Starting from Scratch

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The most important day in R's life.

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



The alarm rang at 7 o’clock in the morning. R woke up with a jolt. This was a big day for him. For the past five years, he has been toiling with his sweat, blood and tears, just waiting for this day. He had renounced everything; family, friendships and love. He had hoped that he would reconnect with them once he had achieved his goals. It had taken him a little over 5 years.

His situation now, was dire. His family hated him for alienating them. His friends were long gone. He was never a part of their plans because they knew that he would always be busy. His love was nowhere to be seen. He may not want to remember it, but it keeps annoying him. Every time he thinks of her, he is filled with remorse and disappointment. He had some other plans for them which definitely didn’t go through.

Now, at 24 years of age, he is lonely. Afraid of being loved and still chasing after his first kiss. It’s not been easy for him to date after what happened. Her memories are still pretty fresh.

So he did what he could; he dove himself deeper into his work, trying to forget her and,

Alienating the people around him.

He stopped going out to meet his friends because it felt as if it was a distraction. He found their love fake and only temporary. He now only cared for his immediate family. But his care was never shown through his emotions and actions. It was shown only through his financial help. But his family could care less about his financial help. His parents wanted their long lost son back.

It has all come to this day. This day has long been incoming. His efforts are finally paying off. His parents would be proud of him. His friends may look up to him now. He walked up the stairs of his office. A slight smile was across his lips. His coworkers might not have recognized him because he looked happy. His ever present frown was nowhere to be seen. He might even have got a few interested looks from his female colleagues. But he was in his own little world, oblivious to his surroundings. He waited outside the board room; he took a seat and closed his eyes and thanked God.

Through the glass door, he could see the senior officials talking about and confirming his reward. They stopped their conversation and started to walk towards the door. The time has finally arrived. The company president walked up to him and extended his hands for a congratulatory handshake.

But he didn’t take it. He didn’t know why but he didn’t. He apologized and ran towards the elevator. Every eye in the office was on him. Everyone had the same question in their mind.

He left. The director was still in a mix of shock and awe. He didn’t expect this from R. Nobody did.

R took the elevator to the terrace. The terrace was the only place where he felt at peace. He collected his thoughts. Only he knew the reason behind his unexpected behavior.

He had realized what he had wanted in life. When he had closed his eyes to thank God; he had memories of his past-self flash by. He now knew, that he had changed a lot and only for the worse.

He has kept himself from living.

He hadn’t forgotten the good memories; rather, he had pushed it deep inside his mind. He had forgotten about his family and friends who had been there, both, in the good times as well as in the bad ones.

Over the years he had become too pessimistic. But the real logic of things is that bad things happen. He now knows that he should look past those bad moments. He opened his arms and looked above towards the blue sky. He promised God that he would live again. He promised to not overlook the people who cared for him. He will show his love with his actions and emotions. He will be his older self.

He started to read again. He started to write again.

He made a profile on tinder.

He started meeting new people.

He started finding love……

Basically, he started again, from scratch.

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