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excuse the bad english. i used mostly translate, but i am sure you know what i mean.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



I don't know you. You don't know me. We never met. 
But i saw you. Once. That was more than enough for me to fall in love. Madly.
I thought to myself 'Angel. Who put that beautiful angel dressed in heavy metal shirt walking around this fucked up place in the middle of nowhere?.' Her face. Her eyes. Lips. The meaning of perfection. Who are you? Who is she? She was sitting next to train window, lean her head and whatched me with that blue restless ocean, than she looked back at her notebook. We were driving for twenty minutes. I didn't took an eye off her and she would look at me every once in a while, than look back at notebook. Train stopes at next station. Two stations before mine. She stands up. She is going away. My heart starts to cry. I am feeling so mad. Before she leaves, she rippes away one paper of book and gives it to me. It's me. It's my face. She walkes away. She drawed my face, raw sketch, i love it. But there is no signature. No name. Emptiness and void at the bottom of page seemed endless. I flipped the page over, not a thing. How can she end it like that? How am I suppost to be rest? I can't. I will never be.
 I am in bed now. It's three in the morning. I cant sleep. I am wide awake. I think about her shoes. Yellow laces. She drives me crazy. I think about name, what could it be? Nothing fits, every name is too ordinary for that creature. I should go back to the train station. I should wait there all the time, she must come at some point. Next morning i go there. I wait and wait. Hours pass by. She never came. I am so mad. I am tired, i replace her for some woman for a second, my heart starts to pound. But the next second i already knew, that woman is nothing like her. No one is like her. How could I even replace someone so different? I leave, go home. Can't stop thinking about her. I wish i knew her name... 

 It's two more stations before it arrives. Train stops. Some woman standes in front of me, facing back. Suddenly i realize, it is her. It is my angel, my beautiful sweet angel.


Finally.. but during all that searching, i never thought about what could i possibly say to her..

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