American politics from an outsider's point of view

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Sometimes we don't notice or understand how foreigners perceive and view domestic politics. Being in the kitchen,has heat.A cold view of US.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



In the United States there two main parties.The Republicans and the Democrats.There are fundemental common points and well hidden differences in their policy, as expessed by the elected Presidents in the last two decades.

As an outsider, it is quite clear that both parties have a shared belief in freedom.However, even if this is expressed by their joint support of free trade and economy, their approach to public finances is different.Republicans care about healthy finances and reducing public deficit if it concerns cutting down from social spending.If it has to do with funding foreign policy, they are not so tight on expenses.On the contrary, Democrats believe that social spending is necessary (Obamacare) and are willing to spend political capital on this as well as money from vital points of foreign policy.Like ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides for human lives, also for money cost.So even if both parties believe in private initiative economy, their approach is rather different.

The latter holds also in foreign policy.Republicans believe in hard power.That is taking action and deploying ground forces to achieve their goals.Hence the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the father Bush 90s war in Iraq.Democrats believe in soft power, for the reason hard power has a high cost, both in lives and money, and does not allow room for the cost free solution of diplomacy.So they make policy that includes the use of military power, but is a of low cost (NATO air bombings of Yugoslavia, Unmanned Air Vehicles in Syria).In the case of Yugoslavia and Iraq this worked.But ending the Afghanistan war did not make things better and there are questions as to the effectiveness of bombings of ISIS.So Democrats use military power as a surgeon and as a threat to achieve their goals, which in fact constitutes a belief in soft power.This worked in a productive way in the case of Iran's nuclear program.So in foreign policy both parties exercise military power but in different, for reasons of cost, way.

The last point is their political ideology which is mainly a thereotical difference.Republicans believe in conversatism, even though as I mentioned above they make really big openings in foreign policy.Democrats believe in liberalism, regardless if social spending is a notion of socialism.The ideologies are considered by the American press a key difference, but in fact it is the one that makes the least difference.In practice, choices are made based on the situations, so ideologies are rarely the critical factor of decisions. 

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