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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: awsome


*Episode 2*


'Impurity kills creativity in the womb. Sanity for satisfaction'

.....she adjusted her undie and left the room as fast as she could. Leaving her uncle on the bed.

Her mind was filled with guilt as she walked on. This is one of the several times her uncle had taken advantage of her after the first encounter. She thought the incidence was not going to repeat itself after the first, but it all happened anyway.

Her uncle had seized every opportunity to abuse her, and she had no opinion of her own. Telling her aunt was definitely out of it. She remembered one of the nights she tried refusing her uncle sex. He got mean and nasty at the same time.

"If you don't comply, I will stop your education and send you back to the better do as I say" Those were his words.

Amaka was indeed trapped, in as much as she wanted to stop the torments, she really wanted to go to school. Thinking of her poor mom in the village makes her tear up bitterly. Being educated was her only way out, she thought to herself.

Sadly, the torments continued. She was caught in the moment to take in all the pains.

"Uncle please, my Tommy hurts so badly and am bleeding...please please" She pleaded as her uncle tried to jump on her as usual.

"Shhhh don't say anything" He let his zip fly and immediately made his way untop of her.

"Uncle please...please...please!!!" She screamed as he disappeared into her.

She was in great pain as her uncle 'took' her on the day of her first cycle. What a torment indeed.


As she hits maturity, her body began to adjust to her uncle's treats. Her screams turned to moans and she could tell it was no more hurting her. Her hormones was fully developed and her underage experiences was a stepping stone to climax. She was easily turned 'on' and sometimes she finds herself seducing her uncle instead. Aside what she was getting from her uncle, she really wanted more. She could hardly get enough. * * *

Uncle Obi's younger brother visited from school. During his stay at the house, Amaka would get unusual twitch between her legs and her libido craved some orgasmic pleasures. She couldn't understand why, but she knew what she wanted.

"Amaka, you are back from the shop???" Austine asked.

"Yes, my aunty said I should prepare dinner" she answered.

She went to her room, changed up and then started making dinner. She noticed Austin's eyes on her, especially when she walked pass him.

"That guy eh!" She smiled to herself.

The thought of Austin staring at her was enough to get her damp. Her body communicated erotically.

"Amaka, would you mind if I join you in the kitchen?" Austin asked as he moved his hand to cup her breast from behind.

"Ehmmm...." She muttered with a smile on her face.

She knew what he wanted and she wasn't going to say No. In fact she couldn't resist anything as such.

**It happened like her life depended on it**


Amaka who used to be a very naive girl, is now caught up between 'the devil and the deep blue sea' which she enjoyed each company. Uncle Obi had created a beast in her which could not be tamed. She just couldn't get enough from both ends.


To Amaka, life was balanced. She's getting what she wants, and also still studying.

But life has a bigger plan, a plan bigger than what she could ever imagine.

Least she finds out soon....

*Continues Episode 3*

Submitted: January 17, 2018

© Copyright 2021 john praise. All rights reserved.

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