The Story of Estelle/Deadly Nightshade

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Escape from Torment & Sorrow

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Estelle was born the only pup to happy parents of German Shepherd-breed during war-time, she was from 8 weeks, trained very firmly, but she was supported by her parents, Amelia & Hugo, and a human named Slade Wilson, with whom she shared a deep bond with. Slade, had a secret though, he knew what she was trained for, and her parents were the first one to go & do it, a mission they've had ever since WW 1 & 2: bomb-dogs to run below a tank & the bomb would detonate. He couldn't let them do that, but he knew he had to wait until the right time to rescue her from an early grave, but he didn't have much time to think before both he & Estelle were put through horrible lab-experiments to make them the best soldiers in the world, Estelle was put through hers when she was 9 months old, and it succeeded, while Slade failed, but it still gave him enhanced speed, strength, making him invincible. The day then came, Estelle's parents talked to her, with Amelia saying 'We're gonna be away tomorrow morning, and we might never come back. We will still be with you, even if we're not there. We will be with you every step of the way, but promise us to just follow Slade. Promise.' Estelle nodded in agreement, and the next morning, they were led out of the stall, Slade sat by her side as she took one gaze at her parents for the last time, she was crying on the inside, because in the army, feelings were not allowed. Then moments later, Slade comforted her as he then said quietly so the other soldiers couldn't hear 'I have a plan. Tonight i will help you escape, escape as far from here as possible. Train yourself to fight, show no mercy or fear towards anyone who dares challenge you. It might take awhile until i return and we will be unstoppable, fighting for what we believe is right, and anyone who dares challenge us will deeply regret it. As soon as it gets dark, i will release you from this prison, and then you run like Hell and don't look back. Try your best to get back to USA, even if you have to swim. Yes, you were born here, but your parents were from there and i want you to grow up in their environment and get used to everything. But be warned: Big cities are dangerous for those not used to the kind of life, but i will protect you the best i can when we meet. Understood?' Estelle nodded and Slade then smiled & said 'Good.' he then left & Estelle was left alone, she then fell asleep, then night came, and Slade sneaked out, carrying Estelle out far from the military-facility. They said their goodbyes and Estelle then ran off as fast as she could, without looking back at the only friend she had, she ran for miles & miles, until she then reached the sea. She then decided to try and swim, but noticed a ship about to leave, she snuck onboard just as the boat went off. Many hours later, it arrived by a large forest, Estelle felt that it could be a good home to hide in until she met Slade again. She learned quickly how to hunt and how to find water.

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