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commentary - this one floats between 2 people; but I guess it becomes clear who is actually on my mind.

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018





if I could change your mind, I'm not sure I would

you sometimes forget how good I can be

even now as I'm driving away

I could call you and tell you how I feel, but that's just not me

regardless of what I say or the stupid things I do

there's just one girl I think about, sometimes it's not you

if I was born anywhere else how different would I be?

maybe I wouldn't be such a terrible person who's done such awful things

make connections with people without setting an expiration date

stop messing with girls whose eyes are bright

right now I see myself driving in third person view

running away from my hometown, anything to get further away from you

this heart aches first thing some mornings

last year, I was so sad I didn't eat for two weeks

this hunger in all its forms has consumed me

I think to myself “time is not on our side”

she left me on read again, but I'm not surprised

I wish these writings didn't have to exist…

that line was for another girl

but I blocked her number, so she can't text or call me anymore

me and her will probably never speak again

she'll just live in writings and thoughts buried deep inside my head

I can't forget the dark and cold memories of her freeway town

so much to say and offer, but none of that matters now

[insert “Motion Picture Soundtrack” lyrics by Radiohead]

I wonder what animals think when they're about to die…


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