Please Stand By. (A Fallout Fan-Fiction Story)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Welcome to the world of Fallout. Where a retro-futuristic, nuclear and robotized world full of tension, war and pressure eventually unfolds in apocalyptic proportions. A full-blown nuclear war
starts and ends the world as everyone knows it in the year 2077. This story follows one man who just barely escapes it all with his life, and seeks refuge and shelter in a less-than adequate place.
- Fallout is a Copyright title and name, and a video game franchise under Bethesda and Zenimax Media. This written material is in no way a part of the Bethesda or the Zenimax Media name, and it is
not official or representative in any way. This project is entirely fan-fictional.

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



Please Stand By. (A Fan-Fictional Story Set in the Fallout Universe)

  by Alex Sharpe (Blake Tompkins)  

  by Alex Sharpe (Blake Tompkins)  


(The following timeline is non-fictional fiction, i.e. actual Fallout lore back-story)

As heavy unrest and turmoil fogs the globe early in the year 2052, a secretly developed, deadly and infectious, engineered super virus known as the "New Plague", or later to be called "Limit 115" is accidentally unleashed into the U.S. mountain state of Colorado. The virus would quickly spread throughout the state and claim the lives of more than 200,000 people. In attempt to hinder the spread of the virus, the United States would close its borders, and the world would see its first-ever national quarantine by the year 2053.

In April of 2052, a month after the outbreak of Limit 115 in Colorado, the global event known as the "Resource Wars" would begin. Many small nations would go bankrupt, and Europe would wage war on the Middle-East.

July 26, 2052—the United Nations is disbanded.

In December of 2053, as the war for resources rages on, a terrorist nuclear weapon detonates and decimates the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. While the Eastern countries see war, the West takes on its own enemy—the New Plague spreads uncontrollably like a wildfire throughout the United States.

By the year 2060, the world begins to come to a stand-still resource-wise. As fossil fuels and oil becomes exceedingly rare, society and mankind begin to turn to electric and nuclear power options; and as the United States hangs from a thin string above bankruptcy, the war in the East would dissolve to an end—as the resources that were being fought over became depleted to the point of unworthiness—and the opposing sides reaped devastation.

In the winter of 2066, China invades the U.S. state of Alaska.

In January of 2076 the United States annexes Canada with excessive force. Canada becomes United States territory.

On Saturday, October 23, 2077; at 9:13 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, IONDS (Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System) detects four possible launches of ballistic nuclear missiles. The pressure, tension and war boiling throughout the globe erupts in a devastating manor. Air sirens blare across the planet, and in what would seem like a split-second in time, atomic bombs fall by the tens-of-thousands or more across the globe, decimating the face of the Earth and leaving hundreds of millions dead in a span of just two hours—plunging and transforming the world into a fiery, irradiated and nuclear holocaust for hundreds of years to come.


[Vault 113 Service Terminal #9, Level 3. RobCo International. This terminal's use is to provide service to future Vault 113, Fallout shelter two for residents of Kansas City, Missouri. U.S.]

(Date of Entry: Saturday, October 23, 2077; 10:48 a.m. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 1]:

My name is Max Herd. I am a 38 year old Missouri resident from Kansas City. I am currently stuck on the third level of an unfinished Vault-Tec vault, Vault 113. I have taken refuge from atomic bombs that have recently fell on my city. I am logging this entry for no reason, other than to keep my head and mind straight while I am alone down here, I guess. I don't know. I don't know anything for sure. I don't know if my wife and son are still alive, I don't know if there is even a world still out there anymore.

In a flash, everything I knew ended this morning. The light, the bombs... I am not sure why or how it happened, and I don't know if it was an isolated incident or if it was world-wide. I am cold and injured, my leg is cut open something fierce, and I think I might've broken my arm, or maybe just my collarbone. I don't know if I'm going to survive. I really don't. I feel like I am in hell. I've been down here for about three hours or so now, and it is so dark, quiet and cold. I have no way out of this vault now, the vault entrance and both of the two floors above me have automatically sealed themselves off.

I can only pray now that my wife and son are still alive, someway, somehow—pray that there's even a world still out there to eventually come to my rescue. Everything just recently stopped shaking, there must've been a lot of bombs. I managed to find this Ham radio, but the thing currently won't transmit anything but static on all channels and frequencies.

I just hope that this unfinished vault is filtering out radiation. I've taken a look around the floor I'm on trying to find medical supplies, which luckily, I did. There's actually a whole bunch of crates full of food and water rations, and there are lockers filled with new vault outfits, clean linens and pillows. But for now, I am resting up and healing. I have made myself a little sanctuary here in one of the rooms. There's... there's not a lot of hope. I have pretty much accepted my fate, and if I die, then so be it.

I don't know how much radiation I took when it happened. My skin feels like one big, giant sunburn, and I've gotten one bloody nose. I don't know much about nuclear radiation, except for what the television told us every now and then in their Daily Citizen's Announcements.

I guess a journal should have a proper start, so I will start here by telling my story, how it all happened leading up to this moment.

I woke up pretty early this morning, around 6:30. I did so to the smell of lovely and yummy bacon and eggs. I had the day off of work for the first time in about a week, so I just threw on some casual day clothes and then went to meet my already awake wife Ann and our eleven year old son Mason sitting at the kitchen table eating their breakfasts.

"Good morning!" said Ann.

 "Good morning daddy" said Mason, almost simultaneously.

Carlyle, our pristine Mister Handy robot, greeted me in a joyful manor.

"Someone's looking awake and refreshed this morning! Happy to have the day off of work, are we?"

Carlyle quickly turned towards the kitchen counter, and then back towards me, holding me the opposite of hostage with a choice between a box of Henry Huncher's Whole Grain Oats in one hand, and a fresh, warm plate of bacon and sunny-side up eggs in the other.

"Come on, Carlyle," I said, "you know which one I want."

"Bacon and eggs sir?" he presumably asked.

I smiled and said, "You know it pal."

He twisted around and then back again.

"And here is your coffee as well sir, fresh and hot—the Duclack's brand that you so requested that I start making you from now on. As usual, well, you know—brewed to absolute perfection. I just wish that I had taste buds." he bemoaned.

I took my coffee and my breakfast and sat down at the kitchen table with my family to enjoy it. Mason sat next to me, devouring his bowl of Sugar Bombs.

"Whoa," I teased him, "slow down there son, what'd you come back from being in space for a year?" I laughed.

Ann looked at me and smiled, and Mason's eyes met mine—and with a slight smirk on his face, he went back to aggressively eating his cereal.

"We need some groceries today," said Ann, "I need ingredients for a cake. I am baking my dear friend Janet one for her bridal shower." she said, as she handed me a long and large list of grocery demands to attend to.

I looked at Mason. "Oh boy," I said, "guess I'll have to run errands for the queen again. How about that Satellites game yesterday bud?" I asked Mason. (The Missouri Satellites are our premier baseball team)

"Heck yeah!" He said, "those Beagles didn't stand a chance. The Satellites are always the best, and that home run by Ensel Bahgder was the best! Ensel slammed that ball way out of the park!"

I looked at Mason.

"Oh boy," I said, "I guess I have to run errands for the queen again. How about that Satellites game we went to yesterday bud?" I asked him. (The Missouri Satellites are our premier baseball team)

"Heck yeah!" he said, "Those Beagles didn't stand a chance. The Satellites are always the best, and that home run by Ensel Bahgder was the best! Ensel slammed that ball way out of the park!"

"Yeah, it was pretty awesome." I assured him.

Carlyle spoke up loudly saying that, "Mason's transport to the Rocket's Youth baseball team is scheduled to arrive in approximately five minutes, Ms. Herd."

"Thanks Carlyle," Ann said, "You heard Carlyle Mason, better go get your little butt ready for practice."

Mason sipped up the rest of his cereal with a "slurp" and then got up and went to his room to get ready. The sun shined brightly through the kitchen window through the lightly clouded blue skies—a ray of sunshine meeting on my right cheek. In the background behind me, our television murmured.

I looked subjectively at Ann, and said, "Could you please turn that thing off already, it is so depressing anymore. War this, war that. Doom, doom, doom. Everything is doomed. It is so nauseating.

She gave me a blithe look, and then yelled out for Carlyle to shut it off.

"On it, madam!" he said, whisking behind me and then shutting off the television.

"And how's your breakfasts this morning?" he asked us, as he whisked back into the kitchen.

"Just great Carlyle, thank you." I said.

"You know, I would sit down and eat breakfast with you, but, well... I don't exactly have a mouth... or a buttocks," he proclaimed, laughing, "I suppose I will return to cleaning the bathroom now, that darned bathtub stain just will not come out of it for the life of me."

"Appreciate it, buddy." I said to him, as he maneuvered down the hall and into the bathroom.

I finished up my breakfast, pushed my bowl away and made eye contact with Ann.

"I guess I'll go ahead and go out to get those groceries for you, so you can, you know—start baking that cake." I said.

I kissed Ann goodbye, and yelled "Love you!" to Mason, and then snatched up my coffee and walked out the front door and got into my car—a beautiful, blue Chryslus Advent.

Just as I powered up the car, Ann and Mason walked out the front door in a hurry, as the shuttle bus to Mason's game pulled up in the street behind me. I waved to them both and pulled out of the drive and drove off.

I turned the radio to Gaspell 103.9, and one of my favorite songs was just beginning to play as I made my way to the store.

? ? ? ? "Earth angel, earth angel. Please be mine. My darling dear, love you all the time"? ? ? ?

I got to the Super Duper Mart, and I had some trouble finding a parking spot due to it being a Saturday, and also because of the new Nuka-Cola Quantum drinks that they had just shipped to our area. At the entrance of the store, some people from Vault-Tec stood at a desk handing out flyers and advertising their new Vault 121 that was just being finished downtown. I grabbed the shopping list and made my way inside the store. There were a lot of people. I just continued as I normally would've, not caring about the Nuka-Cola buzz.

I can't remember everything that I picked up. Some Nuka-Colas, the cake ingredients, more Sugar Bombs for Mason, more Henry Huncher's Oats for me, some junk food, fruits and vegetables, some Candina Dean's Pomegranate Pears, Asgan's Organic Apple Butter, some BlamCo Mac & Cheese and a whole bunch of other stuff.

It took me a good two hours to get in and out of that store with all of the Quantum buzz. I finished up the list and then went back home, making just one other short pit stop at Bizzy's Electronic's Depot, where I bought myself a new radio since we had a little extra spending money on the side.

When I got back home, Ann had told me that my work had called, and that my boss had asked for me to come in. Where I worked was GreenCo Industries. They make inventive kitchenware and products. It was a pretty far drive from home to my work—a good twenty-five minutes or more, depending on traffic. But a job was very hard to come by in these times, so I did not have any room to complain.

"They asked if you could come in at eleven." Ann said.

"I guess I will then." I replied.

I went and changed into my work clothes, and then kissed Ann goodbye and went on my way to work.

As I made my way out of the city and onto the highway and I was enjoying a new song that the radio was playing, all of the sudden the radio cut out and went to static. Then a loud message played over it.


At first I was in complete disbelief and shock. I very quickly pulled the car over and to a stop on the side of the highway to listen better. My immediate thought was to get back to my family. Air raid sirens started to blare. I was about to gun it back home, when my car shut down, and everything shut off.

All of the cars around me also shut down and came to a stop. I looked around in a panic trying to start my car up again, and then I was blinded.

A furious bright light, brighter than the brightest sun on a sunny day struck my eyes. I ducked down inside of my car, shielding my eyes, assuming that I was about to die. As the bright light started to fade, I looked up. Towards the city, a massive bright and red smoky mushroom cloud rose high up into the sky. I watched in awe, as a tear fell from my eye. The cloud shined like the sun itself. I couldn't move and I shook in terror. A second later there was a large, visible wall of moving air heading towards me. I grasped the drive panel, and in the next moment, I just remember being rolled, shaken and rattled—tossed and turned in every which way, my car rolling numerous times.

Thankfully the automated safety cushions built inside of it protected me from most of the impacts. After the car eventually came to a stop, I quickly crawled out of the wreckage and stood up, dizzy, disoriented and in pain. I stood in the middle of a corn field, next to a small forest, yards and yards away from the highway that I was just on a second ago. My skin started to boil and burn, as a hefty breeze of air like that of a sea breeze gently flowed over me. My heart pounded, my body shook. The mushroom cloud in the distance rose seemingly miles into the sky.

Then, I was once again blinded. I fell to the ground flat on my stomach and covered my eyes again, expecting not to open them again. But I did, and as I did, two more mushroom clouds rose up into the sky further in the distance. I started running. I just ran. I kept running, and running. I ran out of the corn field and into the forest. I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. After about three minutes of running, out of nowhere and without a sound, a large passenger plane glided over my head, just above the treetops. Then quietness for a couple of seconds. Then, the entire forest ahead erupted chaotically in a loud, fiery explosion. I kept running.

I tripped over a short, barbed-wire fence and cut my leg open pretty bad. A moment later, I had stumbled upon this vault.

The entrance way was wide open, and there was nobody around. I ran inside of it and then down a set of stairs, through a few doors and then down some more stairs. It was when I met the third level that I heard more explosions. The ground shook like an earthquake. There was nobody else inside. Intercoms sounded and aired a message stating something about containment and precautions, and then it was like the whole place locked down. The vault sealed itself. The vents, the first two floors sealed. Now, here I am.

Oh, I thought I would also mention this as well, don't know if it was supposed to be a joke by one of the Vault-Tec construction workers or something, but in this terminal there was a message logged and sent to Vault-Tec Headquarters. It talked about plans for future malicious parasite growth in future vault residents. Well, anyways, whatever that was it probably doesn't matter anymore.


Just got a bloody nose a moment ago. I must've probably got a pretty decent dose of radiation. I wish this was all just a bad dream. I guess I am going to get some sleep, I need to rest.


(Date of Entry: Sunday, October 24, 2077; 5:32 a.m. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 2]:

Well, it is real. I woke up feeling very sick from both the radiation and the nauseating reality of recent events. I feel a lot of things right now, too many feelings for one man. I noticed some pretty good amounts of my hair fell out in my sleep last night, that's probably not good. About to go explore the rest of this Vault. Wish me luck.


Well all that was on this floor is two hallways that connect to each-other. There are many rooms and some utility closets. There are two more floors below this one. They are mostly unfinished. On the fourth floor there was a library and a medical room. There, I found some Stimpaks, Radaways, Rad-X, some crutches. 

The fifth floor is mostly just walls and empty rooms. There is an armory there, but it has nothing in it. There is a room called the "Overseer's Office". There I found this giant wearable electronic thing. I think I might've heard about these before, a Pip-Boy 3000. It won't come on. Probably needs a new Ion Capacitor.

There is a stairwell on the fifth floor that just leads down into a wall of dirt. They were probably going to dig and add more floors. The insects must not like the radiation either, because it seems like they are all digging down to escape it, just like me. There are just ants everywhere. Tiny devils keep biting me.


Well, I have no clue what to do. Ham radio still emits nothing but static. I can survive down here until whatever radiation I consumed kills me, or I could try my luck up on the surface. But I'm scared to. Up top is probably just straight death. Sadly, I have no way of knowing, or for how long it would be so. I wish I could see my family just one more time.


Well the Rad-Aways worked, hopefully, I mean that is what they do. But my skin is falling off in places, my hair is almost gone, and my teeth are becoming loose. I feel no pain from it all though. I can't taste anything I eat or drink. I don't think Rad-X's have nearly enough defense to fight against what's up top, would probably still die from radiation nevertheless.


(Date of Entry: Monday, October 25, 2077; 10:03 a.m. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 3]:

Uhhhh. Looked around some more and actually found a couple Ion Capacitors. Pip-Boy powered on. The thing is pretty nice. Logged my supplies for rationing. It reads my health and vitals, my radiation is currently zero, but my health is another thing. I got irradiated something fierce. My skin just continues to peal off and die. Some teeth fell out in my sleep last night. I'm worried there won't be much left of me soon.


I have some news. Found a safe full of these pills. I don't know what they do. They are little pink capsules. There is a note inside of the safe with them that says that they are to be distributed to vault residents once for health reasons. Maybe that means I should take one?


Took one. Feel nothing but stomach pain. I don't know what they were for.


(Date of Entry: Tuesday, October 26, 2077; 11:32 A.M. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 4]:

I feel weird now. My muscles have started to grow big for some reason. I am growing in height and weight. My Pip-Boy barely fits now. My teeth are almost all gone. I feel strong though, and my skin is starting to turn kind of green. Noticed that I am not sick anymore from radiation. Weird.


(Date of Entry: Wednesday, October 27, 2077; 1:13 a.m. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 5]

These ants are getting bigger too. Radiation is something else.


(Date of Entry: Friday, October 29, 2077; 12:00 a.m. C.S.T.):

[Entry Log 6]

My teeth are all gone. My body is huge now. I am like ten feet tall! My skin is green and my voice is deep. I look like something completely different from a human now. What's weirder is that my Pip-Boy says that there are radiation levels, so that means the vault isn't filtering out all of the radiation. However, I still have zero radiation levels. I never took a Rad-X, so I don't know how that it is possible. Maybe I am immune to radiation now? Was it the pill? Is all of this from that damn pill? What the hell were they going to give to residents here? Jesus Christ. I look hideous.


I am starting to think that I actually am immune to radiation. Unless this Pip-Boy is faulty. Either way, I would rather attempt to see my family again then survive for no reason whatsoever any longer down here. I am going to escape this place. If I die, then I die. Whatever.


(Date of Entry: Friday, October 29, 2077; 10:05 p.m. C.S.T.):

[Pip-Boy Note Entry 1]:

Made it out to the surface. Everything was grey and smokey. Radiation levels were insane, but my Pip-Boy says zero rads inside me still. Amazing. On a personal note, my memory seems to be dying, and my arm is so big now that the Pip-Boy barely even fits. When I got to the surface, a single radio station came into frequency. Some guy living in a shelter underground that goes by the name of Nexton Grime. "Liberty Radio". At least someone was still alive besides myself out there. I hope that most of the other vaults weren't as faulty radiation-wise. Maybe there are many people still alive?

There's just... nothing. There is nothing. I followed the road back home. My house is gone. I don't know what happened to my family, if they are okay or they died there. The city is gone. It's all just an empty, irradiated wasteland. For now, I guess I will roam looking for other survivors. I have to carry the damn Pip-Boy by hand now, thing won't fit anymore. Don't even think I need it now anyway.


My mind... is... something... I don't know. I don't know oh how I don't now. I just want to eat something that isn't asn ast ash. I want food. Hungry. So hungry! Me.. what. What. I can. I can't even think now. I wasn't shoulds sid my head. Eat. Eeatttt.


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[End of Logs]

© Copyright 2020 Alex Sharpe The Dream-Writer. All rights reserved.

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