Soap on a Rope

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When I was still a teen, I rode my bike to the store to get my mom a birthday gift. This poem wrote itself in my head as I was riding home.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



Soap on a Rope

When I was young and kind of dopey

I would always lose my soapy.

Though my mommy tried in vain

It always wound up down the drain.

But then one day my mom got smart

And left me in the little park

And went down to this little store

And that is what this poem's for!

She bought a soapy on a ropey!

(SHE was never very dopey!)

And, ya know, this soap was keen

(it even kept my tummy clean).

At bathtime 'round my neck it'd go

But down the drain it never went, ya know?

And to this day I still remember

When through a soap store I meander

Little soapies on their strings

Always hanging to be seen by all.

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