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Blank is a novel that will keep its readers on the edge of their seats. It takes the risk of employing both the first-person and third-person narrative in telling the story. Eucharia who is the
center of the story tells it from her own point of view, as the author uses the Omniscient narrative to tell the story too. The beauty of this is: The third-person narration picks up from where
Eucharia stops, and Eucharia continues from there, and it continues like that – in just a very beautiful way. Amazingly enough, both narratives flow so well that you’d not be able to make sense of
the story without both narratives, as they so irreversibly knitted. Two types of narratives were employed by the author because of the uniqueness of the story. Eucharia is a young girl of eight.
She was sexually abused after being drugged, and she does not know it. She tells her story from that point of innocence. And not until the climax of the story did the Omniscient narrative reveal
it. So suspense is built. Eucharia wants her family to stay one, but her parents are otherwise. Eucharia was deceived by her mother’s best friend to lie that Father had sexually abused her. She did
so without knowing the implications of it. Dad had found out he was not really her father. So at the point Dad and Mother confronts each other about separate issues, both did not really know what
the other knew. An accident occurred and Mother was in coma for months, only to come out into traumatic psychosis. Eucharia narrates this ‘sickness’, and says ‘Mother comes on and off.’ She began
to blame herself for the cause of everything. But nothing is resolved until Mike came with two other men to wipe off Dad’s family. The latter had been responsible for the death of the former’s wife
and daughter. In the living room, at the point of death, is the complexity of the entire situation unraveled. Dad was a police officer who had an alcohol problem. But his real issue was that he was
a pedophile. By that, Nurse Titi (Mother’s best friend) who was privy to his indulgence, had held him bound. He found his daughter Eucharia being molested by another man in Titi’s house.
Confronting her, she claimed he was really not the father of Eucharia, since he had low sperm count. Titi was his doctor. To save her name too, Titi told Eucharia to say Dad was the one who abused
her if Mother ever asked. “Dad touched me.” Eucharia had said at the hospital. So the conflict was set. Dad was angry that his wife had been sleeping with other men. Mother was angry that Dad had
molested their daughter. In a dramatic turn of events, Mike was shot with one of the assassins. With the other, Dad did a review of the entire situation and discovered where he had missed it. But
just seconds after deciding to put things right, another mess he had to clean up surfaced. Only his life could do the cleaning.

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Submitted: January 16, 2018

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