millions of people had died and the world would suffer the effects of the exchange for a hundred years.

December 15, 2029

I caught two trout today. Will cook them for my father to try to cheer him up. I think the pain is getting to him and he seems to have lost interest in everything. I went looking for some Acetaminophen for him today. But nobody had any, or if they did, they weren't letting on. Same with alcohol. There is nothing for the pain. I feel so bad.

The Canadians arrived first, basically the next day. Down through the mid-west. Most welcomed them and they were as helpful as they could be under the circumstances. There just were not the facilities or supplies to treat the injured. In Chicago, where the Canadians first arrived, the burn victims just died. They were already dead elsewhere. People who could have been saved in a proper hospital. The Europeans and Chinese began arriving a day later by plane and arriving in earnest five days later by ship. Like the Canadians, the Europeans did all they could, but there wasn't that much they could do. The Chinese on the West Coast were less helpful.

All three groups were attacked by Trump supporters at various times. Fat, dumb mobs armed with semi-automatic assault rifles. All three groups would urge them to stand down before taking action. Most did stand down when confronted by professional troops, and those that didn't were quickly exterminated. A fat, wheezing hillbilly with a pop gun is no match for a tank or an attack helicopter,

Grocery stores went bare in two days and people began attacking restaurants and fast food joints for the food supplies. Local police and National Guard were enlisted to help keep order. I confess that I and five others from the settlement burglarized the Ski Cooper restaurant. We cleaned out the canned goods and freezers. It's probably why we are still alive. The first relief truck didn't arrive for three months, and they found us by accident.

December 16, 2029

It's my birthday and I'm 41 years old today. My dad used to always give me a card with a hundred dollar bill in it. He would come with me while I picked out my gift. But here no one has a hundred dollar bill, and if they did, it wouldn't really buy anything anymore. Will go out an look for two light, straight tree branches with a “y” on the ends. Will try to make some pair of crutches for my dad. We have no extra cloth to make pads, and I don't dare cut a piece from one of our precious blankets, but I'm sure I can find some old rags somewhere.


Submitted: January 15, 2018

© Copyright 2021 MissFedelm. All rights reserved.

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Dystopian fiction delivered in such a believable way. Brilliant!

Mon, January 15th, 2018 8:54pm

A. G. Smith

This is a harrowing, utterly terrifying read. Your writing is sublime: believable, and emotionally charged. Great work!

Sun, January 21st, 2018 3:43am


Thank you.

Sat, January 20th, 2018 7:51pm

Serge Wlodarski

Good job. This reminded me of The Road. Very dystopian. I addressed the Trump problem from the standpoint of satire in The $64,000 Question.

Tue, January 23rd, 2018 10:36am


Thank you. I will check that out.

Tue, January 23rd, 2018 6:25am

Oleg Roschin

Excellent dystopian fiction! The transition between real-life events into a detailed description of the future is fascinatingly (and, dare I say, terrifyingly) realistic and believable. The unusual diary format works really well here and pulls the reader in till the very end, will all the shades and nuances of the individual entries. Thumbs up!

Wed, January 24th, 2018 7:11am


It''s kind of scary that the whole thing came to me in one sitting. I hope I'm not clairvoyant.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 6:37am


An enthralling read. very cleverly constructed and edging into Gothic style with the diary format.
This has a lot to offer for all sorts of genres. A truly talented piece of writing indeed.

Mon, March 9th, 2020 4:20pm

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