Solister Time Travel

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This story was written in the attempt to show to a few friends how could be the teen lifestyle in 10 years ago. Wrote in the end of 2017, I made some adaptions with the time and ended with this, I
received majority approve and incentive, hope the same happens here. This story is kind based on both real and fictional facts

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Solister Time Travel

Monday, November 20th2017

After Solister exiting from class, he just ran out of the school without time loss, he walks to his apartment which is just 5 minutes of walking from the school. When he came to hishome, he talks with his dad and then goes to his bedroom to remove all the school junks. Then he thinks to himself: 

  • - Sheez, how about a bad day, how this place can be called a school? Those guys just go to school and mess up everything! 

After a few minutes, his dad calls him for launch, he goes to the kitchen and eat the launch, after eat, he goes to the computer room where is his Laptop, he turns it on, wait it full load and opens the internet to check if there’s some news, he read it and then choose some game to play. Even his Laptop being from this year, he not usually plays modern games, not why he doesn’t have money or something, he just doesn’t like newer games. 

After made a several choices he ends up with a 2004 racing game, Need for Nitro, his favorite game. He plays it for almost 1 hour until he decides to take a bath. He goes to the bathroom and take his bath, nothing special so far. After wear up his clothes, he remembers that still have homework, he became a little angry by remembering that, but he can’t do anything. 

He went back to his bedroom and pick his backpack and look for his planner, he found some several homework, he picks the books and the notepad and start writing his homework. After finishing it, he thinks: 

  • - Well, finally it’s done. 

He went back to the computer room and start using the computer again, in fact he doesn’t have many other things to do, he lives a critical and depressive situation, he doesn’t have almost any friends, so he can’t go out with someone, he doesn’t have a girlfriend too, aside the computer, he doesn’t have any interesting activity to do. 

So, he stays in the front of the computer until the dinner, or ifsomething different happens. So, when is almost 6:30 p.m. he decides to dinner. 

After the dinner he decides to relax and start listening to some old Electro-Synth and Pop music, as his games, he also doesn’t like too much newer music, so he just took his smartphone and start listening his playlist of 2000’s songs. But, something pretty strange happens to him, while listening to Switch/Twitch, a 2003 music, he had a strange vision like if he went back in time, he saw some teenagers eating some kind of fast-food while talking and laughing a lot, but Solister couldn’t do anything, he saw it, but couldn’t move. When the music ended he went back to his normal life, initially he become very scared, when took note everything passed,he just ignored and listened to other music,then he went sleep.

Wednesday, November 21th, 2007

Everything was normal to Solister, he woke up, took his breakfast and prepared to go to school, nothing different from his routine. Except when he comes to the school. At the school, everyone was talking about a bit older but still awesome FPS called The Tournament 2004, firstly he felt strange, but just ignored, he just thought: 

- Wow, finally they understand what is a good game… 

As Solister always was very shy and it still was very sleepy because it was too early, he decides to be quiet. Then in 10 minutes, his Math teacher reaches the class and say: 

  • Good Morning 

The students repeat to the teacher: 

  • Good Morning, teacher 

Meanwhile, the teacher went to the board and wrote the date, but something was very strange, aside he writes November 21th,2017, he wrote November 21th, 2007. Initially Solister thought he wrote wrong, but as he is very shy, he decided to wait someone say something. A few minutes after, he linked the things, the vision he had “yesterday”, the people talking about The Tournament and the teacher writing the date “wrong”, he travelled in time! 

 He tried to disguise his confusion, then someone in the back of the class asked if the teacher looked at the tests which they did in the past week, he said yes, and it will start showing the grades now. The teacher starts giving the Solister test and in his typical ironic voice he says: 

  • - You need to study man…

Solister tried to disguise, but when he took the test, aside a big “F” on the grade, he looked at the date and he was really in 2007, so he couldn’t hide he was very happy, even still being a bit confused, he was in his favorite period, where people liked the same things as him, and everyone could understand what he says. 

But something very funny that wasn’t just him which travelled in time, the same people which studied with him in 2017 was in 2007, but they didn’t look confused or something, it was just another normal day. Other thing a bit strange is that in 2007 Solister just had 4 years old, now he was 14 years old. 

Anyway, Solister tried to maintain the normality, took his test and teacher started showing the correct results and how you should end up there. He just followed him, but he doesn't know what do. The first thoughts of what he has passing start to came, how Icould "back" to 2017? What really happened? Why all those things seem to be linked, and why? Is this just for me? 

He just waited things to pass, he also didn't know how he lived in that "new period", so he just waited people start to talking with him. The classes passed, Solister tried to show normality, then after almost 4 hours of classes it came the snack break, he just followed everyone, when he came to the school yard he saw 4 girls, almost 3-4 years newer than he,signing Avril Lavigne's newest success, Girlfriend, it was kind of funny, Solister didn't realize that could be possible, so a big smile came in his face while walking through them. 

Then something very unexpected happened, another girl came to him and started to talk with Solister. 

  •  - Hey honey, can I go to your house this afternoon?

Solister didn't know he had a girlfriend and much less that he asked him to go to his home, he tried to ask her. 

  • - But you even asked me before? 

His girlfriend answers him sarcastic: 

  • - Oh, your fool, I sent you tons of SMS, how you didn't read them? 

Solister stayed confused but serious: 

  • - May I didn't had time to read, or wasn't with my cellphone? 

The girlfriend continues: 

  • - Who the hell in 2007 don't walk with cellphones and don't read SMS messages? Are you from the 20's? 

Solister tries to comfort her: 

  • - Sorry, but if you want, I could try to calls to my parents if you can go. 

She replies a little calm: 

  • - It's the minimum you can do now. 

Solister knew he had a cellphone is his pocket, but didn't had any idea what it was. Then he found a Java Cellphone, not so old and then tries to calls his dad at home: 

- Dad, can you hear me? Me and my girlfriend need to finish a school work there in our home, can she go? 

In a static, but understandable voice his dad replies: 

  • - Ok son, but don't took too much time... 

Solister ends up: 

  • - Thanks dad! 

Solister tries to evacuate saying he needs to pick something in his backpack at the school class, he knew who was his girlfriend, but didn't know her name, and how much time they are together and in how deep they were in relation. 

So, Solister quitfrom the yard and goes in the direction of the elevator to pick it, and he just goes to his class, where is his backpack, and tries to find some kind of note or diary. Then he just remembered that they possibly could exchange SMS messages, then found something pretty helper. (Italic:Kate; Normal: Solister) 

-Hi honey, it's Kate, your girlfriend. 

-How yagoin'? Boring classes? Can't believe science teacher still saying ****, hope things are better for there. 

-Huh, history class, French revolution, why we need to study about guys which died in 300 years ago? 

-And why I need to know how frogs reproduce? Am I one of them? lol 

-That's pretty funny, can't wait to see u @ snack break 

-I see u there! 

Write a message here; 

Solister became a bit scared in see how he acts if he lived in 10 years ago, but he couldn't deny, he was there now. So, he just did a fast thought: 

- Alright, this is becoming very strange for now, Is this a dream? Can someone remove me from here?

Just a few seconds after that, the alarm sounds warning the end of snack break, the second school period is a bit shorter. 

He back to his conscience and act normally, just watched the Spanish and Geography classpass and meet his girlfriend at school exit: 

-Hey, are you going now? Or you will launch here first? 

-I dunno, can I launch with you? 

-Of course, I mean, it should have something to eat in my house. 

Together they exit from the school and went to the Solister house that still being 5 minutes from the school. 

They came to Solisterapartment, removed the school things and launched; then went to Solister bedroom. When they were very private, Solister tried to put this in real: 

-Look Kate, something pretty strange is happening to me, and I think you are the securest people to confess this: 

 I swear you, yesterday I was in 2017, in that night I had a strange vision where I saw many teens as me and you talking in a mysterious place, then I just back to normal life. After sleep, I woke up 10 years ago, and noticed I travelled in time.I don't know what do, this is too real to be a dream – Solister picks a ruler and beats itself – Do you see? It hurts, this isn't a dream. Please can you help me? 

-Ok, do you remember what are you doing when you had the vision?  

-Iwas listening to music, Switch/Twitch, you probably have listened to it. 

-This is interesting, how you reacted when you saw this morning you travelled in time? Or better, how you recognize me as your girlfriend? And whyyou are believing too much in me? 

-I tried to stay calm, I didn't have anything to do. I found you as my girlfriend checking my SMS history, now you should know why I forgot to ask my parents. And well, I think you are the most believable people to talk with. Do you think how confused I am to be 10 years ago lost in time and in the society? I'm almost acting without think! 

-I see... 

-And the worst of all of this, my future is unsure. I don't know if I sleep again, I will wake up in 1997, or if I will back 2017.Oreven, this isjust a weird, but too real dream. Or if I simply will stay in 2007, it's not cool when your future is so unsure. 

-Hmm, you possibly don't have anything more to do today, tomorrow find me and I will try to support you in your daily, it's the maximum I can do. Well, this if you still being in 2007. 

-Oh man, this is so strange. And also, how I lived before today? 

-You aren't so different, always listening to music and playing videogames. I may need to explain how we meet. One day, we did some school worktogether, I came here to your house, and I saw you have Burn it Dominator for FunStation 2, then I asked you to play, you might know the rest: Girl + Playing Video Games = Love. 

- That's pretty funny, but I assume I didn't thought it would be different. It's very funny too think that in this "dimension" I have a girlfriend with 14 years old when in 2017 I even had some girl to call as "friend". 

- Uh... This should be a very hard life. I know this is a bit of privacy invasion, but can you talk to me how it was your life in 2017? 

- Nothing cool, I had almost no friends, and the only which are near to me didn't understand a half ofdozens of words which I say. When I tried to show something from "nowadays" of 2007 the minimum they did is call as trash, even don't know it origin and how important could be for my childhood. Don't know for my person now, but I always grow up with those things, and I try to preserve it. 

- For a 00's kid, you seem to like the same things as now, that's interesting. But here is something serious: 

Both of us don't know our future, I understand how you will miss this strange time travel, and I see how weird it must be living all those things you said to me. So, I promise something - Kate picks a pen from the Solister's desk - I'll write my phone number in your arm,then when you wake up tomorrow in 2017, I'll be 24 years old, but you still be 14 years old, so send me a SMS message talking how it was your travel and then we could talk about our teenage in the "future". - Kate takes off the pen cap and wrote her cellphone number in his arm - I'll try to do my best to don't change my cellphone number, anyway, here's my e-mail, it's impossible to me change this e-mail. - Kate closes the pen and put it on Solister's desk, she kisses him and say - I need to go, see you in 10 years. 

Solister became very sad when he realizes that's everything is over now, and just keep looking at the Sunset by his bedroom window. Looking he doesn't have anything better to do, he went sleep and wait 10 years pass. 

 Wednesday, November 22th, 2017 

Solister wake up with his cellphone warning, he notices his cellphone was newer, so he went back to 2017. He looked like he didn't sleep well, slowly he was remembering he isback from 2007, one of the first things he noted it was his arm with her cellphone and e-mail address, he should hide that, so he picked up a jacket and went to took the breakfast. He used to think what was his life now, back to the bad days of his life, but still remember that he must answer Kate, even didn't know if he lives in this dimension, but it was the only try he could do. 

He wears up the college uniform and stayed ready-to-go to the school, he exits from his apartment and goes to school. There everyone was talking about a FunStation 4 game he never heard in his life, and a strong want to cry season passes through him. He put his headphones and start listening to a random 2007 music and decided to send the message to Kate. 

"Hi Kate, it's Solister.So, it made 10 years since we meet (But for me literally seems to be Yesterday), and now I'm back in 2017. Many things changed huh? I'm at school and I assume I almost want to cry after seeing those same people talking about newer games, can't wait to talk with you again. If this number isn't from Kate just ignore it please." 

He sent it, copied the message and pasted it on e-mail, he wrote the Kate's e-mail on the box and added a line: 

This is just a copy from the SMS in the case you lost the number Kate, love, Solister. 

He sent the messages and in a few minutes the Geography teacher came to school. She writes the date in the board but she really writes 2017, it looked like an ended dream for Solister. No one in the back asked for a test or something, the teacher just asked to people to take their books and start reading. The teacher looked at Solister and noticed he looked a bit sad and asked: 

- Something's wrong Solister? 

In fact, Solister had a bit intimacy with his geography teacher so he could talk with her: 

- No, just random thoughtscoming into my head... 

She answers: 

- Really? By the way, if you want to go the bathroom or drink water is just ask to me 


- Ok, but it's everything under control. 

Everything went back to normal andSolister waited class pass, checking his SMS and e-mail box anxious, but nothing. The snack break came and no girls singing Avril Lavigne or a random girl assuming to be the Solister girlfriend, another want to cry session beat Solister. 

Then in the final minutes of snack break he receives a SMS notification, very anxious he opens, but reads a deception: 

- Sorry, but this number isn't from Kate, and what a random story guy. 

Solister start to lose the hope, he went running for the bathroom and there when no one were looking, he collapsed in tears. When he took note Snack Break was ended, he wiped his face and "faced" the next classes. After the classes, very sad he goes to home, and then when he opens his e-mail, he found a message from Kate. 

- Huh! How technology is funny, so my idea from 10 years ago was really smart! It's pretty sad to see how people are acting with you on now days. And wow, so it really made 10 years since we last meet? I'm so busy recently that I can't even manage my time. We should mark up another day to meet, may I could talk with you when your classes end, I will find a way to exit from my job early, talking about that, I'm working as an officer on a graphic enterprise. 

When Solister noticed his hope isn't so dead, instantly he decides to reply her: 

- OMG! Thank you for answering, you can't believe, I sent you a message on your older number, but someone answered that didn't knew Kate and that was a weird story. Now you should believe me, and well, why you believed so much on me for 10 years?!? By the way, I think now we should use other contact methods, I fell a bit older answering an e-mail just as chat. 

Solister put other contact methods on the e-mail and sent the reply, and very happy his life would be a bit better now, he decided to made his daily things, read news on internet, and when he opens a social media a notification from Kate just pop-up, without thinking he opens it and accept it, a few seconds after Kate calls Solister at Messenger: 

- Ha, how I love this newer technology! I already read your e-mail, and decided to add you as friend here. It's kindsad to think that every social media we had on 2007 is now almost dead. 

Solisterimmediately reply Kate and with that they start chatting during that whole afternoon...

© Copyright 2018 Solister. All rights reserved.

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