Down These Halls

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I've walked down these halls before. Each day the rumours grow more and more. I try to ignore them, the things they say. It's just the stupidity flying away, down the hall from them to me. Everyday I do the same thing. I go to each class silent as can be, trying to stay invisible from all the students who are mean. I do what I'm told from each of my teachers while ignoring their fake sympathy. They try to be easy on me, but I know they don't care, because when I am bullied, they are never there. 

All there is down these halls are bad vibes. Each person, boy or girl, there's only hate in this world. I do my best to ignore it and just relax and rest, but I can never keep it at ease, it's just not that simple and easy. People just aren't that nice as they were before, when we were kids, before we were introduced to the wonders of the world. It was way easier back then, we just cared about fun and friends. Now though, we just care who is at the top and who wants to be there and just won't stop. 

There's so many things that get said down these halls. I try to withstand it, it's so hard though, everyone steals my dignity, they're all just like bandits. Taking away things from people who seem lower than their own self is. They think it's right and okay to just throw mean comments towards people like me and make us feel like a disappointment to humanity. I know we aren't perfect and I kind of like it that way, because then we have more of a reason to wake up each day. I do my best to like life, but it's always a fight. 

Down these halls is a lot of much trauma. I can see in every ones eyes the darkness that they keep. Everyone looks so blank and fake, that in reality they are no longer awake. They are seeing life behind another persons perspective. They are searching down these halls to find lost souls and take away what's left of them. They try their best to do what is right, but then again, they are in a never ending fight. One thing that the lost souls and I have in common is that we both are lost and trying to fight our own battles. We both know that there's more to life and it's always going to be filled with struggles. 

Whenever I walk down these halls, there's always a different story. The girls like to cause drama and the boys like to catch it on camera. People are so different than I, but we also are so alike. I don't know how to explain it, all I know is that it's different. I say that a lot, but down these halls, it's a normal everyday thing and I see no necessary complaining. Without a doubt, I know that one day, the people whoever hurt me, will see their own fit of monstrosity and chaos in their lives. However though, I know what it's like to live in an uncivilised community and world, so I forgive those who are less fortunate and who hurt the ones who are like me, because it's the only decent thing to do in a life filled with despondency.

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Those are some strong feelings. It remind me of something I wrote a while back.

Thu, January 18th, 2018 7:30pm

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