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a day.

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



As he dodged the next punch, time slowed down and he glared at the guy’s eyes, and countered with a punch to his face.

Then I came back to reality. I straightened my back and started on my cereal. The living room was quiet and half lit. My mind had nothing to run to except thoughts about a girl. A simple muse. I looked at the time on my wrist and figured I should turn my car on to warm it up.

He put on his coat and checked in the mirror. Black hair, dark eyes, and a black coat. He looks reasonable, I thought.

The cars on the streets are like trails of ants. But they lacked a common purpose. His car is black and the interior is black and the streets are black.

He didn’t know what he expected his classmates to look like but these weren’t it. He seemed surprised nonetheless.

I drank my cold tea from the vending machine. It clears my throat of thirst.

The room is well lit and the people are quiet. The teacher hasn’t arrived yet and it’s almost time to begin. The room was on its phone, checking their Facebook and sending messages to put their mind on something.

I looked at them. I looked at the side of their faces and the back of their heads. I looked at their hands and all of them. I looked at the room and emptiness of the walls. The room was waiting.

There was nothing for 10 minutes.


After class was dismissed he didn’t feel like going home. He looked at the eyes of others looking at something else as he walked out to his car. He sat in the car with nothing to do and nowhere to go. So he went home.


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