Broken; Life

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Deep in The Great Victoria desert, 6 teams of two gather to fight for an unknown prize of great monetary value and their pride as assassins.

Submitted: January 15, 2018

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Submitted: January 15, 2018



"Sure we're going to the right place, Urick?"  A young, thin, pale woman climbs over a cliff."

"Yes, Justice. I can read a map." A thick, muscle-bound tank with a similar face to hers replies as he walks ahead of her with large bags hung over each shoulder.

"I find that difficult to believe since we've been out here for three days. We've already exhausted our food and water supply." She runs to his side.

"I only packed enough for three days."

"We should have rented a car back at the airport." She snaps at him.

"A car wouldn't be able to get up here." He snaps back.

"We could have gone back for it not the mention it would have been faster to go around this even on foot."

"I know what I'm doing. Look yourself." He stops and hands her the map.

"It does say it's right in front of us." She gets humbled.

"Does it!" He rips the map out her hands.

"So we were lost!" She gets angry again.

"I didn't say that. I just thought we had to go a little further." He giggles.

"Whatever." She runs to the spot on the map. "It's right here."

"But there's nothing here..." He joins her.

"It's a hidden entrance numbnuts. This isn't a public showing."

"Then how do we get in?"

"I knew I should have gone with you to the press conference." She sighs.

"But you were busy with school."

"I could have skipped class one time. My professors would have been fine with it."

"Then why didn't you?"

"Because you said you could handle it by yourself!" She punches him in the side of the head, knocking him off-balance.

"Oww!" He rubs his head.

"You deserved it." She pouts. "We just have to wait for someone else to open it." She takes the right bag off Urick's shoulder and throws it down on the sand laying down on it like a bed.
"You keep watch, I'm gonna take a nap."

Urick takes off the bag, sets it next to her and stands off to the side.

The hours tick by until nightfall and Urick begins to doze off. His head nodding and eyes blinking rapidly, it doesn't take long until he falls asleep standing up.

A few minutes later the ground beneath the two begins to shake like an earthquake.

"Huh, what?" Urick jumps.

Justice slowly gets up and stretches. "Someone's opening the entrance." She yawns at the confused Urick. "I wonder if we're the last ones to get here." She picks up her bag leaving his.  "I expected at least one team to come by, by now." 

The ground underneath her begins to lower into itself. She skips over beside Urick and waits.  A set of stairs slowly reveal themselves but there is no one in sight.

"What are you waiting for?" Urick walks over to hole.

"Wait for it to finish opening." She orders him.

"What's the worst that can happen?" He jumps down but by the time he hits the ground a Chakram decapitates him.

"That could happen." She flips the bag to her front and pulls out two double-edged Ninjatos the top edge being significantly duller than the bottom throwing the bag to the ground. "I think I got all the brain cells when we were born." She whispers to herself.

"Shouldn't you wait for the tournament to start before you kill us!" She yells down the stairway from the side.

She gets no response.

"It's the honorable way to do things!"

She walks back to the bag and throws it vertically down the stairs, another Chakram slices through it through clothes and utilities everywhere.

"So, we're doing this then." She mutters. 

She holds the swords at an angle parallel to each other so it covers most of her body, then walking down.

"Don't tell me you threw both your weapons." She taunts.

She reaches the bottom with no difficulty. "I guess you did." She lowers her guard, holding her blades to her side and walks out to a basketball court-sized floor up to a tall cavernous roof made from roughly carved orange stone.

"I guess this is our arena. I expected more."

She hears a footstep on the stairway behind her and returns to her previous stance slowly approaching them. When she arrives one of the earlier Chakram comes down vertically flying between her blades lodging itself in her chest. 

She lets out an ear-piercing screech then reacting by running full speed up the stairs.  The other Chakram comes down at her head at a 65-degree angle but she blocks it this time. 

She quickly approaches an unarmed man covered in stitched leather from head to toe only showing his eyes.

She slices at down him but he catches the blades and kicks the Chakram deeper into her chest. Pulling the blades out her hands as she falls down the stairs.

She bounces off her neck to the Chakram splitting her sternum landing with a trail of blood down the stairs and the Chakram loose in her chest.

The man comes down equipped with her blades ready to finish her, sure she was already dead,  only wanting to send a message.  He stands over her holding both blades parallel to each other over her neck preparing to stab them down but before he does Justice rips the Chakram out her chest and swings into through his femoral artery easily cutting the leather.

The Chakram falls to her side and she is covered in the blood of two. The man forces her blades through each side of her throat splitting them away from each other as he falls between in his death. His weight slings the blades up scratching her throat smacking into his own neck. Ending with the blade tips facing each under him as he lays on top of her.

The next morning a new pair enter viewing the bodies including Urick's outside.

"Looks like they weren't the only ones to get impatient." A slender man in a red suit and shades asks at the bottom.

"There's only three here." A thicker male behind him dressed the same mentions.

"Maybe this one was solo." He kicks the leather-clad man over having the blade clang on the ground under his weight.

"Or the other one is waiting for us somewhere." The thick one states jokingly.

"Then let's get out of here before they attack us. Get our stuff from outside."

"I'm not going alone."

"Stop being a pussy, Grimm.  You can handle a kink-feast like this on your own." He walks off to find a bedroom and Grimm finds him later with no complications.

"Why don't you look at that. You're alive." 

"Fuck off, Calvin."

"I can't find anyone, not even a welcoming committee." He returns to what's important.

"We did get here late." 

"We can blame the father-daughter duo for that. Do some math for me, how many of us are left?"

Grimm counts on his fingers. "As far as we know they're down two and a half teams." 

"So there are four teams total."

"I guess you can say that..." 

"Then where the fuck are they?" 

"Let's just find a room and take it."

"That's the problem, this place is a maze. I would have done that by now." Calvin states frustrated.

"What have you found so far?"

"A kitchen, dining room, spa, movie theater, a few bathrooms, everything but bedrooms."

"I'm going to the kitchen. Come get me when you find one." Grimm leaves taking their stuff with him.

An hour later Calvin finally finds the rooms lining up and down a long hallway and finds Grimm continuing to empty the kitchen with their bags set next to the door. 

"Come see where they are then you continue your feast," Calvin commands. "I'm going to the spa."

"Wouldn't you have to do everything yourself? There's no one here remember."

"I'll figure something out." He's too frustrated to care.

The next morning a loud voice echoes through the facility calling everyone up front, where only five people show up.

"Where are the others?" A man in a long coat assumed to be the game master asks.

"There are no others." Calvin answers. "We were attacked on the way here and then you have them three." he points to rotting bodies behind them.

"My team was attacked after we got here." A busty woman in silk purple pajamas continues.

"And mine was attacked by his." A wiry man in a  gray muscle T and sweats points to a man in nothing but underwear.

"So only one full team is left." The gamemaster understands.

The shirtless man puts his hand in his underwear, having everyone advert their eyes and pulls out an dart, throwing it through Grimm's jugular. "Now there's none."

"You piece of shit!" Calvin runs over and pushes the man to the ground, mounting him and punching his face in. The wiry man joins him stomping on underwear's face between punches, everyone else watching.

Eventually, the gamemaster comes to his senses "Stop! Before I disqualify you."

"I thought there were no rules," Calvin argues.

He sterns his voice. "I just added one. Step away Calvin, Daniel."

They back away.

"Why did you call us here?" The busty woman inserts.

"Oh, thanks for reminding me, Miss Martinez. We're going to hold the tournament early due to a complication.  Be prepared."

"How early?" Calvin asks.

"This afternoon." The gamemaster leaves.

The others return to their rooms giving underwear a death stare while he giggles to himself.

They each spend the rest of the morning preparing and return to the room at noon, now void of bodies.

Daniel wears similar clothes as before with heavy gauntlets.
 The busty woman wears a low-cut/short red kimono showing off the majority of her body, meaning to distract the men around her with 6" claws wired around her fingers and toes springing them open if she were to close them. 
There is another leather-clad man with Chakram. 
 And Calvin wears another red suit and gloves with steel over the knuckles.

"Change of plans..." The gamemaster begins. "This is now a battle royal. You may begin once I leave."

"Don't just tell us that and leave!" Calvin yells for the man to ignore him.

Leather slings his Chakram at the distracted Calvin but he smacks it away, sparks flying off.

Daniel B-lines to leather going to backhand him leather stepping around him using Daniel's momentum against him as his body follows the strike, afterward decapitating Daniel.

Meanwhile, Martinez and Calvin attack having Leather lean back to avoid them and jump afterward to avoid the sweeps that follow.

Martinez carries through slashing at Leather's genicular artery, her claws failing to cut through the leather wrenching her fingers back to the bridge of ripping the joints below the proximal phalanges. 

Calvin remembers the other body and suggests, "Use his weapon. It'll cut through." As leather hops away.

She runs and gets the other Chakram trusting him while he buys time throwing a flurry of fist while blocking Leather's attacks in a stalemate.

She returns fighting her claws to hold the Chakram slashing at various parts of Leather's body wherever she sees an opening to wear him down as he protects his vitals.
The stalemate continues 15 mins until Leather's fatigue finally shows through as he stumbles and slows down, taking deeper cuts and coughs up blood from all of Calvin's body shots. Eventually, his body gives and he collapses, Martinez finishing him off lodging the Chakram in his neck.

Calvin immediately turns his attention to her throwing a large swing at her right temple from behind her. 

She blocks with her forearm sensing the slow punch. Calvin grabs her arm and turns into an armbar pinning her left arm between her and his leg. 

He snaps her arm and goes to do the same to her left in a different lock.  During the brief time her arm is free, Martinez slashes his leg but, he ends up snapping that arm as well.

He finally turns to her neck locking that in leaving a leg free as he can't pin it. She quickly wraps back and stabs the claws on her toes into his cerebral cortex having them get stuck in while Calvin continues to squeeze the life out of her. She fights to rip them out failing to by the time she passes out but, the damage to Calvin is already done as he fails to finish her before he dies.

She lays in victory unaware that she had done so.

Eventually, the gamemaster returns looking at his watch. "I thought it been quiet for too long."

"He drops a large set of keys and notes on her before leaving. The note saying. "Your prize is this facility and everything in it. Do as you wish with it." There is a map pictured at the bottom showing secret areas as the facility spans acres beyond what they had known.

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