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The ill fate of a typical African girl


*Episode 1*

(The beginning)

'Sometimes we hope for the sun to rise only to witness rain instead. Could it be we create our ill-fate, or life is a galore filled with cruel circumstances after all.

Amaka arranged her few clothes neatly in the little box her mom bought her few days ago. She sang sweetly with such humor that anybody around her could notice the immeasurable joy that flows through her.

Finally she's going to school!

After her Dad's death only when she was Three years old, she had no idea what it feels like to have a formal education. Apart from the fact she lives in a remote village of Oboodo in Enugu state, where it is almost impossible to be formally educated. She also lives with her poor mom who couldn't afford to send her to school (Especially with no help coming from her relatives).

Only then, a spark of hope ignited in her when her Aunt from the big city offered to deliver to her the glorious dreams of her nights, Education! Her aunt had assured to take care of her and her Education as well in the big city. Only is she not opportune to go to school, but to also live in the big city where life is way easier, as riches knocks at each doorstep.

"Chinike Imela!" She said so happily. * * * On the night before her departure with her aunt, Amaka's mom gave her best council and words of prayers.

"Be a good girl and don't let me down"..." Don't forget to pray always" those were her conclusion as she hugged Amaka so dearly as if not to let her go.

It is true her mom hesitated to agree to aunty Chika's offer, whereas, she wouldn't help to see her only girl who has just turned 13 leave her thus far away. But there's nothing to do now, Amaka deserves the best, and this is only a sacrifice she has to make to give her that.

The next morning was delightful and as well bitter. It is a good thing Amaka is going to school in the big city, but it also means she's going to miss her mom as badly as she misses her.

"Mama Bye Bye!" * "NneAmaka! Good be with you my daughter"... Those were their last words, almost said in tears, as aunt Chika drove off in her Honda car.

The trip to the city was adventures for Amaka, though she couldn't stop feeling sad about leaving her mom, but soon she was overwhelmed Instead.


In no time Amaka got 'acclamatised' to the city system. Aunty Chika took good care of her, in fact it almost seem she was one of her 3 children. Aunty Chika's husband also liked her, especially the way she works, he'll always commend her about that.

It has been 2years and Amaka was doing perfectly in her school work, and, also her home work. Then...

'When she thought the ship of her life was anchored on the shore of destiny, only did it come a wave that washed her dreams beyond the bay of distress'

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and Amaka was busy with lunch. Her aunt was at her beauty saloon which was down the road, and the children were out for 'Extra' lessons.

" Amaka! " Mr Obi called. (Aunty Chika's husband)

"Yes Uncle" Amaka answered back as she hurried to the demand of her uncle.

Walking in she saw her uncle who was on the bedroom couch almost drooling from the out-numbered empty bottles of whiskey in front of him.

"Amaka... Is my food not ready?" * "No, Uncle. Almost" She answered.

"This stupid girl, go fetch my food!" He blurted out almost aching his back in disgust.

"Come come come..." He said to Amaka as she made her turn to leave.

"Come closer" He motioned to Amaka to share the couch with him.

She sat down.

"How old are you now?" He asked almost closing his eyes.

"Uncle I will be 15 next month" she answered.

"Wow! You're now a big girl, especially with those two ripe oranges in front of you" He said pointing at her breasts.

"Hehehehe... You're now big indeed" He said checking her out wickedly. He reached to touch her breast when Amaka snapped at him.

"Uncle???" She said in disbelief and disgust.

He wouldn't stop, in fact he told her to keep shut and be a good girl. Amaka was in terror, she tried to leave the room as quickly as she could but her uncle was fast enough to grab her by the waist, and on the bed he threw her!

The struggle was tough for Amaka as her uncle was way stronger. She wanted to shout but that will be a waste of time as nobody will hear her outside the duplex. She pleaded instead.

"Uncle please stop" She said as tears trailed her face.

"Shhhhh... Be silent!" He replied with eyes so demanding and ruthless.

Her efforts to stop him proves futile. Oh what a day of bitter reckoning!

In no time, he grabbed her under garment and 'pheew' it was off her waist. There was nothing she could do now, her strength was gone from pushing, pulling and begging. Her face was wet with tears. It took him no time to get between her legs, and just one hard push... He broke her hymen. She screamed in pain and she felt dizzy immediately.

The sight of her big Uncle on her young petite body, driving in and out of her violently made her quiver in raw pain. Made her passout 2-3 times.

Just like a bitch on a leach, she regrettably let him abuse her sacredness. She felt Empty.

The act made her cry almost throughout the day, she couldn't tell her aunty, in fact nobody will believe her after all. She was all alone in this, nobody to talk to,nobody to help her out.

"Oh mama!" She cried even more as she thought of her mom in the village.

She felt hopeless and empty!

What if she gets pregnant?

What if she gets infected with some STDs?

What if her aunt founds out?

"Oh only God knows my fate after today" She said crying herself to sleep that same night....


*Continues Chapter 2*

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