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I felt Lost for a moment or two. But I know for sure our story is not over my love.

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



Once upon a time, a year ago, on halloween 2016. There was a guy and a girl. He saw her from across the room. And she had her eye on him for a while. They started talking and getting to know each other. Not knowing the feelings that would come with it. They started hanging out and before she knew it she was head over heels for him. Months passed where they were happy. And months passed where they would fight. But they always seemed to find each other. She never forgot about him. And not knowing it he would never forget her. They made each other happy. She finally opened her heart and fell in love. He accepted her for who she is. And she loved every flaw he has.

A few months pass where they had one of their fights and decided it would be best to forget one another. Not knowing that they would find each other again. She never let him out of her mind. And he always had his mind on her. December 2017 came. For her it was something big to spend christmas with her love. They were happy and everything was perfect. They spent most of their time together and nothing could ruin the moment. They spent new years together, being each others kiss into the new year. She loved him for who he was. He seemed more happy and free with her by his side.

But the fairytale didn't last. He needed more time. She understood with a heavy heart she should give him space. She never gave up on him, because the connection they have is so strong that it could pull two people back together everytime. Little did she know that she couldnt live without him and deep down he couldnt live without her in his life.

This is not the ending to our story...

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