The Demon I leaned On

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

If this sounds confusing and stupid. Trust me, I am aware of that. The clarity that hit me like a rock in that darkness; I had never felt so naive and betrayed. I was a pretty dumb kid. Haha.

Where could I run to?
The only place I could escape to felt like a dwelling for them.
My house that was suppose to help me feel secure.
It was no longer mine.
It was no longer safe.
They were there too.
The demons She warned me of...they seemed to be everywhere.
Night had become this thing that I feared the most.
Under it's shroud is where they creeped stealthy.
When they'd claw just outside my bedroom my walls. My windows.
No sleep again.
No peace.

"Why were they after me?" I would ask her.
"Maybe God is punishing you, repent and pray. He will protect you." She would say with a smile.

This woman was the only one I could turn to. I put my absolute trust in her.
Was I such a bad person?
God, what have I done wrong?
I felt guilty for everything, and nothing.
Soon these unseen demons were starting to make themselves known in my dreams.
No peace.

School was no cake walk either.
I really didn't have anyone to help me, other than Her.
There was nowhere to run from these demons.
There was nowhere to go.
My prayers were going unanswered, and no one came to save me.
The replies were all the same from Her as well.
Pray. Repent.
More sleepless nights.
No peace.

I had reached a really low point, I remember crying for death one night.

Such a coward.

All I had left was my sanity; did not want that to be taken that from me.
Give me peace.

7 years later, they still creeped and clawed.
I peaked out from under my blankets and stared up into darkness that was my ceiling.
Heart racing, "How much longer will this go on?" I had thought to myself.
The anxiety made it seem like forever.
I was always tensed and tired.
Just. Soo tired.



I was miserable everyday and night.
I was doing nothing wrong to deserve this.
It was time to face them.
The demons that had been haunted me for so long each night.
I rose from my bed, not caring to flick on the lights.
The scratching didn't stop, but I wouldn't let that phase me.
I'm here.
Get me.
At least I would go down with what little sound mind I had left and fight for my peace.

I threw open my bedroom door.


There was no way I could mistake that silhouette,
did not matter how dark the night was.
I'd seen it everyday for the last 7 years.
I had been ready to face anything before that moment, but I didn't know what to do then.


Even now, I can recall it.
The smile;
I could hear it in her voice as she spoke from the gloom.
"Oh. Why are you still awake?"

Submitted: January 16, 2018

© Copyright 2021 IX. All rights reserved.

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