Twisted Night: The Beast

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This is the story of a middle-aged man named Earl and an examination of his life in his days when he was tortured by the Beast, Depression, and how he killed him.

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Earl let down his brittle hand down on the stair rail that led to the upstairs of his condo and felt the weight of the world crush him even further to the ground in his already disillusioned state.  He took a gasp of air and tried climbing forward as his back and chest tighten and he grew even wearier.  Purple, grey, white, even black sparks and ashes were fluttering in the air around him as he climbed the stairs.  His monster was following him as usual as he had done for the past twenty years of his life.  The only light Earl could see was where he would be standing or wherever he was walking at the time.  He could never see outside of his shadowy dome and yearned for the monster’s spell to be broken.  At first the monster had appeared in small moments of his life in unexpected ways.  The first time he saw him was whenever his mother left his father when he was eight years old.  The monster had walked out of his closet and sat next to Earl at a young age, trying to entice him with negativity even then.  However, to the dismay of the monster Earl’s father quickly remarried and Earl liked his new mother much better.  For the meanwhile then the monster had left Earl. 

Years passed by and the monster had not visited Earl.  It wasn’t until his freshman year in college when Earl met the monster again.  Earl had been upset because his girlfriend had gotten pregnant by him and was forced to drop out of school leaving the monster to comfortably make him miserable with depressing thoughts.  The monster would soon be Earl’s only friend.

The monster had visited Earl again and stayed with him much longer than the first time and formally introduced himself as Depression.  For a long time Depression’s cold breath told Earl that Earl had done nothing wrong and that anyone he had ever hurt deserved to be hurt by him and that only the strongest would get by in life.  The monster appeared to grow in size whenever Earl found out that his girlfriend had had the baby, but had already gotten married to another man and lived in another state.  The monster stayed with Earl for the remainder of college and it didn’t matter how many girlfriends Earl had gotten the monster stayed with him for only Earl to see and no one else. 

Earl never liked the monster and was fearful of him.  However, no matter how much Earl hated Depression or feared him Depression had been with him all through college and was someone he could talk to.  When Earl left college and the monster followed him Earl was hired quickly with his architecture degree and moved up the chain of command very quickly and smoothly.  For a while the monster shrunk and started to disappear as Earl made more and more money and friends.  Earl met many beautiful women and many of them fell in love with Earl. 

The monster finally left Earl and Earl was happy and content to stare in these women’s eyes and feel whole.  The relationships and marriages never lasted more than three years at most.  The years waned by and Earl grew older.  His good looks faded into forgotten memory and his wives left him along with the children he would have with some of them.  It wasn’t until Earl was just past his mid-thirties when Depression visited Earl again and Earl never remarried or found love again.  His days grew grey and the sun never shined again for him.  Earl started to lose his hair and every kind of joy he had ever known.  The monster grew bigger after every one of these losses for Earl. 

The world became for limited for Earl.  It wasn’t until Earl’s fifty-second birthday that he couldn’t see past the dome Depression had set up for him.  Depression had also made it where Earl felt like worse than a freak to anyone he encountered.  Earl over time struggled with remembering how to talk to anyone or even simple things of how to walk normally.  He had tried numerous times to get help for what he felt, but Depression wouldn’t let him.  It wasn’t just Depression stopping him.  It was his own ego too.

In the present day the fifty-seven year old Earl had finally finished climbing the stairs and sat into one of his expensive leather chairs that no longer comforted him thanks to Depression. 

“Is that all you are ever going to do?” asked Depression.  Earl didn’t turn to look at him, but just sat there and faced the yellow-white walls.  Depression now took the size of the whole room and his head was just brushing against the top of the ceiling.

“It is all you’ve left me to do.” Murmured Earl with his eyes half closed. 

Depression smiled and took a knee to the ground.  He gently took Earl’s left arm and said “It’s time to hurt them.  It’s time to show them.”  Earl bit his lip and cried again for the fifth time that day.  It was typical of him to cry at least eight times a day anymore.

“Show the world what they did to you.  Show the world how they made you suffer.  Show them what you can do with the hate they give you!” said Depression menacingly stroking Earl’s arm.

“Give me it then!” cried out Earl.  “I’ll do it!  I’ll do it!  Just let me do it and quit talking about it.”  Depression smiled again and opened up his jacket and gave Earl a long black, but very shiny knife.  Earl took it quickly and laid his left hand on the coffee table in front of him and without hesitating cut off his ring finger.

He gave out a cry and Depression laughed.  Depression gave him a plastic bag that Earl dropped the finger in.  “You’d better stop the bleeding.” Said Depression giving Earl some bandages and toilet paper.  Earl fumbled around with them and picked up his large coat and put on his sunglasses.  He walked over to his couch and picked up his black fedora and checked his mirror when it was all on him.  He didn’t look like himself at all with the sunglasses, the coat, and the hat.  He had even less color in his face than he used to.  He quickly followed Depression outside of his home and walked for a while in the city until he came to an alley.

He didn’t have long to wait until he saw a young boy around the age of ten or eleven walk by.  Earl stopped him by putting out his right hand and said in a low, but non-threatening voice “Take this and put it in the mailbox across the street.”  The boy looked at Earl in shock, but took Earl’s box he had put the finger in along with a note Depression had written for him.  The address on the box had been of a local restaurant’s and every box he planned on sitting belonged to someone else’s in the country or state that he planned to use for his own purpose.  The boy hurried across the street and dropped it off into the public mail box.

Earl left for home and collapsed on his bed when he finally got there.  Depression didn’t speak to him, but began to sing softly in the corner of the room in a chair.  The song was very melancholy and made Earl cry again when he heard the words, but he knew that he didn’t want the sadness to leave.  He had grown fond of Depression.

Several days passed by and Earl had the television on when the news reported that in several states away a police station revealed they had been mailed a severed human finger.  They told the cameras that they were doing everything they could to determine whose finger it was.  The note found in the box warned of a serial killer on the loose killing victims and who mailed in their severed body parts.  “It’s time to do it again.” Hissed Depression.

Earl then cut off another one of his fingers, but then cut off an extra one on his other hand and Depression’s smile grew even bigger.  The whole room seemed to have more of the purple, white, grey, and black sparks.  Depression’s cackling laughter filled the room and Earl left him laughing as he walked down the street and met someone else to deliver the mail package of his fingers for him.

He enjoyed watching other people take his mail for him.  They were some of the very few contacts he would have with anyone.  He also had developed a sick glee for someone else to be carrying around severed pieces of himself.

This time the address had been a hospital on the other side of the country.  The whole nation began to talk of the strange serial killer.  The fingerprints on the fingers had been burnt beyond any kind of analysis being done on them as to who they belonged to.  As the days passed by Earl cut off a couple more fingers, an ear, part of his other ear, and a few toes.

The police then began to believe that all of the body parts belonged to a single man the serial killer must have kidnapped and was torturing.  Man hunts happened all across the country, but no one looked for Earl.  He had been fired from his work after he had cut off his finger the first time and had not shown up at work three days in a row without a single phone call being done.

Poor, poor Earl.  He was alone and devastated.  Had he known that there was a good God above him full of love and compassion he would not have done these things to himself.  Earl had turned his back on the very idea of a god and had lived for himself ever since he was a young boy.

Slowly word broke out that in their very city was somebody mysteriously asking others to mail packages for himself.  The police asked questions of strangers and checked cameras on streets and local businesses.  They saw Earl covered in sunglasses, a fedora, and an overcoat, but could not get a good look at him or where he had come from or where he was going.

Earl was in his chair again with the television on as the news reported that the police believed that the victim and serial killer was in this very city.  Earl snorted and looked at Depression.  Depression looked at his reflection in the mirror and scratched his chin.  “It’s time to do it again.”

Earl looked at him and told him “No.”

Depression opened his eyes wide in surprise and turned to face Earl.  “What did you say?” he asked Earl. 

Earl didn’t reply for a minute and instead said to Depression “I’m leaving.  I’m going to get help for my condition.”  Depression looked at Earl who sat in his chair unmoved.  Slowly Depression smiled and laughed.  He pointed at Earl shaking his finger and said “I don’t believe it!  You can’t live without me!  You can’t handle anything except grief and sadness!  Don’t you understand?  Sadness, grief, anxiety…. It’s all yours!  It is what makes you different.  It is what makes you unique!  Don’t throw it all away!”

“I don’t want to be different.” Said Earl.  “I want to be like everyone else.  They have love, families.  If they don’t have that then they have friends or better yet God!”

Depression looked at Earl for a second without saying a word.  He opened his jacket again and pulled out a pistol.  “Here.” He said laying it on Earl’s lap.  “Finish the job.”

Earl quickly stood up without looking at the gun and tried heading down the stairs.  “No!” cried out Depression.  He glided into Earl in a fury and knocked him against the wall by the stairs and made him fall down them.  Earl hit the bottom wall at the foot of the stairs and felt Depression tearing at him and slashing every part of him he could reach.  Depression pulled out horrible memories of his college girlfriend leaving him with his child, of his mother leaving his father and himself, of the emptiness he had felt of being alone in the world.  Earl felt himself shake and sob and found himself to be holding the gun Depression had given him.  Slowly Earl raised it to his head, but felt strong hands tear the gun away from his hand.  Earl looked up and saw the city police.  A few minutes passed by after he collapsed into their arms unconscious and he woke up in a hospital.

His third wife was sitting in a chair at the foot of his bed along with his two grown up kids and their families they had with them.  They all looked at him concerned and with tears in their eyes.  “Oh Earl.” His ex-wife sobbed.  Earl then noticed that Depression had finally left him.  He looked to his left and saw the sunlight pouring through a great mess of clouds in the sky outside of his window and two birds soar with wide open wings in the distance.  “The never ending night is over.” He said with a smile.  For the first time in over twenty years Earl felt at peace.

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