Dear Earth 4

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Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018




Well here I am again, this time talking directly to Silver Elf. At least I hope so.

I have sent on a picture my symbiont has projected from our mind to a virtual image directly on to this device. Its all technology but it might seem more like magic to you folks.

Anyway, things are going to change here on Draven’s World. Oh yah I forgot. Since my hosts don’t have a name as such for their world I have decided to name it after myself since I, the first human pioneer to a new world discovered it.

But like I said. Things are going to change here since winter is coming and my hosts are about to migrate to a warmer region since they can not tolerate the cold.


Winter here, as much, as I can calculate, lasts about twelve years. Their winter community has been in use for 1000 generations, however long that is because their life span is indeterminate in human years. Kind of like you Silver Elf, a very long time. For ever it may seem to humans. A nice and interesting point about that. As long as Luther remains a part of me I shall live pretty much as I am now for eons. I have invited him to remain as long as he lives.

I should stress that he can leave for short periods like at mating time or for certain rituals that my body might not, and probably could not tolerate.

We are leaving for the winter community within the week  with the help of the Lugwortins who must vacate the north as well though they go on much further than we will.




Interestingly, though in many ways my hosts are far more advanced their natural state of mobility, precisely, being able to carry things, is extremely limited. The Lugwortins will move all the equipment  The Ilil have created. And for the record, the Lugwortins did the actual physical part of creating the machines.

The Belinarn who have Llil symbionts will join the migration but the others remain here to protect the northern community from the Oronack. The Llil do not transport their eggs or larvae, but bury then deep in the earth where they will remain for twelve years. The larvae will emerge adults. How wonderful that will be to witness.

What a curious and wonderful world this is.



I basically just follow Luther’s instructions and happily do some of the lifting and packing. They have agreed, to my thankfulness, to use their flying carpet contraptions to help carry everything. The Lugwortins are much pleased with my suggestion as well since they will now only be required to load the flying machines and guide them. I am surprised that sometimes the simplest things to me are their most complicated issues. Is that similar to the guy or gal who is a super intellectual but can’t figure out how to tie their shoe-laces.

But I suppose in the long run that’s here nor there, the Llil have managed without my intervention for umpteen  dozens of eons before I got here.


At this time the Llil are vulnerable and the Oronack are gathering for one last assault. I will be rejoining the Guard to defend my hosts as they begin their migration south.

As much as I am disgusted with my own species I am beginning to find the Oronack even more so. I have seen many Llil corpses uneaten and simply left to rot or be eaten by the occasional scavenger. That says to me the Oronack kill my hosts indiscriminately and possibly for sport. I am beginning  to wonder if war and various other violent activity is universal. If it is I can see little hope for the concept of peace ever rooting anywhere.

It makes me sad to think that when mankind does reach out into space and finds other intelligent beings war is inevitable. I am asking myself if its worth my protecting this world by being silent. My other thought is stuff that James Bond Movies are made out of. World domination schemes. What if I were to unite all the species here on Draven’s World in readiness for the onslaught of conquerors yet to come.


Anyway. We are preparing to leave the northern community. The Oronack are going to get their collective asses kick because I came up with a plan, once again only this time I the enemy are going to pay a dear price for attacking my friends.

Luther is questioning my plan, which is normal. The Llil are not use to aggressive defense or counter assault. Fortunately the Belinarn understand the need to use violence to fight violence, that peaceful means is little more than a wishful resolve when it comes to the Oronacks. I think it possible the two may be related, in the same way Simians may be related to humans.

I have used llil Technology to create a wide beam weapon based on Taser technology but without the wires and powerful enough to kill, not just stun the enemy. The only drawback is, each charge will only allow three shots so I have to change power cells often and quickly. I hope one shot will bring down several Oronack at once. They do tend to attack in groups.


As I prepared for battle Luther said to me. “The Llil have survived thousands of generations without your weapons or your help.”

“Maybe, but how many have paid the price so the few may live. You have offered sacrifices of thousands to appease the blood hunger of the Oronack. This must end.


“The Oronack will not get to our eggs and larvae. That is always how we have survived in the past.”

Only because the  Belinarn protect them and many of them die in the process.  I intend to put an end to all that, and a finish to the Oronack if they persist and refuse to find other  ways to feed themselves.


The pilgrimage south has begun. I have seen the swarm of Oronack in the distant skies and the Belinarn have joined with the Llils. I plan to lead a surgical strike into the heart of the enemy swarm with hope of causing as much damage as possible. I wish The Belinarn had the digits to use my weapon. This whole affair would be over in minutes.

Eight flights of Belinarn have created a defense line above the columns of Llil. I can feel the tension like a wave of electricity wafting through the air. I was appalled to discover how slowly the Llil proceeded. It never occurred to me they could not run, but they are incapable of any motion faster than there normal meanderings.


I don’t know what happened but Luther seems to have come to understand the horror of what the Oronack represent. Maybe he could see my deepest thoughts as I imagined the Llil dying by the hundred, most left to rot where they were slaughtered. Suddenly he was urging me to go forth and “Kill them, Kill them all before they kill all of us.”

I climbed aboard my flying machine and headed into the swarm of Oronack cutting a swath threw there numbers with my weapon and watching their corpses plummet to the ground.

I could not understand why, with such powerful resistance the Oronack would not retreat. But then Luther’s thoughts reached into that part of  my mind. “It is their nature. They do not have the intelligence to retire even when they are being defeated. And, until you they did not know defeat. They knew only that a few of their own perished so to most could feed. The Belinarn were never really much of a threat.”


The Oronack swarm is gone. Every single creature has been killed. There are other flocks but this one will never feed on the Llil again. In all we lost only a dozen Belinarn and their symbionts and 4 Llil on the gound who fell behind and became open prey. I went back to bury them so they would not simply freeze in the oncoming winter. I suppose that really didn’t make sense to my hosts but they have not truly begun to understand my human way and compassions and to tell the truth neither do I sometimes. What does it matter if the dead rot on the surface or underground. I guess I will leave that debate to philosophers.

Well my dear Silver Elf, my time is up once again. I will contact you again as soon as I can, once we are settled in the southern community. From the visions I have pick up from Luther it is a paradise.

Draven Dash

Space Pioneer on Planet Draven’s World.


© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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