See You Soon- Why Me Book 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is book 2 to Why Me. This book is more action packed and Romantic!!!

New People.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Brice

This is Book 2 me and Sadie wrote alot already!!!!!!!

Comment Please Please Please!!!!
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Chapter 2: Skyler

Chapter 2: Skyler After I left the hospital, I remembered the text message  on daemon’s other phone. Why would someone be ca... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: Daemon

Chapter 3: Daemon I can’t believe that all this time, Skyler’s dad was my boss and that I took over the gang. Now definitely ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Skyler

Chapter 4: Skyler Ugh, Why does he have to give me a nickname like that. When I try to give him a nickname that he doesn’t like. ... Read Chapter

This is the cast that me and Sadie chose

If you want, y'all can message me pictures that would go better, or good for characters.

And message me if you would like me and Sadie to create a character for you/ that can be you!! Thanks. F-Y-I) I am Brice!
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Chapter 5: Daemon

Chapter 5: Daemon As I get out of the shower; I hear the front door slam shut. Did Skyler leave? And where to? “ Sky? Sky? Sk... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Brice:

Chapter 6: Brice: I feel a pang in my gut, so I bolt up, out of bed. “Seth?!” I yell out. Nothing. “Seth!” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: Skyler

Chapter 7: Skyler I wake up with a banging headache. Where am I? I look around the room. Wiat, Am I tied to a chair. I look dow... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Seth:

Chapter 8: Seth: “Where the hell can she be?”  I yell into the darkness at no one at all. “The tracker says she is o... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: Brice:

Chapter 9: Brice: “ Babe, I think she is waking up.” a strange female voice says. “Just don't let her freak out.” A mal... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Skyler

Chapter 10: Skyler When seth dropped me and  Daemon off. All I wanted to do was take a shower and sleep. My back was killing m... Read Chapter

Chapter 11: Seth

Chapter 11: Seth Babe, I needed something sweet, so I went for some froyo, be back in a few. I have something I need to tell yo... Read Chapter

Chapter 12: Brice

Chapter 12: Brice   Someone grabbed me from behind in the crowded street. I see Rebecca’s blue head bee bopping through ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13: Skyler

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Chapter 14: Daemon

Chapter 14: Daemon   “ Don’t hit me” I say to skyler with a smirk. I can’t believe i’m going to be a Father. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 15: Seth.

Chapter 15: Seth I pick up as soon as my phone goes off. “Brice? Baby, are you okay?” “I am fine..” She sighs. ... Read Chapter

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