Can't You See What I've Been Through

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Nick Brennan has another phone call with Katherine Taylor. (Short sketch of a longer story. I'm still working on it)

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Can't You See What I've Been Through

As far as I could remember, when a relationship ends it can be a bit trying for some of the people involved. There could be many reasons for why it ended. Sometimes it is best for those around you to not know the reality of why it had to end and just accepted it as  that it the way it is going to be. However, even if you do that there is still the matter of the questions. More importantly, the closure. We all need that closure in our lives. Friendships or for any matter, relationships in general are like an investment. You put a lot into it and you want to see the payoff. No matter if it is a small or large payoff, you want to see it through. 

When it came to Katherine Taylor, I already seen the payout and knew that there was a significant loss on my part. She was at one time, the love of my life. A very popular Entertainer all over the West Coast, she relocated to San Antonio and ran from what I gathered, a very successful Blues club. For a year I thought she had died and when she appeared in my house one night very much alive, I knew that anything or any connection she and I had was gone for good. She had faked her death in Boise Idaho and decided that it was to best way to leave a marriage that she was bored with. I had confronted her and tried to get some answers, but in the end all I really had were questions that would never be answered.

So it came as a big surprise the other day that I received a phone call from her on my cell phone. I was in Telluride working on my piece for "Colorado" Magazine.

"Hello," I said. I was sitting at the table of my apartment taking notes for a section of my story.

"Hello Nicholas."

"Katherine," I said.

"My name is Katie," She said.

"Forgive me," I said. "What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to talk to a friend." Katie said.

I laughed. "Surely you have friends in San Antonio." I said.

"They aren't like you though. They wouldn't have the same kind of understanding like you would." Katie said.

'Good lord', I thought. 'This is exactly what I didn't need'.

I put the pen and paper down and walked over to my couch and laid down. I closed my eyes and decided to continue the conversation.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"How are you? Where are you these days?" Katie asked.

"Telluride Colorado." I said.

"Wow, that is exciting." Katherine said.

"I always wanted that Rocky Mountain high," I said.

"No, your too straight laced for that," Katherine said.

"A lot has changed," I said.

"Agreed." Katherine said.

I got up from the couch and reached for a book on my table. It was a collection of work from Sam Shepard. Even though I am a journalist, I always wanted to be Sam Shepard. His writing inspired a rebellion of sorts when it came to storytelling. That was what I always aspired to do with my work. I grabbed the book and went back to the couch.

"How's Texas these days? I don't get to go to San Antonio that often." I said.

"It is alright. I met someone down here. He's a Lawyer." Katherine said.

"Of course he is," I said. "You don't need his professional services, do you?" 

"Shut up. No I don't. He is just someone to talk to and to hang out with. Kind of like you used to be." Katie said.

"Now, now Katie. No need to bring up the past. Nothing good comes of it." I said.

"We had some good memories, Nick." Katie said.

"You ever see Fool for Love?" I asked.

"What?" Katie asked.

"It was a movie from the mid 1980's. Sam Shepard is this Cowboy who finds Kim Basinger in a hotel in Vegas and they spend the whole movie talking about the past and try to blame each other for this and that. It is one of the most bleak and depressing movies I had ever seen. Your a beauty, Katherine. You would be more of the Sam Shepard part. Wanting to bring back the past when people have moved on. If you truly have moved on from your previous life, why are you calling me? I had moved on from you numerous times. More than I care to remember in fact. You claim to have moved on. I would strongly advise you to continue that path." I said.

"Nicholas, you love me. I love you. You can't just throw all of that away. We have both made mistakes, we both done things we shouldn't have. I promise you. We can make the future we always wanted for ourselves. We can start the family we should have a long time ago." Katie said.

I shook my head. Sometimes you just couldn't help those that were in desperate need of it.

"Can't you see what I have been through?" Katie asked. "Everything I've done I have done it for you."

"Cause I remember asking if you would fake your death. Or all the times you left me for other men. The time you went to Santa Fe to be a Teacher. Or that time in McCall where we were supposed to be on a date and you made out with the guy you were with right in front of me. I asked you to do all of that for me. That is a messed up version of love." I said.

"Goodbye Katherine." I said.

"Wait a minute," Katie said.

"OK. I will do that." I said.

"I will always love you. Don't you forget about it." Katie said.

"I don't remember loving you. I don't want to remember," I said.

I hung up and went back to work.

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