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It's funny how life is.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



It’s ironic how life is.  I’m reading this book I borrowed from the library entitled, 11/22/63, the real title, written by Steven King.  Maybe only Steven King can write a book with that kind of title.  I have heard The Beatles put out an album cover blank on both sides.  They did it because they could, I guess.

Anyway, this book is 1032 pages.  You’re probably thinking no publisher would print a book that big.  And, unusually you are probably right.  But like I say it is probably an ego thing, and, oh did I mention, it’s Steven King.  A little disclaimer before I go on.  The original book was published with 849 pages.  I have the LARGE PRINT edition, but still. 

But here’s what gets me.  The people who need the large print edition are the same people who probably can’t hold a ten-pound book up to read it.  Go figure! 

I have two friends, one more techie than the other, but maybe they both have a solution to the problem.  The first sees a book he likes and goes and searches at the Goodwill or a used bookstore and buys the book for a small price, and then he cuts the book into thirds, each third consisting of 70 to 100 pages.  As he reads the sections, he throws them away.  His arms don’t get tired holding a huge book for hours.  When he is done, he throws the last section away, and he doesn’t have old books to store or get rid of.

My other friend got himself an I-pad.  He downloads the book he wants to read either from the public library or online with a nominal fee and then after reading it, deletes it.  The I-pad is lighter than most books and is just as portable.  Also, he can make the font larger if he needs large print. 

The ironic thing is that each has solved the problem to hefting a heavy book around.

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