The Dark Star

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Head of secret service meets mysterious kid.

The Head of the secret service, standing in the Magister's office, held a thick folder in his hands.
 "So you say he collected this information in one day?"
 "He brought it an hour after settling in the academy."
 "Have you looked?" Head pointed to the folder.
 "Just  the beginning until I found information about your agents, then I immediately informed you."
 "Has anyone else seen this?"
 The magister shook his head.
 The head of the secret service studying the folder pondering.
It was strange. Very strange. It hasn't been known where did he came from, not even teen but child, managed to get all the information about the academy in such a short time.
 "They say that he is stronger than the ruler himself, and that it was him who helped ruler to get the throne." 
 "If i were you I would be more careful  with such statements." The head of the secret service looked seriously at the magister.
 "Of course, of course." He moved back with raised hands, although he remembers what really happened back then.
 Later, in the office of the head of the secret service, he looked through all the information that was found about the events of seventy years ago. He was The Dark. But he wasn't regular monster - he saved the ruler's life. Then he completely disappeared. Now for no reason appears from nowhere in the middle of the hostile lands. After that, he comes into the open to this country. Without knowing where to put him, the guy was sent to do a couple simple tasks. Which he did without question and, it would seem, with a bored look. After not finding what else can be done, he was sent to the academy. This made him speak for the first time "Why?" He Asked after reading his next assignment.
He left, after couple minutes listening scared attendant he couldn't get anything but mutter. A couple of days later he entered the academy and made more "noise". This required personal intervention of the Head of the secret service.

 The head of the secret service has been tracing the guy whole week, but have not learned anything. Nothing special just ordinary kid: neither magic nor physical abilities, and he wasn't smart too. Mostly avoided big groups of people, didn't start any fights.
Then Head decided to check him and arranged a couple of "unexpected" meetings for the guy. Which he completely bypassed, from side it seemed that how it should be. As a result, the Head decided to "talk" with the guy face-to-face, usually people after such conversations were no longer seen. It feels that The guy somehow knew about that and chose a quiet place.
"Is your name ***?" 
He Nods.
"Do you know who i am?" 
The guy nods again.
"What are you trying to achieve? Who sent you?"
He says nothing for while then grins.
"They say seventy years ago, one Dark wielded by incredible power ..."
"Are you him?"
Another nod.
"Will you show it?"
"I'm not going to prove anything." He speaks for the first time.
The Head suddenly attacked. But the guy just easily dodged.
"Why do you keep playing defencive?"
"Because it annoys you." The kid grins.

Later. The Magister's Office.
"Why did you changed your mind?" Magister asked the Head of the secret service.
"I did not... Just rationally evaluated the situation... It is advantageous to us to have such an ally."
Magister sighed and asked less officially "What happened?"
"He created The Dark Star."
The Magister rounded his eyes. He's actually came back it seems.
"The kid let it go, but just for a second, then he managed to stop it..." They stood in silence for a while, then the Head left the Magister's office.
The head of the secret service regret he asked Dark to show his power... His hair begun to turn gray, since he looked into the Dark Star.


*  Academy of Magic - school that teaches magic. It's located on neutral lands and accepts people from everywhere.
* Dark Star - very powerful spell, which can only be created by group of magicians. It was used during the war to destroy whole city with everyone in it. It only destroys living beings. Mages, who created this spell also died in the process. There's no way to stop the spell after you started it. 
* The Dark. A very powerfull brailess creature. One group of battle mages is enough to destroy one.

Submitted: July 22, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Alex Cat. All rights reserved.

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