Alone in the world part 2

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2nd part of alone in the world

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Clank stared at the strange man with disbelieve. But how I saw you die I saw you melt in the forgery. What you saw was my brother take the fall for me. He had total loyalty to me. Like you were once, yes but when I found out what you did to all my friends, then I started to despise you. Grab him and take him to the pit or feed him to the metal eater you choose. Oh and take the boy to the reprogramming room where he will work for the rest of his days. It looks like he will be useful being top ranked in our engineer division. Clank I cried as they dragged him away I blacked out. When I started to wake up a man shook me hard “wake up boy” a strange voice said “the guards are coming you want to look strong so they do not throw you to the metal eater.” I sat up and then it all hit me a once “where Is Clank I screamed I want my friend back.” “Be quiet boy you don't want the guards to pick you” pick me for what I asked the man looked a me and said people die in the plutonium mines. Plutonium what would they need plutonium for? “Well prince Zantho uses the plutonium to power his war zeppelins and robotic guards.” This is all so crazy I said, “Who even are you?” I asked “My name is Crawl, and I was the best engineer in my village. Zantho took me from my family, and I would do anything to get out of here.” “Maybe I can help you I said we can find a way out together.” That would be great, but we need some time to put our heads together and make a plan of escape. “Ok” I replied, thinking we could always blow our way out and find Clank. “Yes, but the guards would come and take us down.” “I know that is the point we make decoys will my hologerator, and when the guards come we,  sneak out behind them.” That Is a great Idea kid let's do it i set up the hologerator and started the blast a sure enough my plan worked and we got out alright and that is when I saw what crawls true face for the first time he was part cat part human and wearing engineering gear. We ran down the hall and into the control room. “I will hack into their central mane frame so we can find clank.” Ok crawl replied I started looking through the security cameras and I eventually ran into clank he was locked up in a cell on the 4th floor let's go I said. We ran to the lift and got on when we arrived at clanks cell the guards showed up I hit one with my wrench and crawl scratched one with his claws. I threw down a turret to protect us as we tried to free clank I then placed a electromagnetic bomb that shut down the gate to the cell clank got up and hugged me. Thank you clank replied you saved my life cool I said let's get out of here clank crawl and I ran down the hall to the lift got on and went to the bottom. When we reached the bottom all the guards swarmed use let's fight you guys I said clank cut one garde in half with his soldering iron I hit one with my wrench and crawl cut one in hafe with his claws. We ran to the end of the hall and escaped  out of the mane gates not long after prence zanthos guards showed up in a high powered steam car we ran and we made it to valleys gorge and made it away from the guards man that was close crawl said thanks for saving me that meant a lot. I would like to travel with you to gahuna city I know a faster way there ok we said. My family left me a cruzar just in case I came out alive here it is get on we got on the cruzar and speed off to get there we will have to release more steam we sped across the desert we are leaving robot country and we are heading into the lotus nation alright but don't you think we escaped a little to easy I know I replied that was easy guess we will have to worry about it when the time comes. But for now we should set up camp here in the forest ok crawl and I replied together. We built a fire and we are some roasted duck that I found at a pond that is when I realized we just might make it out of this treacherous war in one piece. The smell of smoke jolted me awake the next morning when I finally realized what was happening I shook my comrades awake and we rode out in a hurry the princes goons had found use and where burning the forest but how did the find us I asked well it turns out clank was chipped back in the princes fortress don't worry I destroyed it just the a bomb hit the side of the cruzar and we slid but  we avoided it and we finally out ran them and we were on our way to the city and just in time to. We arrived at the city at dawn and we had to find a place to stay. So this is where all of the people when that is why the city I was in was empty. What city crawl asked it was called the gold city THE GOLD CITY! Crawl said in an alarming voice that was the last city to fall to the prince and he had to fight to I am so sorry. It is ok I looked at all of the little buildings and realized how much this world had actually changed while I was asleep. Crawl took us to the princess of that land she was princess lotice she had the power to heal people at the brink of death. Hello the princess said come I have something to show you that will change your life forever.

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