Impending Doom

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Impending Doom

Pop! Cindy ran into the living room to see what happened. The acrid, sour smell

of gunpowder filled her nostrils. She found her boyfriend passed out in the recliner. He

had a huge gash in his head, and blood was gushing from his nose. “What have you


“Get me another beer. Get me another beer,” Charlie demanded before he

passed out again.

“My boyfriend shot himself!” she shouted hysterically to the dispatcher. Her hands

trembled as she held the towel against his wound.

  An officer escorted her into another room as the paramedics worked on Charlie.

“You better go see him,” Officer Lloyd said, “Do you have a way down to the


“I don’t think that I can get a hold of anybody at 3a.m. The bus doesn’t run until


“It might be too late by then,” the officer cringed. “I’ll give you a ride.”

Cindy sat in the back of the police car wondering if her boyfriend was dead, or alive.

 “I think I might quit college,” she thought to herself, “or at least take the semester off.”

The security guard escorted her to a tiny waiting room. She sobbed, and paced the

room for an hour.

Cindy noticed an unusually tall man with curly hair enter the room. “Hi, I’m Dr.


“Is my boyfriend O.K.?”

“Yes, luckily the bullet just grazed his head. It didn’t penetrate the skull. There will be no

significant long-term damage, however he will need stitches.”

Cindy sighed with relief. She was overcome with nausea, and fought the churning in her


She got to visit Charlie 4 hours later. He had stiches from his forehead to the bridge of his

nose. His eyes were swollen shut. He was barely coherent from the pain medicine.

That evening, Cindy noticed the bullet was lodged in the ceiling. Apparently, he had

fallen asleep with the gun loaded!

At 7 a.m., she awoke to a loud rap at the door. Officer Lloyd had come to check on

Charlie’s condition.

Cindy felt a sharp pinch in her arm. “Shhh, it’s O.K.,” the nurse said, “The doctor said

that you need to double up on your Thorazine. You keep insisting to everyone that you have

a boyfriend. He’s not real, honey! You have schizophrenia.”

Her case worker helped carry the boxes to the car. “You’re not ready to live

independently, yet. We had you set up in this apartment on a trial basis. You’ll be sent back to

Briarwood until further evaluation.”



Submitted: January 15, 2018

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