"Surprise twist"

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I woke up around six am to a hard swinging sound at my door. I opened my eyes as a guard was hitting my cell door yelling for me to wake up. I struggled a moment and then got off of my cot and gave the man eye contact. He yelled "Put your hands against the wall Now." So I put my hands against the wall and faced the wall.

 I heard the key unlock the padlock and heard it crash to the floor. The guard marched into my cell grabbed my shoulder and arm and marched me out of the cell. I lead the way down the corridors and down the stairs we got to a door. 

Another guard hit a switch from a box he was in and the guard shoved me and I continued walking down the path. He had me stop at a door. I looked up it was the exit. He told me to open the door. I slowly reached for the door knob and twisted it and turned it and the man shoved me outside. And quickly slammed the door. 

I looked up I heard chanting. I got up of my knees and dusted some dust off me and I was blinded by the sunlight for a second. I saw I was in a circle. People were all surrounding me but they weren't Humans they were long dead they looked like a mix of zombies and mutants. 

But they were all in chains. A voice then came on a loudspeaker and the guard said 

"You are in deep Sh$t know. To your left there is bolt cutters you may use them to cut out the gun on the wall but be warned the moment those bolt cutters rip through that steel the chains will fall off all of your visitors and they will be freed and ready to attack you! So I urge you to take extreme caution!" The guard says and starts to laugh.

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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