Know that you are courageous when you are lonely.

You can face loneliness and keep doing just fine.

Survive another day.

Knowing your true self more.

At least you do not hide behind groups of people who are no good for you.

Your room knows you more than anyone else does.

It saw you angry, sad, happy, lonely, anxious, and depressed.

The four walls warmly supported you when you were sleeping.

Kept you strong.

Yet, they are not as high as the walls you built around your heart.

The floor you danced on and wept on,

Is helping you stay grounded.

The roof protects you from cold weather,

The outside world…

You open your door when you feel safe,

In need of human connection and new experiences.

You open your heart.

You close your door when you feel chaotic,

When you need to take a breath from the outside world,

When you need to refill your soul with good energy.

Your books, plants and music are your inspiration.

They are a gentle reminder for your soul and heart that you are not alone.

When you look up at the night sky,

You wonder how many people are looking too,

Searching for a place, they could belong to,

Searching for peace,

A fresh air,

A warm hug,

Seeking a sign that everything will be just fine.

You are a child of the stars and the universe.

The untold stories.

The invisible but gold people.

You are a wolf.


Let your howling reach the stars, the moon, and the hidden sun.

Let it become one with anything that is breathing throughout the night.

Howl with all the moon phases,

On sunrise and sunset.

Search for other wolves,

You are not the only one.

Submitted: January 17, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Wijdane Sarbout. All rights reserved.

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Beautiful and I can certainly relate. I have been there in my room. Break out and Howl away.

Sat, March 3rd, 2018 1:55pm

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