Chatting and e-mail

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Anna enters a chat room in the internet and communicates with a person she thought she didn't know.How different can an e-mail be from a normal letter?

This is so boring, Anna thought as she finished typing a page of notes in the computer.Thirty more pages to finish.This is taking forever!Anna put her hand on her brow resting for a moment.I need a break, she decided.

Anna took a sip of coffee laying on the office by her side.She pulled out a cigar and lighted it.All day at home working, Anna thought feeling tired.She looked at the computer time.Almost six o'clock in the afternoon.And I haven't talked to anyone all day by myself working.But who to talk to?Anna dragged the computer mouse to the browser internet adress bar.Using her right hand only she typed slowly amd pressed the left mouse button.The screen flashed, taking Anna to the site's homepage.Slowly she pressed the sign up button and a window appeared.Again, a bit faster this time as her appetite for chatting grew, she typed the necessary info into the appropriate blanks and pressed the done button.A welcome message in a window appeared.Closing the window she logged in..

A list of chat rooms was in front of her.She scrolled down, her eyes scanning the names of the chatting rooms.Swimming pool.That sounds good, she thought.Let's take a dive, she whispered entering the room.She looked at the chatting conversation and the usernames shown on screen.Nothing different.The usual, she thought.She scrolled down the room.Nothing...oh, wait.Her eyes fell unto a sentence standing out from the rest."Doesn't anybody like cooking?"She looked at the username Lion.A lion that likes cooking.Let's see what you've to eat, feeling a bit hungry.

Anna clicked the private conversation icon and typed."I like cooking Lion.What have you got to eat ?The answer came almost immidiately."Cake.""Oh", Anna wrote."Cake for dinner?"The question appeared next to her Green username and after a while the reply came."What kind of name is that?Are you a vegetable?I'm in need of them."Anna felt like playing."Why?Are you going to cook me?", she responded."Unfortunately.Lions don't eat vegetables",Lion wrote."Shame!I thought they ate everything...", Anna pushed teasing."No.I promise to make a salad of you, though.Feels good after swimming", Lion replied."You like swimming as well?Lions don't swim you know", Anna mocked."But it's the swimming pool room.They neither cook you know.They hunt and eat alive...", Lion returned the irony, flirting."So hunt me down Lion.Or are you not hungry for dinner?It's afternoon here you know", Anna wrote increasing  both the mocking and flirting stakes."I will enter your city and eat everyone until I find you you know.Which is it?", Lion asked.He does hunt me, Anna thought.Let's play along a bit, she decided."San Fransisco.", Anna replied."Hunting is like cooking you know.It's an art.I'll set up a trap.", Lion wrote."And what are you going to do?", Anna asked curious, waiting quite some time for the answer."I'll ask for your e-mail and send you one as bait.Don't look at me like a nice guy.Actually I'm not just an animal.I'm a monster.But by the time you realize that it'll be too late.You'll be trapped in my clutches...", Lion stated obviously hitting on Anna."Ooooh.And what makes ou think I'll give you my email?", Anna responded both provocatively and cautiously."I checked you.You are Anna Cotton of Miles Stockmarket Company.I'm Nicolas Duntley.I worked as a broker when you worked as a secretary.Remember?", Lion asked revealing his identity.Anna was surprised.I remember, she thought, the image of Nicolas coming to mind.She paused.But why did he not talk to me back then.Anna felt hungry."I remember you.Ok,'s see your bait Lion.I have to go.I'm hungry.", Anna said finishing the chat."You'll get it today, Green.Bye.", Lion answered.Anna exited the chat room.

I have to order something to eat, Anna decided.What a strange coincidence!He looked at me back then, but never talked.Not much of a lion back then, I guess.Anna picked up the phone on her office and dialed her favourite place's number, ordering after a minute a club sandwich.Oh my God, I'm really hungry, she thought, closing her eyes ans squeezing them with her hand.

A low computer beep sounded.What now?, Anna thought irritated.She looked at the computer screen.An e-mail.It can't be him!, Anna's mind raced.She opened the tab and looked at the inbox.An e-mail had come from looked at the subject."Your bait vegetable".It is him!, Anna realized with surprise.How did he write it so fast?Unless it is smal containing pictures, Anna wondered almost aloud, opening the e-mail.

Hellow Anna.It comes as a surprise but I had wrote back when we worked at Miles a letter I naver send you.I had passed it in my computer and I figured I might as well say now what I had to say back then.Here it goes.

Anna paused.He had written me a letter?This is some sort of trick.This is supposed to be a bait.And why didn't he send it or gave it to me back then?Why write a letter and not talk?We worked togeter.Just read Anna, it isn't different from a normal letter.

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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