Breathe Easy

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A homage to the great 80's action movies.

On Mars, where two political juggernauts rule their domes with poisoned air, Donnie and Adrianna are on a mission to release oxygen which could heal or destroy the world as they know it.

Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Breathe Easy

Oo! Oo! Ah! Oh!”

Moans sounded from the bathroom as the static radio played ‘Burnin’ in the Third Degree’ in the metallic oval lobby. From the corner, a blue lava lamp shed the only light.


After a moment of heavy breathing, Donnie walked out of the bathroom. Steam spilled out into the foyer. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. His muscular physique covered in pellets of water. Before he could make it too far, he felt a tug on the back of his towel. “Adrianna... can I get a breather?”

The exotic beauty, Asian/Spanish descent, licked her full lips in the doorway. Her golden-honey skin glimmered underneath the florescent bar lights on the wall—Cocktails & Dreams. She held a towel above her breasts. Water flung from her short dark hair as she bobbed her head, tapped her foot in rhythm with the upbeat tune from the radio. “I just want a kiss.”

Donnie spun around with a smile. He embraced her in his arms, kissed her with a sloppy, exaggerated passion.

“Ew!” Adrianna laughed while wiping her mouth. She shoved him away, closed the door behind her.

Donnie walked over to the nightstand and lifted a silver platter of cocaine. With a pen-top, he dug up a bump and snorted it. He hunkered down on the edge of his waterbed. The waves sloshed, rocking his body.

Not a minute later, Adrianna danced out from the bathroom in an elastic black body suit under a hot pink pullover, leg warmers. She scrubbed her head with a towel before fixing her dark hair in a side ponytail with a pink scrunchie.

“That was fast, Mrs…” Donnie eyed the name on her ID. “…Danello.”

“You’re just slow, Mr…” Adrianna threw the damp towel in his face. “…Danello.”

With the towel strewn over his head, Donnie felt for the universal remote on the nightstand, turned the radio off. He pressed another button and a hologram of a newscast appeared from the floor. As the anchor rambled on, Donnie pulled the towel from his face. “You’d think with the money your father makes he’d afford us a better room aboard.”

“He got us as close to the top as he could get us. You should be thankful.” Adrianna smirked. “He’s taking a big risk.”

Donnie stood from the bed, slid into his jeans and sleeveless shirt. He made his way to the connecting kitchen. After grabbing a used cup from the stainless steel sink, he washed it underneath the faucet. He filled it with water, dropped a black pill inside, and placed it into the microwave. A second later, it beeped. He took it out. The hot coffee steamed. He blew on it while pressing the button on the remote again. This time it changed the surface into a beautiful beach: White sand and crystal blue water as far as the eye could see.

Adrianna perched on the edge of the waterbed. She grabbed the silver platter and helped herself to some white powder as well. “This feels good, feels right what we’re doing. But… what if we’re wrong?”

Donnie raised a brow.

“What if it’s like they say?” Adrianna asked. “What if we release the air, it cracks the dome, and the pressure kills everyone on Mars?”

“I’m hoping it shatters this dome, leaks into the atmosphere,” Donnie said, “I’m willing to risk my life for a breath of fresh air. If we were to die on this mission, it’d be better than letting that poisoned Bilamaly and Reaushump air kill us slow—”

“Donnie!” Adrianna pointed to the hologram. “Turn it up.”

The hologram cut to a picture of Adrianna’s father, Walter Eniprice, handcuffed and escorted inside the jailhouse. Paparazzi and reporters cluttered the area.

RetroGames CEO and founder, Walter Eniprice, was arrested today on charges of orchestrating a terrorist plot to destroy Mars. In May of last year, the once high-ranking member of the Reaushump party, said that he’d built a reactor capable of digging into Mars’ glacier and producing oxygen. Many of his own party, along with the opposing Bilamaly party, said this is just simply untrue.”

That’s just absurd,” a Bilamaly spokesman said in his bright blue suit. “If anything it would—well, mess up our atmosphere, if I can speak plainly.”

The hologram flashed to the mustached newscaster. “To which, Walter Eniprice accused the two parties, Reaushump and Bilamaly, of poisoning the air in their separate domes with chemicals.”

Their poisoning your minds,” the silver-headed Walter Eniprice shouted into the camera.

Both parties are denying any accomplices of Walter Eniprice are from their side,” the newscaster said.

This man is a loon. No one from Reaushump nor Bilamaly would agree to act of terrorism,” a Reaushump senator said. “You want to find accomplices? Look to the unregistered crowd.”

The newscaster shuffled his papers. “We’ll keep you up to date as this breaks.”

Donnie’s eyes distended. “We’re f—”

Three long knocks banged against the steel door. “Open up! This is Reaushump! We know you’re in there.”

Adrianna perked up on the edge of the bed. She slashed her arms, lipped, “No.”

Donnie shushed her. He paced in thought.

The knocks sounded again. “Open up!”

Adrianna’s face tightened. She reached under the bed, retrieved an LG-3—a handgun that shoots a laser blast. She placed one under the sheets at her side while throwing the other to Donnie.

Donnie popped the gun open, checked the energy bar. Half full. He closed it, stuffed it behind his pants.

“What are we gonna do?” Adrianna whispered.

“Play it cool.”

The door swung open, crashed against the wall. Several red skeletal androids stormed in, guns high.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s going on here?” Donnie surrendered his palms, but three androids tackled him to the ground.

Adrianna rolled backward off the waterbed while grabbing the LG-3 from underneath the cover. She dipped behind the bed, gun clasped in her hands.

“We got one,” an android said, holding Donnie’s LG-3 in the air. They immobilized Donnie on his stomach, hands behind his back. The android scanned the inside of Donnie’s wrist. “Confirmed. He’s the unregistered we’re looking for.”

The red androids turned their attention to the bed. The watery mattress waved, rocked, but Adrianna was nowhere in sight.

“Come out now!” another android warned. “Surrender or else.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Donnie asked. “We’re on vacation.”

The android kicked him in the ribs. “Shut up!”

“Okay, okay. Chill, man.” Donnie turned his attention back to his hidden girlfriend. “Adrianna, please… please, baby, let’s just… let’s just kill everyone in this room.”

The android pressed the gun’s muzzle to Donnie’s temple. “Don’t make me blow you away.”

“Blow this!” Adrianna tossed a metallic acorn in the air at the Reaushump robots. She dove backward, aimed her gun, and shot. The laser discharge pierced the object causing it to explode.

Androids were blown into the walls. They buzzed, clicked. A smoky haze filled the room. A fire alarm sounded.

Donnie was freed. He looked around as the androids squirmed on the floor. A painful growl turned his attention to across the room. Smoke danced in the air from brisk movement. Another groan sounded. Again the smoke swirled in that direction. Donnie sat up against the wall, smiled, and for a moment just watched his girl go to work.

An android shimmied to its feet, looked up. A barefoot broke through the cloud and planted against its face. The robot flew into another.

The smoke cleared around Adrianna as she stood there in all her glory. An android attacked from behind. She dipped to the left, evading the punch. She snatched its arm over her shoulder, pulled it down. The elbow snapped, sparked, showing the inner wiring. Another punched from her right, but she grabbed the wrist, ducked under, and landed a high-kick which knocked its head off. The android shook to the floor.

Donnie watched on with wide eyes as his girlfriend systematically took down each Reaushump robot. He was suddenly grabbed by the collar and thrown to the ground. The robot pinned Donnie to the floor, reared its fist back. As it released a punch, a leg—dressed in a leg warmer—appeared from nowhere, kicking the android underneath the chin. Its head popped out of socket, hanging only by the wiring. Donnie shoved it off, rolled to his stomach. He lifted his head, froze. There was a small foot, stubby toes, planted against the carpet, inches from his face. His eyes went from her hot pink nail polish, over her leg-warmer, up her thighs in tight black spandex.

Adrianna stood over him. She cocked the LG-3 open, checked the energy bar, before clamping it shut again. “A pleasant way to start the day, wouldn’t you say?”

Donnie took her hand and climbed to his feet. “We have to hurry.”

As he started out the door, Adrianna clamped his wrist and pulled him into a heated kiss.


Donnie led Adrianna by the hand, his SG-3 out in front. They dipped low, duck-walked down the carpeted aisle.

The hallway had the same oval metallic shape of their room. Doors lined the walls.

Donnie came on a crossway. He checked right: The plush carpet was red along with the walls. He glanced to his left: blue abound. He continued forward to a janitor’s closet. They hurried inside, closed the door behind them.

The large stainless steel closet gleamed. A pantry was in the corner. Mops, brooms, and towels stowed against the far wall. The room smelled fresh, clean.

“So, this was your grand plan,” Adrianna asked, “escape to a janitor’s closet?”

“Well, yeah. Let the ghost clear for a second.” Donnie caught his breath. “We just have to get down the hall to those elevat—”

“Down this way!” an android shouted. A thunder of footsteps passed outside the closet door.

Adrianna raised her arm across Donnie’s chest, flattened both of them against the wall. After a wave of androids trotted by, she relaxed, sighed in relief. Her hand glided down Donnie’s stomach to his crotch. She gently squeezed.

“Adrianna, it’s not the time.”

“I don’t know what it is,” Adrianna winked, “all this excitement is making me hot. Weird, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Donnie said. “We gotta a couple more floors to go before we get to your father’s reactor. Then, we can celebrate.”

“After you.” Adrianna gestured to the door.

Donnie snuck a glance through the sliver. The hallway was empty. He stepped out, waved for Adrianna, but as he turned back, the blood ran from his face. “Just great…”

Three red skeletal androids stood at the end of the metallic hallway, guns aimed at him.

“Adrianna,” Donnie said, “we’ve got company.”

Adrianna’s eyes were fixed on three blue Bilamaly androids at the opposite end. “Second that.”

Donnie looked over his shoulder, then back to the androids at his end. “Follow my lead,” Donnie whispered while rising to his feet.

The red Reaushump robots approached, weapons outstretched.

Within arms reach, Donnie snatched the gun barrel with cat-like reflexes. The android pulled the trigger, but Donnie shoved it to the left. The laser blasted another robot. It collapsed back into the wall as sparks emitted from its burnt chest.

Adrianna didn’t move. She remained submissively on her knees, hands in the air. One Bilamaly android stood over her while the other two helped with Donnie.

Donnie tore the red android’s gun away, kicked it in the chest. He fired two quick blasts, clearing his aisle. Before he could turn, he was kicked in the back of the knee. He collapsed forward, fumbled the LG-3. He crawled after it, but two blue androids pinned him belly-down to the ground. “Adrianna!”

Adrianna felt the barrel of the robot’s gun upon her temple. She looked to the ground, mind churning and palms sweaty.

The android scanned her wrist. “This one must be a hostage. She’s registered as a Bilamaly.”

“What the—” Donnie was quickly muffled by a blue android. He squirmed underneath them, kicked his legs. But, there was no use. He sent a betrayed glare to Adrianna that spoke volumes.

With a glowing laser-like zip-tie, the Bilamaly androids bound Donnie’s wrists behind his back, tied his ankles together. Then, they proceeded to hogtie him.

Adrianna glanced up. Her boyfriend’s eyes pleaded for help. He appeared frightened, vulnerable. Before she could think, her actions took over. Adrianna snatched the weapon over her shoulder, spun around to the android’s back, and shoved its face into the wall. The android had a seizure, short-circuiting. Adrianna rotated the LG-3 to the androids apprehending Donnie. She fired, and the blast knocked one off its feet.

The final android shot back, clipping Adrianna in the shoulder.

Adrianna flew to her back, skidded across the carpet. She didn’t budge. A bright burn mark appeared on her shoulder.

The android carefully nudged Adrianna’s leg. No movement. It leaned down, poking Adrianna in the chest. Nothing. The blue robot eased closer.

Adrianna’s eyes shot open. She moved the weapon away from her neck. The android fired, burning the carpet next to Adrianna’s head. Adrianna thrust her legs in the air, trapping the android’s head between her thighs. She rotated her hips, bringing the robot down. She trapped the android into an arm-bar, leaned back—putting pressure on the elbow—and snapped the arm in two. The exposed wires smoked.

Donnie fought with the binds, but as Adrianna stood to her feet, he stopped.

“Oh, Donnie…” Adrianna hung her head in shame. “I’m sorry. But I had to. I couldn’t let Reaushump—”

“You’ve been going to the Bilamaly dome?” Donnie asked. “You know how dangerous their air is. Your father has told you as much.”

Adrianna knelt to untie him. “No. My father knows the Reaushump air is poisoned. He just assumes Bilamaly is the same.”

“Spoken like a true follower of Bilamaly.” Donnie dropped his head against the carpet in defeat.

“Not so fast,” a voice called out.

Adrianna looked up as more red androids cluttered the hallway. Behind her, blue androids gathered. “Whelp…”


“Where the—” Donnie gritted his teeth. “Take this thing off my—”

A cloak was pulled from Donnie’s eyes. He blinked, shook his head, as his sight adjusted to the bright white room. Overhead lights sparkled off the walls and tile floor. The room was separated by a glass wall. On the opposite side, blue Bilamaly androids surrounded the semi-circular room, standing at attention. In the center, Adrianna postured up on her knees. Florescent ropes snaked out from underneath the floor tiles, binding her wrists, ankles, and neck.

“You bastards!” Donnie started toward the glass wall but found himself in the same predicament. He tugged at the glowing restraints. They reacted by tightening out the slack. His muscles twitched. He looked around and found red Reaushump androids in a semi-circle around him. “What is going on here?”

A red android approached with a gold diamond on its chest, a badge of authority. “Reaushump and Bilamaly do come to agreement every once and awhile, when it benefits both of us. Like this.”

Donnie eyed the ceiling as the dome filled with a red mist.

“You two are dangerous together,” Goldie said, “so we thought it was best to separate you. Bilamaly will have her. And you, well, you will learn to see our ways soon.”

“Like Walter Eniprice?”

“Walter Eniprice—”

“—discovered you and Bilamaly are lying to the people,” Donnie said. “You are manipulating, poisoning people with your fake air, afraid to have them think for themselves.”

“This air helps direct their way of thought. It’s easier to control a planet if you minimize their options, their thoughts,” Goldie said. “More options. More thoughts. More leaders. More problems.”

“I beg to differ. Fewer options create more problems. Have you been outside? There’s a civil war brewing on Mars, blood on you and Bilamaly’s hands.” Donnie clenched his jaw, glared through the glass dome to Adrianna. A blue android circled her, blue mist hung in the air. Donnie could only assume Bilamaly robots were giving her the same spiel. Adrianna just hung her head. Donnie jerked his restraints, growled.

“Once this air fills the room, you will ease, relax,” Goldie said. “You will see things our way.”

Adrianna looked to Donnie. Her face flickered between anger and confusion.

Donnie struggled with his ropes. They tightened, pulled him flat to the cold floor. He placed his palms against the surface in a push-up position.

Adrianna’s brows slanted. She wrestled with her florescent ropes. The binds reacted by jerking her flat to her stomach as well. The blue smoke became thicker in the room. Before it clouded out Adrianna completely, she glanced up. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Donnie yelled. The ropes clinked, sparked. He pushed further. He strained, trembled. Veins appeared in his neck as he extended his arms, snapping the arm restraints in two.

Goldie pointed his finger. “Get him!”

Donnie squared his shoulders, raised his arms to the ceiling while letting out a battle cry. Sparks showered him. He eyed the androids as they encircled him. He grabbed his ankle restraint, ripped his leg free, one after another. Torn wires hung from his wrists and he used them to his advantage. He whipped it forward, curling the severed end around an android’s neck. He jerked the robot over while loading up with a punch. As it flew into him, he landed a straight right that knocked the android’s head clean off. Donnie beat his chest.

Goldie turned to the glass wall, banged on the surface for Bilamaly’s help. The blue smoke clouded their sight, unaware of the fight in the neighboring room.

Donnie huffed, heaved. He balled his fist in preparation. The android grabbed him in a chokehold. Donnie planted his feet and flipped the robot over. Its body flew into the others, knocking them down. Another android punched from the side. Donnie twirled around and intercepted the strike with a punch of his own. Their knuckles collided together. Donnie’s force crushed the android’s hand. Its wrist went limp.

Goldie spun back to the fight.

Although red smoke clouded any visibility, Donnie concentrated on the footsteps around him. He spun, did the splits, and punched an attacker in the mid-section. The red robot grabbed its mangled crotch before collapsing in a heap. Donnie sprung back to his feet, jumped, and landed a spinning back-kick to an android’s chin. The separated head clanked off the wall, leaving a dent. Donnie dropped another with an overhand right. His fist followed the head all the way down to the floor, pinning it there with force. Before he could continue his onslaught, the remaining four swarmed him. They huddled over, restraining him on his knees.

Goldie made his way to Donnie.

Donnie clamped his teeth, ducked down, and with all his strength, exploded upward. The androids went flying. One bounced off the glass dome, cracking the surface. The others slid across the deck. Even Goldie was knocked to his back. Donnie hurried over to the fracture, and as the androids scrambled back to their feet, Donnie began punching the glass. The crack grew with each strong strike. One after another, he pounded the surface. His knuckles, swollen and bloody, finally shattered the wall. Shards scattered. The blue and red mist combined in the air. He brushed away the smoke and entered the Bilamaly side.

Blue Bilamaly robots lay across the tile floor, broken and dismembered. Their severed limbs crackled, popped. Adrianna was missing from her spot, the florescent ropes severed.

Donnie cautiously stepped forward. “Adr—”

Adrianna snatched his wrist, appeared at his side. He leaned-in for a kiss, but Adrianna stopped him. She said, “Hold that thought.” She pushed Donnie aside as a red android’s punch just missed him. She snatched the robot’s thumb, ripped it backward until it crunched. The android collapsed to its knees. She jumped and buried the ball of her knee into its chest.

Donnie backed the final two into the corner. He gripped their throats, crushed the metal in his hands. He bashed them against the wall, time and time again, until their bodies went limp.

As Goldie climbed to its knees, Adrianna grabbed the leader by the head and twisted it off. Sparks exploded as the robots body trembled through her arms and to the floor. She tossed it carelessly over her shoulder. “Is this really something to lose your head over?”

Donnie and Adrianna stayed in place. They looked each other up and down while sharing heavy breaths.

“What now?” Donnie asked with a sly grin.

“Burn me, baby, burn me to the third degree.” Adrianna ran to him and dove into his chest. They locked lips.


Donnie and Adrianna held hands in the elevator. They shared smiles and turned back to the doors as they opened.

The room was red and blue, walls and floors split down the middle. In the center of the room set a bight white button on top of a glittery crystal mount.

“Are you ready?” Donnie asked.

Adrianna flashed a smile. She caressed her thumb over his swollen knuckles. “Care to do the honors?”

They walked to the crystal mount, stopped.

“I sure hope this works,” Adrianna said with a worried sigh.

Donnie nodded. “I’m afraid the people will kill each other anyways if it doesn’t. I think a breath of fresh air is worth the risk.”

Adrianna squeezed his hand tighter, laid her head on his shoulder. “To a better ‘morrow.”

Donnie placed his palm over the white button. “To a better Mars.”

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