Death of the Butterflies

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Short script that will make it into my book.

The Death Of The Butterflies

-Michael Hayssus


I learned more in silence than in everything else I've done in my life.

I learned that no matter how much I was hurt by the person I loved the most, silence and time heal everything, they can not erase from memory because nothing that hurt you is ever forgotten, but they have a special way of neutralizing or diluting the pain and gradually we learn to smile again, even if its only pretend.

I learned over time and with silence that the right path is forward, they helped me lose interest in memory attachment or looking back, after all I'm not heading in that direction.

Time and silence helped me to conquer my greatest enemies, my ignorance, my arrogance, my desire for material things and my hatred, mostly the hatred I felt for myself for being unable to break whatever it was that kept me chained to you, to set me free.

Time and silence have taught me that in the end everything will work out, if it does not, the end was really the right thing.

Silence and time will one day convince and help me live with the thought that everything in life happens for a reason, one day everything will make sense. They will help me to understand and accept that you never had great value, not a minute of my time you deserved, it was all pretense, you heard that phrase that says a lie makes you question a thousand truths? It is true...

I can not deny it, there were moments when I was happy, very happy, when you made me feel loved and desired but most of the time you were domineering and oppressive, and the ease with which you offended me was sometimes scary.

Time and silence taught me that the heart needs time to accept what the soul already knows.

One thing I know for sure, one day everything passes ...

-Michael Hayssus, The Death Of The Butterflies

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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