We cannot say that all is perfect because nothing in this world is like that.

I've done so many times waht I desired for I've been there from all that you've encountered It takes many steps To find the true happiness

It takes me to a miserable life When I know what's on me My breath may takes for an hour My life may stops bto grow

More than a years of telling a lies Sorry is not enough to relieve the pain It may easy to say for how many times But it's hard to accept what it may bring

See the people arounds How long does this friends would be with me? I am lucky, God picks me to have the ground To hold on everything but hard to let it be

Now that I found what's the difference I don't need to continue it up My life is not that strong as they are I'm in a critical situation of 50/50 so far.

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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